bad haircut is something every woman has gone through. If you're looking to deal with a terrible haircut, this post is for you.

As someone who has given hundreds of pieces of advice on different styles, which you can find on sites like The Odyssey Online and Dapper Confidential, I know that a horrible hairstyle doesn't mean there is no way to make your bad hairstyle look stunning. All it takes is a few hair products, time, and effort to make something gorgeous.

So let's cut to 5 fixes for a bad hair day! (pun intended)


What Is Considered A Bad Haircut?

bad cut is, first and foremost, a matter of opinion. Sometimes, bad hair is bad because it's too short, too long, too frizzy, or unruly for our liking. However, there are some more general agreements on what a bad haircut is, such as a haircut that's all over the place or a haircut where it's obvious where the levels or layers are.

An awful haircut can take many forms, but your opinion of it is the main thing that makes it worse. Luckily, an ugly cut is highly subjective. What may be bad for you may actually look fantastic to others!  The key to fixing a terrible cut is to get the right products and style and to know what you want. Combined with a little time and effort, these three will give you the perfect hairstyle that goes perfectly with the event or occasion you have planned.

Bad Haircuts: Women vs. Men

Both women and men experience terrible haircuts and bad hair days. It's something that's near impossible to avoid for anyone. However, because women usually have longer hair, it can be harder for them to manage mischievous haircuts. If you're a woman, chances are you have tried every hair product out there, and it's still a challenge to choose a style for your hair that you're 100% happy with.

Men always manage their hair because it's a big part of what can make them look unattractive to girls, like what we've discussed on Mantelligence. However, most men can easily find a hairstyle that looks good because there's a more limited amount of options. But women must think about their hair, how it works, and what they want. For women, it's all about the style and the shape.

How To Fix A Bad Hairstyle - 5 Tips

Fixing a bad hairstyle can be done. All it takes is creativity, the right products, and extra time for the style you want. Absolutely nothing is impossible when it comes to fixing a poor haircut.

Tip #1: Get Some Ideas

The first tip is to get ideas on how you want your hairstyle to look based on your haircut. Browse through some styles celebrities or influencers have and see if you can achieve the same goal.

As much as possible, look for inspiration from those who have a similar haircut and type as yours. For example, don't look for styles that are best for those with naturally curly hair if your hair is straight.

Yes, you can imitate the style, but you may not get the exact match. Opting for a style that suits your hair type and cut will make it easier to replicate and make your own.

Tip #2: Use The Right Hair Products

The key to finding the right styling products is knowing your hair type. Once you know your hair type, you can start looking for the right products. You need to use products that work for your hair type and don't cause hair loss. You don't want to use a product that makes your hair feel dry or heavy.

The first thing you should do is use a leave-in conditioner. This is the first step in getting your hair to look good. It would help if you also used a hair mask. A hair mask will help smooth your hair and give you a great-looking haircut.

Next, you need to use a heat protectant. Heat protectants help keep your hair from getting damaged by the heat from the blowdryer or flat iron. You can't just buy old shampoo and conditioner and expect your hair to look amazing. You need to use the right products to make your hairstyle look great.

Tip #3: Don't Be Afraid of New Styles!

The great thing about hair is that you can change its style every day. Trying new techniques lets you experiment with what options look good based on the occasion, outfit, or trend you are after.

Trying out curly hair can eliminate the bad hair day and frizzy look for those with short hairstyles. Curly hair is also great if you want a low-maintenance hair-do for a day out. You can also try out the side-swept bang style for a fuller look.

If you want a more dramatic look, try experimenting with wavy hair. It is an easy way to add volume and dimension to your hair. When it comes to long hair, there are so many different ways to style it. Long hair has endless possibilities, from the classic braid to the contemporary bun.

Keep in mind your face shape when trying new styles. Some hairstyles like bangs or a bowl cut work better for those with a slimmer face than those with a more rounded face shape.

Tip #4: Use Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are the easiest way to add some pizzazz to your hair. They are also a great way to add volume to your hair.

Many hair accessories are available, like a headband, hair extensions, and bobby pins. The main thing to remember is to choose ones that suit your hair.

Try using some hair bands or hair clips. These are a great way to add color and shine to your hair.

Tip #5: Match It With The Perfect Outfit

When it comes to unappealing haircut, you must look at the whole picture, not just your hairstyle. Believe it or not, what you wear with it and how you use your make-up has a huge impact.

Making sure that your hair matches your outfit helps compliment the haircut you have.

A bad hairstyle is something that you can fix. There are a lot of things you can do to make your hair look better. Doing some research will help you find the right products and style that will help you get the final look you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common questions asked about dealing with a bad hairstyle and how you can remedy the situation before it gets out of hand.

What is the most polite way to tell your hairstylist you don't like the style?

Instead of telling your stylist outright that you do not like the style, make recommendations for the length, style, and body of your hair. If they are starting to cut too short, you can say, "I like the length it is at now," or, if you do not like the layering, say, "I prefer a straight cut instead." This way, you can politely give your preferences.

How should I react if my girlfriend has an unpleasant haircut and ask me about it?

Help her find styles that work best with the haircut she got. Reassure her that there are ways to make it stylish and attractive. Show her pictures of people with similar haircuts and go the extra mile in helping find the right hair products and accessories to get that look. She'll love you for it!

What should you do if you feel the employee gave you a terrible cut?

Be professional! While you may be fuming at this possibility, giving professional feedback in the form of preference can set them on the right track. Explain your specific style and compare it to the one they have given you. Then work with them closely to mend the haircut into something you can work with.

You can also stop the stylist and opt-out if you think it's not salvageable. Then, move to a good stylist who can remedy the haircut!

How long does it take to fix a poor haircut?

For those who got a short haircut that is just too short, expect hair growth to be at a workable length in about 2 months. At 4 to 6 months, you'll have shoulder-length hair to work with.

Having the right hair care routine can speed up growth, so look for products that enhance strength.

For uneven layers, expect it to grow out in about 3 months. This is when the varying lengths start to look the same.

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Having a bad haircut does not mean you can't have style while waiting for your hair to return to a workable form. Using the right products, inspiration, and matching outfits with make-up, your new haircut can look beautiful no matter the style.

Take the time to find the perfect style and experiment with different options for that stunning look everyone (and you) will love!