Do you want to spice up your conversation? Then you need to know how to talk dirty to him on text.

Knowing how to flirt over text is a helpful way to make your conversation more exciting. As a dating expert, I have the knowledge to teach you all about talking dirty. Some of my works have been published on Women's Health and Hello Giggles. You're definitely in good hands. We'll talk about the best tips on how to talk dirty to him via text.

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How To Talk Dirty To Him On Text Without Scaring Him Off

As a woman, you might have some hesitation to initiate dirty talking. One worry is that you might not do it right and scare off your guy. Another is he might look at you differently. My advice is unless you do it, then you'll never know. I've been an expert on how to flirt with a guy. Believe me when I say most men like sexual messages.

Step #1: Set up the mood.

Before you show off your guns, you have to make sure create the right atmosphere. Before you send him any sexy text message, set the mood, so he'll know what you actually want. You can tell him how much you miss him or wish he was with you. Refrain from talking about work or other things unrelated to your purpose.

Step #2: Tell him how much you wish he were with you.

This is a great way to set up the mood for dirty texting. Since you are not together at the moment, you can use the situation to tease him. Excite him with the idea of what you can do if only you're together.

Step #3: Send a teasing photo.

The photo you have to send doesn't have to be very sexual. Remember, you are going to send it to tease him. So make sure to leave some mystery because that will keep him hooked.

Step #4: Use voice clips.

Reading sexy text messages is exciting, but sending him voice clips will elevate it. Nothing is sexier than hearing your woman's voice doing the erotic talk. It makes the sexual conversation more intimate since he can hear your voice and tone.

Step #5: Keep the flirty talks going with questions to raise his curiosity.

Dirty talk needs effort since you must keep him on his toes and maintain his curiosity. You wouldn't want to run out of dirty talk phrases and then the conversation runs dry. Back up your dirty text with flirty questions to ask a guy to keep the conversation going. This will also help you learn more about him.

"I was wondering if you are alone right now?"

Asking him if he's alone will raise his curiosity. 'Are we gonna talk about something special I need to be alone for?' It's mostly during intimate moments when you want to be alone together.

'Would you like to guess what I'm wearing right now?'

He can be naughty and answer, 'nothing.' You surely know that he's into this conversation right away.

"If you could do anything to me, what would you do?"

Giving him control wakes up his senses. I'm sure he won't run out of answers to this question.

"If I told you that you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?"

Compliment your guy because they love it. It'll increase the sexual tension between the two of you.

"I had a naughty dream last night, and guess who was in it?"

Tell him that when it's something naughty, it's only him you think about. You think about him all the time that he pops up in your dream.

Step #6: Talk about your fantasies.

Excite him by talking about your fantasies. More than likely, he's been thinking about the same things. Don't be afraid to explore and make him thrilled with your sexual fantasy.

Step #7: Compliment him.

Men like being complimented as well. This is one effective way of flirting with him. Round up the list of positive attributes you find sexy and attractive. Best compliments for men can be found on this site.

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Why Guys Love Receiving Sexual Messages Once in a While

Guys love a woman who is not afraid to take the wheel. It's more common for a man to send sexual messages to a woman he likes since men usually take the initiative, and the woman is expected just to wait. So, it's a surprise for some men when a woman sends sexual messages. They find the action sexy and attractive.

Flirting Mistakes You Should Avoid While Texting Him

For couples who've been together for a while, they already know each other's style. But flirting via text can be risky, especially if you're just starting to know the guy. Make sure to avoid these mistakes so you don't have to ask yourself why men pull away.

Mistake #1: Saying words you can't handle yourself.

If you decide to flirt with him by text, make sure you say only the things you can handle. If you say words you are uncomfortable with, you might end up withdrawing from the topic. That will lead to disappointment on your guy's part.

Mistake #2: Using the wrong medium of communication.

Some of us are text/chat persons, and some prefer calls. Know his preferred medium of communication when it comes to sexy talk. You could send a dirty text message, but it doesn't affect him since he prefers to hear your voice. It'll be helpful to know these things.

Mistake #3: Rushing things out.

Remember to take it slow. Let the sexual tension develop. If you rush things out, it'll look forced and unnatural. That just takes away the entire sense of intimacy. So enjoy the conversation and let it unfold slowly but surely.

Mistake #4: Faking it.

If you decide to flirt with a guy, do it wholeheartedly. Don't force yourself just because you read it from an article or a friend's advice. They can tell if you're faking it or enjoying the conversation.

Mistake #5: Not being careful with pictures

Pictures are great for teasing a man. But make sure to save some mystery to uncover. No challenge will be left if you let it all out at once. Treat yourself with respect and just show enough to make him fantasize about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are now equipped with the knowledge of how to talk dirty to him on text. It could be an exciting and interesting way to level up your conversation. Let's answer those questions in your mind.

Is talking dirty sexy?

Yes, because talking dirty is definitely a sexy thing. It gives your man a different perspective of you. You keep him on his toes without giving it all away. Sexy text messages also make their imagination run wild.

How do you secretly turn a guy on?

Dirty text messages are a great way of secretly turning a guy on. You can turn him on without being too explicit. Dirty text messages don't have to be very bold or sexual. You can tell him how much you wish he were with you. Or, talk about the fantasies you'd like to try with him.

Will flirty text messages be effective in getting any man's attention?

Absolutely! Flirty text messages will spice up any conversation, as long as he is into you, as much as you are into him. If the guy sees you as a friend and not more than that, flirty text messages might not be effective.

Can you send flirty messages to a guy you are interested in but just met?

Yes, you can. There are no rules when flirty texts have to be sent or introduced to the conversation. It all depends on how you are comfortable you are and the flow of the conversation.

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In Conclusion

Now that you know how to talk dirty to him on text, grab your phone and send a dirty message to your guy. Do not hesitate, and be confident. Be honest and tell him how much you miss him and think of crazy things to do with him.