"Should I get bangs?" often gets asked a lot. Getting bangs involves plenty of consideration. When cutting bangs, you have to look at your face structure, hair thickness, and texture.

I've written blogs on how to attract men and how to be sexy, but really, hair styling is my jam because it does so much to make you look attractive and sexy. I'll share some crucial hair tips. So before you get that bang trim, make sure to read this post.

Let's begin.


Should I Get Bangs?

This is the one question any female would ask at least once in their lifetime. And although bangs are incredibly trendy, not all styles will work for you. No need to fret, though. With the right knowledge of the various things to consider before getting bangs, you can find a suitable style that would match and enhance your features.

4 Things To Consider Before Making A Decision

Bangs will never go out of style. They’re wonderful cuts that have the potential to change your whole appearance. And in choosing the best type to suit you best, there are some things, like features and hair characteristics, that you have to consider.

Consider #1: Face shape and hair type.

The first thing to consider before getting bangs is your face shape. Bangs aren't just there to sit on your face. They serve the purpose of framing your face and tying up the rest of your facial features together. And so, identifying your face shape is a crucial first step.

Another important feature to consider is your hair type. Is it thick or thin? Do you have wavy, curly hair, or is it pin-straight? What's your hair texture like? All of these things have to be considered when it comes to choosing the suitable bang style for your hair.

Consider #2: Level of commitment (time and effort).

What a dream it would be to wake up with picture-perfect bangs and hair! If only it were that easy. Unfortunately, styling bangs takes a lot of time and effort--some people even go as far as waking up to style their hair hours before leaving.

Unless you want to put elbow grease into your morning routines to ensure that your bangs are styled and ready, they might not be a good plan for you. However, other styles are more user-friendly, like curtain bangs or side-swept bangs.

Consider #3: Hair tools and shampoos.

Investing in great hair products is a must for everyone, with or without bangs. Taking care of your hair should be a priority, not only for beauty but also for your overall health and wellness. As such, you should look into hair care items that have fewer synthetic chemicals and ingredients. Going for natural and organic hair products can make your mane something many would envy.

Hair sprays, good velcro rollers, hair oils, dry shampoo, and other styling tools (heatless preferred) are some of the things you'll need apart from your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Consider #4: Hairstyle expert advice.

The thrill of cutting your own hair is unlike any other feeling you can have. You put an image of yourself with a pair of cutting shears, in from of a mirror, with a lock of hair in hand. STOP! Unless you've had professional hair studies, drop the scissors,

Of course, when choosing a style for yourself (especially if you're going out of your comfort zone), you'll need professional advice. While it's fun to DIY your hair cuts, the best path to take is to the nearest salon in your area. Trust me, leave the cutting to the professionals.

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Types Of Bangs For Different Face Shapes

A lot of things can make or break your look--especially the wrong kind of bangs. As mentioned before, the primary thing to consider before committing to bangs is your face shape. And so, I've compiled the only guide you'll need to determine which style fits you best.

Heart - Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are stylish and trendy. One of the best face shapes to wear in this style is the heart-shaped face. So if you want to look effortlessly elegant, get a baby bang for you.

Round-Side Swept Bangs

Honestly speaking, having a round face has a ton of potential when it comes to your locks and makeup--take a look at Taylor Swift. For ladies with soft, round features, a side swept bang can help add more length to your face.

Diamond - Curtain Bangs

Diamond face shapes feature narrow foreheads and wide cheekbones. Adding curtain bangs can help frame your face and balance the features.

Square - Long Fringe Bangs

Square faces with strong jawlines are incredible. If you have a square face shape, looking for a style is easy. Both straight or textured,  long fringe bangs (Like the Dakota Johnson style fringe) can help soften the cheekbones and round up the whole look--you can also try blunt bangs or curly bangs, too.

Long or Oval - You Won The Bangs Lottery!

People with long face shapes are quite lucky with bangs—almost all styles will suit them, even shaggy bangs or choppy bangs. So if you have an oval face shape, like Alexa Chung, it's time for your to try and test different styles that fit your personality and daily wear the best.

When Should You Never Get Bangs

Getting bangs is thrilling... or the idea is. You've probably noticed that getting bangs is in no way simple--a lot of things to be considered and plenty more to do for maintenance and aftercare. And so, I'll share with you some situations where getting bangs might not be the best idea.

1. Don't get bangs on a whim.

Taking care of your bangs requires a lot of effort. So you should also spend a lot of time deciding whether to commit to a style for months on end. Believe me, getting bangs just because is leading at many ladies' lists of things they regret.

2. Don't get bangs when you're emotional.

Sometimes, when we get flooded with emotions, we tend to make rash decisions--mostly with our hair. While it's fun to change things up from time to time, abusing your locks is never the answer to feeling better. So it's best to put down your scissors and leave your mane alone when you're filled with a lot of feelings.

3. Don't get bangs for a special occasion.

Surprising everyone at a party with your new hairdo is fun to imagine. However, getting bangs and completely changing your hairstyle is not a one-time thing. (Of course, unless you invest in fake bangs.) Your hair needs commitment, so unless you're really ready to switch out your normal hairstyle for bangs, it's best to stick with what you're used to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions in mind? From frequent trims to how to maintain your locks, I'll do my best to answer the most asked questions about bangs for you.

How do you tell if bangs will look good on you?

Aside from assessing the list of things to consider above, using available technology might help you determine if bangs will look good on you. There are a lot of apps that you can download that have AI filters. You can find some good filters on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, or even a dedicated hairstyle app.

How often should you trim your bangs?

If you want to maintain the look of your bangs, regular trims every two weeks are advisable. For any type of cutting, it's best to pay a visit to the hairdressers instead of going DIY on your mane. You don't want your blunt bangs to become blunter.

How much hair do you want to involve with your bangs?

The amount completely depends on the style you want to have. For wispy bangs (ideal for thin hair), you should only involve a small part of your hair. For curtain bangs, more is required--this style is good for people with thick hair.

Can bangs help me look younger?

Yes! Bangs can completely change your appearance as well as how young you look. Check with your hairstylist about which styles are in. (Long bangs and straight bangs are always in for sure.)

How much time should I need to spend to maintain my bangs?

Again, it depends on the style you have. Side-swept bangs are pretty much low maintenance compared to curtain bangs and full fringes--which might even involve keeping your stands in a roller for an entire night. If you want to have Zooey Deschanel bangs, then it needs some love and care.

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In Conclusion

Remember that whatever your face shape, the bangs of your choosing will suit you— it’s on your confidence and how you can carry them. The purpose of haircuts is far more than just making yourself beautiful or how to attract men or how to be sexy… It’s about empowerment.