Does he love you? Here's a guide to help you discover if he's in love with you.

Ladies, I've been there. I know what it's like to look for a sign that the guy I like feels the same way. Luckily, I've been featured in Reader's Digest and Bustle, so you know that I'm the expert you need to help you answer the tough question, "Is he in love with me?"

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Does He Love You? - Signs He Is Really Falling For You

Ladies, in your tedious journey of finding the one, you must always consider the differences between men and women. A person may have a different love language or ways of expressing their feelings. It's a good thing we're setting your expectations now instead of you getting disappointed in the end.

If you like a guy and feel that there's a good chance he likes you back, you'd feel confident approaching him and talking to him. However, if you're not that sure, you should know first how to tell if he likes you. Lucky for you, we have all the telltale signs he loves you right here in this list.

#1: He asks about your day.

A clear sign of true love is when a guy wants to know about your day. He wants to know every little thing you do, and he's happy to listen to you talk about them. When a man considers you an important person, even the most boring things you say will seem fascinating to him. He'll be glad to learn all about you and your daily routine.

#2: He notices things about you.

One great sign that a guy likes you is when he notices little things about you. When your guy friend says, "I love the way your hair looks today. Those new highlights really match the color of your eyes," that's a sign of real love. It might seem like an unimportant little detail, but when a guy observes you, so much so that he can identify something new, you know that he feels deeply for you.

#3: He wants you to hear about his life.

In any healthy relationship, a couple should be able to talk about anything. They feel most at peace when they can air out their problems in a safe space, which is each other. If a guy can tell you everything about him, even the parts that aren't particularly shiny, it's a great sign that he feels comfortable and safe in your company.

#4: He talks about you around his friends and family.

One of the subtle signs a guy likes you is when he talks about you when he's around other people, especially those he's close to. You will even notice that he finds any excuse to talk about you. He will enter your name in any conversation as much as he can.

#5: He includes you in his plans for the future.

The biggest sign a guy loves you is when he talks about the future and includes you in his plans. When he talks about buying a house and asking you what kind of interior design you'd like the kitchen or living room to have, it means he thinks you're the one he's spending his life with. He doesn't just see you as someone in his love life now. Rather, he sees you as the woman who will love and grow old with him, even when the initial spark has passed.

#6: He wants to know your opinions.

You'll know a guy likes you and holds you in high regard when he asks your opinion in almost every situation. He values your perspective and wants to know how your mind operates. He wants to see if you think the same way he does, and he's also seeing if you have strong principles and ideas.

#7: He can't help but smile when you're around.

Men who are around the women they like can't help but smile and blush. They may even laugh excessively or ramble strings of meaningless words. Generally, many uncontrollable things can happen when a man is around the woman he likes. You will notice this because it happens every time you're together.

#8: He gets you stuff he knows you like.

We already covered that the guy you like will remember things about you. He will then get you the stuff you always talk about. You might have mentioned a small thing, like your favorite coffee drink or your favorite kind of chips. When he randomly gives you this stuff, that's a clear sign he wants to make you happy.

#9: He wants to spend time with your friends.

If a guy wants you, he'd want to spend time with your friends. Not only will he get closer to you, but he will also learn more about you if he hangs out with your crowd. Even if they're not exactly the type of people he usually hangs out with, he will try to get along with them because he wants to have a bigger place in your life.

#10: He respects you.

When a guy holds you in high regard, he won't mess around and make inappropriate jokes with you the way he might do with other people. He will put his best foot forward and ensure you see that you're impressed with him. Be wary of this since you might not see him for everything he is. It's easy to see the good in the guy you like. But be sure that you also look out for his flaws and see if you can live with those.

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Ways Guys Say "I love you" Without Saying A Word

If you ask any relationship expert, they will tell you that men have a unique and different way of showing how they feel towards women. Chances are, you will find an obvious sign he likes you in his actions. In this list, we will tell you the 6 signs a guy likes you without saying a single word.

#1: He makes any excuse to touch you.

If you want to know the true feelings of the guy you like, you should pay attention to his body language. He will use any excuse to touch you. He will volunteer to pass the salt to you so that your hands will touch. He will stand beside you in group photos so he can put his arm around you. He will even sit beside you in a crowded coffee shop so your knees will touch. When a guy likes you, he enjoys the feeling of your skin touching his.

#2: He loves to help you out.

If a guy enjoys helping you solve your problems, it's a good sign that he loves you. Real romantic love means you want to make life easier for the person you love. Before you get into a romantic relationship with someone, make sure you find someone willing to lift the weight of the world with you. Having a loving partner is great because you share everything with them, even the parts that you want to hide from the world.

#3: He opens doors for you and pulls your chair before you sit down.

In general, if you want your loved one to feel special, you will do every little thing to make them feel it. If a guy opens doors and pulls your chair for you, it means he wants you to feel like you're above the rest. If he gives you flowers on a random day or sends you cute messages, it means he wants you to know you're on his mind. If you want a loving relationship, make sure the man you're thinking about really loves you enough to do all these unnecessary yet incredibly sweet gestures.

#4: He makes sure you're safe.

If he wants to protect you all the time, it's a sure sign that he's fallen for you. He will volunteer to take you home as often as he can. He'll ask for updates when you're out drinking with your friends. He will also insist on accompanying you wherever you're going just to ensure you get there safely.

#5: He makes eye contact with you.

A common sign that a guy likes you is when he constantly makes eye contact with you. He likes that he can look you in the eye when talking to you because he will see your genuine reactions to the stuff he says. You will also notice that he makes eye contact with you when you're in a group. That means he wants to get your attention and that he is fixated on you, even among many other people.

#6: He constantly wants to spend time with you.

If he makes weird and absurd excuses just to spend time with you, it's a sign that he wants to be with you no matter the situation. Even if you say you're busy studying for finals or preparing for a presentation and you have time for only a 15-minute break, he will make sure he's there to have a snack and coffee with you on your break. When you have someone who is grateful for your time, even if it's just for a second, it's a great foundation for a lasting relationship.

How to Attract A Guy Who's Not Into Me

If you are into someone, there's always a 50% chance that they won't like you back. When you put yourself out there, there's always a risk and a gamble. You can't guarantee anything. You might know how to make a guy fall in love with you in normal situations, but what if you can't do it now?

If you don't feel he's that interested in you, we have a few tips here to help you change that. After all, there's no harm in trying, right?

Tip #1: Show off your value.

If a guy isn't interested in you, he might not have yet seen how valuable you are. Does he know you can sight-read music? Has he seen you dance? Maybe you cooked a great stew, and he wasn't around to get a taste. If you want to attract a guy, you should show him exactly what he's missing.

Tip #2: Show attention to other men.

It's a known fact that men feel threatened when they see women giving attention to other men. If you usually talk to him and get him coffee or snacks, try doing that to someone else within his line of sight. He will notice it immediately. I bet he'd do something unusual or crazy to get your attention back.

Tip #3: Disappear.

When you suddenly become out of reach and unusually unavailable, he will always look for you. He will reach out to you and call you constantly. He might be so used to having you around that he doesn't notice how happy he is when you're there. So, try to turn the tables and see if he can handle not having you around.

Tip #4: Talk to him.

This may not work for everyone, I admit. But some guys are really turned on by confident and outspoken women. If you can admit to him, face to face, that you are interested in pursuing a relationship with him, he might become ridiculously attracted to you. I don't know why it's a turn-on, but there have been many stories from the women I've encountered that they just told the guys they liked how they felt, and in a few days or weeks, the guys would confess to liking them too.

Tip #5: Ask him out on a date.

Sometimes, a guy might not be interested because he hasn't gotten to know you yet. So, in keeping with the tone of a strong, confident woman, he'd be impressed if you actually worked up the nerve to ask him out. When you're on the date, make sure to let him know the real you. Don't hide anything or sugarcoat stuff because you want him to like you. Show your real self, so you will also see that he will like or dislike you for your genuine personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more queries about the signs a guy loves you? We have a few frequently asked questions here that will help you know if it's a connection worth pursuing.

Does he really like me if he doesn't post about me on social media?

As I said, a person can show their love for you in many different ways. If you think being showy on social media is something people do for the people they love, think again. It might just be their love language. Pay attention to the other ways he shows how he feels for you. You might just like showing off on social media because other people do it. See if he does any other stuff to show you that he cares.

How can I tell if he really loves me?

Frankly, you will know almost instantly if a man loves you. It's easy to spot the signs he doesn't love you because you would be asking these kinds of questions. Ladies, if you can't feel that he's making an effort, it's probably because he thinks you're not worth the trouble. And you wouldn't want to be with that guy anyway. Find someone else who loves you and invest your effort in them instead.

He seems interested in person but not over text. Why?

If a person is more engaging when you're physically together instead of over text or chat, they might value quality time over other things. He might prefer actually talking instead of typing what he wants to say. You actually can't change this because it's a matter of preference. See if it's a thing you can live with first before you take your relationship to the next level.

Is it okay for a girl to ask a guy on a date?

Ladies, it's a new age. Own your alpha female self and do whatever you want to do. If you're going to know how to tell a guy you like him, the best thing you can do is to ask him out on a date. Let me tell you that real men love it when a woman takes charge. Your confidence will be a real turn-on for him, trust me.

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In Conclusion

Does he love you? I bet you know the answer by now.

You will no longer have to ask, "Is he in love with me?" The tips and signs in this post are more than enough for you to confirm that the guy you're thinking of is most likely in love with you. It's a crazy thing to wonder if the person you like feels the same way. That's why we want you to know the signs beforehand. It gives you a better view of the situation and lets you know where you stand. You'll know whether to put yourself out there or pull back a little if you're not sure yet. You'll need all the help you can get in your dating journey, so we hope this helps you navigate it a little easier. Good luck, ladies!