Knowing how to kiss a guy is one of the biggest secret weapons you can have while dating. This is because getting to "first base" is one of the very first stages you reach when dating, but it can lead to something more. A woman who has the confidence to make the first move can appear amazingly sexy to guys, who are used to having to take charge of a situation.

If you're wondering how to get a boyfriend, you should be aware that kissing is one of the first steps that you will encounter as you get closer to building a relationship with the guy you like. This is why it's really useful to know when to use your initiative and how to kiss a guy.

If you're ready to learn, you'll find all the information you need below.


Why Is Knowing How To Kiss So Important?

Knowing how to kiss is important because it's the very first step in starting a relationship with someone that you like. It's common for people to kiss while dating before they enter into a committed or monogamous relationship. That being said, if you are uncomfortable kissing a guy before entering into a relationship then you shouldn't feel embarrassed to wait until the time feels right.

How to Kiss a Guy

If this is your first time kissing someone, then it really helps to have some awesome pointers that will make you feel more confident. You can take charge of the situation, meaning that you won't be waiting for the guy to make the first move.

Here's how to kiss a guy:

1. Flirt with him

The first step in kissing a guy is flirting with him. This lets him know that you like him and that your intentions aren't to enter into a platonic relationship where you are just friends with each other. If you want to kiss him, you'll need to give him some hints so that he knows what to expect.

Flirting with a guy doesn't need to be complicated or embarrassing. In fact, learning how to flirt with a guy won't take long at all. The most important thing is to smile at him - this will make your face light up and make him feel at ease as he'll feel like he is welcome in your presence. Gently touching him on the top of the arm or the knee when he makes a joke or says something sincere is a great way of letting him know that you are flirting with him. In addition, giving him a genuine compliment can help to set the right tone.

2. Drop hints that you want to make out

When you are flirting with him, you can drop hints that you want to do more than just talk. First, make sure that you're sitting or standing close to him. If you move in closer, he will start to get the idea that you want to kiss him, because it's normal for friends to give each other space.

The biggest hint that you can give him is to look at his lips. Alternating between looking into his eyes and looking at his lips will help to put the idea of romance in his mind.

3. Ask if you can kiss him

It may be obvious that he wants to kiss you but, if it isn't, don't be afraid to ask. It might feel awkward in the moment but it is better for you both to be on the same page before you lean in for the kiss. This can avoid rejection that might feel embarrassing if you feel differently about each other. If he is happy to be kissed, asking him first lets him know to prepare himself.

4. Lean in

Knowing how is also about knowing exactly when to lean in for the kiss. Wait for a natural lull in the conversation when there is a moment of silence. Then, lean in towards him and tilt your head so that you don't bump into his nose with your nose. This is also a good time to close your eyes as staring at someone when you are so close together can be offputting.

5. Kissing for the first time

If you have never kissed anyone before then you might not be sure what to do. The key to kissing is to pucker your lips gently and leave your mouth open slightly. Then it is just a case of following the guy's lead to get the right rhythm for the gentle opening and closing of your mouths. If you want to ramp things up a notch, you can try lightly and gently slipping your tongue into his mouth for a moment to see if he seems receptive.

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In Conclusion

Now that you know how to kiss a guy, you should feel super confident when making the first move as you'll know how to drop hints that you're about to lean in for the kiss.