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6 Best Questions To Ask Your Friends

The best questions are those that would help you get to know and understand them more profound. These questions will help you take your friendship a step further. It's not always a personal question, but it is always a fun question. Ask the right questions to get interesting answers!

1. If you had to pack up and move to a different country tomorrow, where would you go?

There are so many countries in the world. What sets that one country apart from the others? Why is that their favorite place? This is a good conversation starter, too.

2. How do you prefer to be comforted when you're upset?

This is an important question. Some people prefer to receive advice, while others don't. It's important to know what to do, especially if you have a new friend.

3. What's the first thing you notice when you meet a person?

This one is an interesting question because it can tell a lot, not only about the person they've met but also about them.

4. If you had to curate the soundtrack to your life, what songs would be on there?

Good question! Imagine that your life was a movie. What would be its soundtrack? Just think of it. What song would play when you enter a room?

5. If you could have one superpower, which would it be?

This is a classic one, but it just never gets old. We can always come up with new superpowers that are better than the initial ones we thought of.

‌6 Fun Questions To Ask Your Comrades

What are questions if they're not fun questions to ask your friends? These questions will surely help you give your friends a better time having a conversation with you. You not only know more about them, but you have fun doing so!

6. What's the closest thing to real magic?

What makes them feel like magic is real? There must be something. Or maybe they really believe in magic. That's a different discussion that's also interesting.

7. What will finally break the Internet?

It depends if you want to take this one literally or not. Let's hope it doesn't happen literally. You can also ask about their favorite viral thing on the Internet. It helps keep the conversation going.

8. What's the most useless talent you have?

Everyone has a unique skill or talent that no other person can do. No matter how useless it is, it's still a talent. It's better to have one than have none.

9. What is the dumbest way you've been injured?

We've all had that moment. It's fun to look back on these moments! It's even more embarrassing if this happened to you when you were already an adult.

10. What are some things that sound like compliments but are insults?

Some people are so good at making insults sound like compliments, but some insults do all the work. It can also tell you what the other person perceives as offensive, so you know what to avoid.

11. What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?

No matter how not gullible one person may be, they will have an answer. Sometimes, we can get off guard and be tricked into ridiculous things.

‌7 Random Questions You Can Ask Your Buddies

When you're not really after something specific from your friends, these random questions to ask are the way to go. These are the questions to pick when you want to rid yourself of a relatively slow time. It's to have something good to keep it going!

12. If you had to choose one animal to help you win a fight, which animal would you choose?

They should also say why they chose that animal and why they think that animal will help them win. Choose your fighter wisely. It can determine everything you do.

13. If you could morph two animals to make one super animal, what two animals would you choose? Why?

And sure, you can choose that morphed animal as your fighter for the question above. That would be better. Ask them if they'd ever take that animal in as a pet, too.

14. What are three items you could buy together at the grocery store to make the cashier laugh?

This is actually a really good question, because it will show the other person's wit and creativity. How good can you show your humor through grocery items? We all love a good laugh.

15. What is something you refuse to share?

Even the most generous person in the world would refuse to share one thing! There are just some things that we should never share.

16. Which animal do you think would be the most polite?

There are so many animals in the world. Endless choices! But do you think dogs are way up on that list? Or maybe elephants? What do you think?

17. In 40 years, what will make people nostalgic?

What's something about these times that we would miss (or maybe we think we wouldn't, but we will)? Let's hope it's something fun and not cringey.

18. What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from existence?

Maybe one that doesn't serve any purpose. But something that doesn't have purpose for you may be a treasure for others.

7 This or That Questions For Your Acquaintances

This or that questions are a good idea when you can't be bothered to dive too deep into any topic. Not all questions have to be open-ended questions. Just give two things and see which one they prefer. It's fun and something that no one has to overthink.

19. Facebook or Twitter?

Do you prefer voicing your thoughts out in fewer characters, or do you want to be able to share almost anything? Do you want your friends and family to read your inner thoughts or be a stranger on the Internet?

20. Mobile Games or Console Games?

There's just a different feel to each one. Are you comfortable gaming wherever you go, or do you want to have a comfortable couch in front of the TV instead?

21. While walking: Music or Podcasts?

Music to your ears, or something that you can ponder on any time of the day? Do you enjoy someone singing or speaking into your ear?

22. iOS or Android?

The debate never ends. Nothing much to say here except that you should make sure this doesn't create unnecessary tension with the person you're asking.

23. New Clothes or New Phone?

What would they think is a better way to spend their money? Would they rather look better with style or with technology?

24. Beer Or Wine?

Classic drinks will tell you a lot about a person and their preferences. Choose your poison! Choose your antidote!

25. Ninjas Or Pirates?

And no, you can't say both. Pick one that you really want. Are you sly and quick? Or are you ruthless and brave? Take your pick.

5 Questions To Ask Friends To Eliminate Any Boring Conversations

If you and your friends enjoy some good old humor, then these funny questions to ask are the best. These will bring laughter into your already fun friendship because we can always use a little more laugh in our lives.

26. What's your go-to dance move, and can you show me?

There's no way that they can get away with answering this without a demo. Take a video of it, and make sure you show it the next time you all get together.

27. With which one band or musician would you party?

With what artist do you want to spend your time partying like a rockstar? You can even ask them to demonstrate how they would act around the band or musician.

28. What is your go-to guilty pleasure song?

Everyone has a guilty pleasure song that they're not particularly proud of. You can even ask them to sing it! But since you're all friends, do each other that solid and make sure to keep it a secret.

29. If you could invent a holiday, what would it be?

The more ridiculous and weird it is, the better! Maybe you can even start celebrating it with your group of friends and plan all sorts of fun activities together. It can be an annual tradition for your group.

30. If you were the ruler of the world, who would be your top adviser?

The fate of the world would be in your hands with this one. Make sure you choose someone who will have great advice. Ask them to say why they chose that person.

5 Would You Rather Questions To Ask Your Mate

Would you rather questions are great conversation starters! Maybe would you rather isn't your favorite game, but this will surely give you and your friends a good time, and even some good laughs. The weirder, the better!

31. Would you rather the aliens that make the first contact robotic or organic?

Or would you rather them not make any contact at all and watch from afar? How scary would it be if we actually had aliens here, right? Let's just hope they're nice.

32. Would you rather know the history of every object you touched or be able to talk to animals?

What power do they deem to be more valuable than the others? How would they use that power? I bet they would choose to be able to talk to animals.

33. Would you rather spend the rest of your life with a sailboat as your home or an RV as your home?

The sailboat doesn't have to be on the water, and the RV doesn't have to be... on land. You can also ask them where they would want to go with whichever one they choose.

34. Would you rather be an average person in the present or a king of a large country 2500 years ago?

Sometimes, we all want to be another person if we had the chance. But, always take note that circumstances 2500 years ago are VERY different than what we have today.

35. Would you rather be a reverse centaur or a reverse mermaid/merman?

Head of a horse or head of a fish. Would you rather be running on land or swimming in the ocean? Take your pick.

‌6 Never Have I Ever Questions To Ask Your Best Friend

Who doesn't know any good never have I ever questions, right? So bring more good ones into the mix. Find out the truth about a close friend with these questions. These questions can show a different side to your friends. You'll be surprised at what you might find out about them with these questions.

36. Never have I ever played Candy Crush.

What kind of person lived under a cave and hasn't played it? Who hasn't let this sweet and delicious game rule their lives at some point?

37. Never have I ever made a duck face when taking a selfie.

Oh, the good old times. Ask them to demonstrate it for the group. You can even take a selfie all together while doing this classic pose.

38. Never have I ever actually laughed out loud when typing "LOL."

We're all guilty of having a straight face. If someone said they never did this, that might be their biggest lie.

39. Never have I ever daydreamed about being on a talk show and what I'd talk about.

Which talk show host do you want to talk with? Or maybe they want to be with their celebrity crush. You can even ask it the other way around and know who they would interview if they had a talk show.

40. Never have I ever Googled my name to see what comes up.

Bonus if you checked Google Images. To make it even more fun, you should go ahead and do a Google search on everyone who did this.

41. Never have I ever pretended I was running from zombies while on a run.

It's nice to get some practice if that day will ever come. Plus, when you pretend you're running from zombies, it helps you get a lot of exercise.

‌5 Deep Questions To Share A Connection With Your Best Pal

If you want to improve your relationship with your friend, then deep questions should be a no-brainer. It's the right question for this instance. It would be best to have them on your list on the questions you should ask for a deep conversation. It goes beyond your favorite season, a favorite song, or favorite color. These are more personal, but you'll get more out of your friend.

42. What is your philosophy in life?

There's nothing better than this if you want to know deeper about your friend. Share your deepest thoughts and see how much in common you have in that aspect.

43. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

This is a classic that should always be in the mix. If you two are opposites, then maybe take the opportunity to ask what each of you needs from one another for better understanding.

44. What book and movie spoke to you, and in what way?

There's always that one, or two, or maybe a lot of movies and books where we can relate our lives. This one is most likely their favorite movie or favorite book.

45. What is your major turnoff in a romantic relationship?

What is their biggest pet peeve? The ultimate red flag to one person? It could say a lot about them. If they're with someone at the moment, ask them what they would do if this major turnoff were present in their current partner.

46. Would you do a crazy thing for a friend?

Better yet, how crazy are you willing to be? What's the craziest thing and even the weirdest thing they can do?

Downloadable and Printable List of Questions For Friends To Get To Know Them Better

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of questions to ask your friends (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions for your friends, I'm sure you have questions about the questions for your friends.

Is it alright if I ask questions that are too personal?

You should figure out first how close you are to your friend. Some people aren't comfortable opening up if they just met the other person. Some people take time before they can talk about more personal things. If you're not sure, you can always ask your friend if she's comfortable with the topic.

What topics should I include when playing 21 questions game?

If you're unsure about the fun topics for your 21 questions game, this list from Mantelligence can help you decide.

How do you know if a question I want to ask is somewhat rude?

Ask yourself the question, and if you think you'll be offended by it, don't ask it. If you're not sure if someone will be offended, don't ask it. You should only proceed if you're 100% sure it's not rude. If you're having doubts, it's probably rude.

What should I do to keep a conversation more enjoyable with a friend?

Ask questions that your friend enjoys. To make sure that it's more enjoyable, don't ask questions that can be answered by a yes or no. Let your minds wander on a topic that you both enjoy talking about.

What icebreakers should we do to get to know each other more?

If you're looking for the right icebreakers, there are plenty to choose from. You can see your choices on our site here.

How To Pick the Best Questions To Get To Know Your Friends

It's not easy to choose the best out of the best. When you're picking the best questions to ask your friends for a good conversation, there are things to consider to make the best list ever.

1. Who Are You Asking?

Be the guy that always considers the friend that he's asking. Who are they, and what kind of person are they? Choose questions that you know that your friend will appreciate. Some questions may be too personal for some, and some questions may be too awkward for some. So, choose questions according to who you're asking.

2. What Do You Want To Know?

Questions will give you different ideas about your friends. If you have a specific goal about what you want to know about your friend, choose questions to help you see that information. Think about your favorite thing to find out about other people.

3. Mix Them Up!

Even though you have a goal, mix your questions up! It would be so much better to mix them up and get as many answers as you can. Put in questions about their favorite food or favorite memory and their biggest regret and biggest fear. Mixing the questions up will also help you feel like you're not getting too serious or too goofy. Just the right mix of everything!

More Great Questions To Ask

Knowing a great question is like having a superpower. That's why we've got more in store for you.

  1. You get the best answers from other people if you ask interesting questions. This list will give you just that. You can even make this a game or dare questions.
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  3. Looking deeper into someone's personality is exciting, especially with these personal questions to ask. Just be sure to be careful in asking a personal question.

In Conclusion

There are many questions to ask your friends to choose from. There's an essential question for any good friend, so there's no problem when it comes to picking the right ones! You can get the best icebreaker question for your conversation partner now. We hope that you'll be able to use these questions to ask the next time you're with your friends.