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8 Best Haircuts For Thin Hair

Fine or thin hair calls for haircuts that give your 'do some volume and life. Don't just fall for trending haircuts without understanding your hair's texture!

1. Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a short hairstyle that can give thin locks some volume without much effort. This short haircut for thin hair creates an illusion of full and dense locks. A simple pixie cut can easily add volume for those with wavy hair or curly hair. For those with thin straight locks, a super short pixie cut with long layers on the top rather than on the sides will make your hair instantly look fuller.

2. Blunt/Angled Bob

The blunt bob is an amazing go-to style when it comes to creating a full look. Ask your stylist to refrain from using razors or thinning shears when doing this blunt cut. The defined edges created by cutting the thin ends create a voluminous look. It can be worn straight for a sleek look or wavy for added volume and fuller hair.

3. Sculpted Shag

If you have thin short hair and are a fan of the 70s hairstyle and look, the sculpted shag is the layered haircut for you. A sculpted shag makes your hair look fuller as its tapered ends and choppy layers add texture as the bangs balance it.

4. Bixie Cut

A bixie cut's length falls just between a pixie cut and a bob cut. The long layers and the texture created on top of the head help achieve a bouncy and full hair effect. Make use of hair treatments and products that add extra volume to your style.

5. Graduated Bob

You can easily rock a graduated bob with an oval face and thin hair. The shape-building layers created by the longer layers in the front and the volume-emphasizing tapered layers at the back give the illusion of thicker hair.

6. Long Cut with Full Ends

If you have thin straight hair but still want to keep your locks long, make sure your ends don't look limp by making sure to have them trimmed regularly. This hairstyle is one of the best long haircuts for thin hair. Subtle highlights or hair color also help make your long thin hair look more textured than flat.

7. Fringe Bob

A fringe bob is any bob cut that's paired with fringe bangs. And while fringe may seem like a no-no for thin hair, the truth is it can help add volume by creating an illusion of a fuller top. And since fringes are whispy, your hair won't look like it's being weighed down.

8. Mullet Cut

A mullet cut is all about style in the front and volume at the back. If you want to achieve more volume, try a permed mullet. For those who want to keep their straight hair with layered haircuts, a wolf-cut mullet is the best haircut to create a fuller effect.

Haircuts For Thin Hair Infographics

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How to Take Care of Thin Hair

Taking care of thin hair is crucial to give it life and keeping it healthy. And if you have fine, thin hair, there is still time to give it some TLC and prevent it from hair loss, getting more delicate and breaking.

1. Don't wash your hair with warm water.

While a hot shower may help soothe you after a stressful day, running thin hair under it may do more harm than good. It damages not only the scalp but also makes the roots and thin strands weak, causing frizziness and breakage. So skip the hot shower when washing your hair and use cold water instead.

2. Use less shampoo.

If you think you are doing your hair a favor by cleaning it with shampoo daily, think again. Thin or fine hair should only be shampooed 2 to three times a week. Shampoo can easily strip away the natural oils that add moisture and volume to your hair. And so, if it's that time of the week to shampoo your hair, remember to use it only to massage and clean the scalp and avoid the strands.

3. Use products with reparative formulas.

Opt for damage repairing and rehydrating products for your hair. Products containing amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins are known to keep the hair's natural moisture for more healthy-looking and voluminous hair. Avoid products with sulfates and those heavy leave-in conditioners that weigh the hair down and make them look thinner and lifeless.

4. Don't apply conditioner to your scalp.

The rule is shampoo is for the scalp, and conditioner is for the hair. Apply your conditioner from the mid-strands to the hair's ends. Avoid applying conditioner to your roots to prevent your hair from being overly greasy. Your scalp already has natural sebum or oil to lock in moisture, so adding conditioner to that area will only lead to buildup and your hair looking limp and flat.

5. Take care of your ends by applying hair serum.

For those with thin and dry hair, applying hair serum on the ends can help keep your locks tamed rather than frizzy. While you may want to avoid serum to keep your hair from looking limp, applying it to the ends can help lock in moisture. Make sure to choose the serum best with thin hair and use it sparingly.

3 Styling Tips For Your Thin Hair

Having thinning hair doesn't mean you can't get a stylish cut that makes your hair look thick and volumized. All it takes is a little inspiration and creativity.

1. Style with layers that give your hair texture.

Layers add volume to your hair by preventing it from having a one-dimensional look. Look for layered cut styles suited to your face shape, emphasizing your most coveted facial features and creating a full and thicker look. Avoid pulling your hair back tightly, as it makes them look thinner and flat.

2. Try out shorter cuts.

Shorter cuts reduce your hair's weight and make it more volumized and full-bodied. While a longer hairstyle tends to weigh down your hair strands and flatten them out, a short haircut will lift your hair strands away from your scalp and make them appear fuller. And if you ask how often I should get a haircut to keep your hair's texture, the answer is every two months. So not only is shorter hair easier to style, but it's also easy to maintain.

3. Have a hair volumizing hairstyling routine.

The right hairstyling products can significantly affect how volumized and full your hair looks. Look for good quality shampoo and conditioner that will help give your hair body and volume and invest in them. Look for products that contain thickening ingredients such as biotin, niacin, and protein.

With the right hairstyle and hair care routine, getting a volumized style is possible even if your hair is thinning. With a little inspiration and creativity, you can find a kind that makes your hair look thick and full.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answered some of the most common queries on styles and taking care of thinning hair. Read more about them here:

How can I prevent my hair from thinning?

Preventing your hair from thinning relies on the hair products you use and requires you to do some scalp massages and take some vitamins and foods that promote hair growth and health. Also, let your hair rest from treatments, tight hairstyles, and harsh products that can cause thinning and breakage.

Can thin hair still undergo the process of hair coloring?

If you have thin hair and want to undergo the process of coloring it, make sure you seek the help of a professional. When drastically dyeing your hair, from a dark color to blond, for example, it will require the use of bleach. And hair bleach can damage the hair when not properly used or applied.

Is there a way for me to thicken my hair?

The ways to achieve thick hair are the same as preventing it from getting thin. Incorporate good fats, protein, and a variety of vitamins into your diet, and use products that are not harsh on your hair. There are also hair-thickening shampoos and conditioners to give your hair volume.

Does thin hair require extra care?

Thin hair requires a bit more maintenance to keep it from breaking and getting even thinner. You also must be extra careful with the products and what you put on your hair to prevent them from getting weaker and breaking up.

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