I’ve just finished watching Pamela Meyer’s TED Talk about how to spot a liar and I think we can all benefit from it, especially when we are talking about dating.

This is why we decided to make this just so we can help you spot the signs he is a liar, based of course, on that exact TED Talk.

Signs He Is A Liar

Plus, since we want it to be easier for you to spot a liar, we are going to show you one sign that he’s telling the truth. Let’s get to it.

9. So Formal, Pal

Okay girls, when somebody goes out of his way to be so overly formal, then chances are, he is lying. You know, when he does not use conjunctions when he used to do so?

Now, that’s a red flag. But, keep in mind that this is only one of the signs he is a liar and in itself, it isn’t an automatic indicator of lying.

Look for other signs - which we’ll tell you all throughout this video.

8. Qualifying Language

One of the easiest ways to spot a liar is to listen carefully and spot qualifying language. These are phrases that are used to amplify the meaning of words, like “To tell you honestly” or “If I'm being honest”.

See, when you’re really being honest, there’s no need to actually say it. You just do it.

And this goes both ways. If you want to learn how to make a guy like you with the use of words be careful not to use qualifying language because you might just sound like a liar and believe me, this will not help you.

7. So Many Details

Another one of the signs he is a liar is when he tells his story with too much detail. You know, when you hear a story and you think it’s so good to be true, then chances are, he’s not telling the truth.

For example, he came late to your date and when you ask him why, he tells you an insane story where he left his house at exactly 6:48 PM, then he walked down the street where he almost got run over by a shiny yellow sports car driven by a middle-aged man wearing a red shirt who talked to him for 6.5 minutes to apologize, you just know he’s lying.

6. Upper Body Freeze

Okay, ladies, we’ve all been there, especially when we’re still trying to learn how to get a boyfriend - we freeze. We freeze because we just don’t know what to say, or because we’re trying so hard to know how to impress a guy.

The same goes when someone is lying. They freeze, especially their upper bodies. This is because they aren’t their usual self, because they’re trying to fool you with a lie.

And so, when you see that he froze when you asked him why he stayed late at work last night, then that is clearly another red flag.

5. Too Much Eye

Well, we know that we’ve always been telling you that eye contact is very important. We’ve been telling you that if you want to learn how to talk to a guy, you should learn how to look him in the eye because that will show that you’re sincere and true.

We’ve also said that if you want to learn how to know if your crush likes you, you should see if he makes eye contact with you. However, you should also observe if he does this excessively. This is how you spot a liar

because when someone is lying, they tend to overdo the eye contact thing to compensate for the common belief that liars cannot maintain eye contact.

The thing here is, the eye contact becomes staged, and so, more often than not, it appears unnatural and just too much. Do you know what else appears unnatural? It’s when you try so hard but you just don’t know how to strike a conversation with a guy.

Do something about that now by watching this video where we give you pointers and tips how to do so.

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4. So Down

Ladies, another way to spot a liar is to observe their demeanor. Are they looking down most of the time, and they seem withdrawn?

If they are, then you should be wary because they might be lying. When people are lying, they avoid cooperating or collaborating with another person in the fear that they might get caught.

As a result, they appear withdrawn.

3. Low-Pitched Voice

Ladies, one of the things all men want women to do more is to listen to them attentively. Now, if you’ve been doing this, then it might be easy for you to spot one of the signs he is a liar.

This is when he lowers the tone of his voice. A low tone of voice is associated with sadness and shame, so it is not surprising that when someone is lying, they tend to have a lower pitch than their normal voice pitch.

This also signifies that they may be hiding something from you and that they aren’t comfortable about it. So, the next time he talks to you, listen closely and observe if there are any changes in his pitch.

Also, the next time he talks to you, make sure that you are doing some of the things all men want women to do more by watching this video where we tell you not one, but 15 of these things!

2. Barrier Carrier

When people lie, they go on an auto-defense mode where they are always on guard because they know they are not their usual selves and try to hide it. And so, they go to great lengths to protect themselves; sometimes, this shows physically.

It shows when they put physical barriers between you and them. And though these barriers are not necessarily as big as a fence, the feeling that it’s there gives them a bit of security. So, watch out for barriers like a bag, a book, or even their arms the next time you talk to them.

If they seem to always find a way to put something between the two of you, then there is a possibility that they’re lying.

1. Yes and No

Okay, when it comes to dating, you want to know the person you’re dating as much as possible. To do this, you come up with questions to ask a guy you like and ask him things about himself.

Now, how would you know if he’s answering your questions truthfully? If you want to learn how to spot a liar, you’ve got to be on the lookout for inconsistent gestures. Does he say no, but he nods his head yes? Or does he say he’s an open book but crosses his arms as he says this?

You see, when someone is lying, they try to deceive you with their words. They don’t know that their body language shows what they’re hiding. As Pamela Meyer quoted Sigmund Freud: “No mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips”.

So, ask and probe further when you suspect that he’s not telling the truth. Better yet, Watch this video where we give you 10 thought-provoking questions that will reveal who he truly is.

The Number 1 Sign That He’s Telling The Truth

Whew! Look how far we’ve come! We’re now in the part where we’re going to tell you the number 1 sign that he’s telling the truth. It’s none other than being able to tell his story backward.

You see, liars spend so much effort coming up with their stories, and as we’ve mentioned, they even put extra details to make their narrative more realistic. They don’t know that the more details they include and the more made-up their story is, the harder it is to tell it backward.

And so, the number 1 sign that he isn’t lying is when they are able to tell their story backward, without hesitation, with enthusiasm. You see, they’ll be able to answer any questions you have directly, without even pausing to think.

That is if they are not fabricating. See, this is why we always say that you should be truthful because it takes a lot of effort to lie. Plus, if you ever successfully fool someone, maintaining your lie will not be easy. This is the very reason why one of the first date tips we give is to always, always be honest.


Did we miss any hidden signs that he’s a liar? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ladies, now that you’re all set to be a lie spotter, it’s a great idea if you’re going to learn how to talk to a guy next. Now, there is no better way to do that than to watch this video we have made just for that purpose.

In that video, we tell you 9 tips and tricks to make striking a conversation with a guy you like easier for you. Ain’t that great?