What makes a beautiful woman? Finding the perfect words to describe a beautiful woman may not be as easy. Nonetheless, a high value woman is more than her physical appearance.

This post will answer the tricky question: "What does beautiful mean?" Having been featured on websites such as Cheat Sheet and Her Campus, I believe that a woman cannot be too ready. That is why I make sure I always look and feel my best.


What Makes A Beautiful Woman Inside and Out

Society dictates unrealistic beauty standards for women. For most people, beauty lies outside. To be considered beautiful, one must have picture-perfect facial features or an hourglass-shaped body like Kim Kardashian. But for most women, female beauty is beyond one's physical attractiveness and can mean many things.

Here is what being beautiful means to me:

#1: Being independent

Moving out of your childhood home, away from your family and loved ones, can be nerve-racking. It will take a lot of adjustments and homesickness that could take a toll on your mental health. But the freedom of being in control of your own life can be empowering.

#2: Overcoming adversity

Gender-related discrimination may still happen in some parts of the world. Being a pretty woman alone could put you at a disadvantage. This doesn't mean you have to stop working hard for your dreams and be successful in your way.

#3: Looking after each other

Beautiful women around the world endure pain physically, mentally, and emotionally. People around them do not even realize what they are going through. Being beautiful also means being selfless and looking after other women no matter where they are.

#4: Every woman is beautiful

Women are all beautiful, no matter their color, race, or social status. It goes beyond physical beauty. More importantly, they deserve to be loved and recognized for their contribution to society.

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Beautiful vs Pretty - Main Differences

The main difference between pretty and beautiful is that the former often focuses on one's physical appearance, while the latter is more than being pretty. It also talks about a person's unique personality and other non-physical qualities. Being beautiful and pretty are often interchanged, but these are two different things.

Being pretty means a person is good-looking, lovely, and other synonyms. It could be the person who has a pleasant-looking face like Ariana Grande or a fit body like Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Meanwhile, true beauty is more than a nice-looking body or a fairy-like face. It is also about inner beauty -- how well you carry yourself and treat others. It could also be something else not about a person, like describing a breathtaking sunset or a spectacular portrait.

Beauty Standards on Women - Does It Really Matter?

Women nowadays experience more freedom to dress however they want and make a difference in society. Unfortunately, women are still subject to social pressure, especially in the physical aspect. For example, a woman is expected to have fair skin and a gorgeous figure to be advantageous compared to the "plain Jane."

This is the reality a lot of women face until now. As a result, many women feel bad about themselves, which leads them to believe that having the perfect physique or a distinct facial structure is the measure of success.

However, more and more women are starting to break stereotypes and become more confident with their skin. They stick to diets and workouts to impress and boost their self-esteem and improve their health. They use makeup and other beauty products to make them feel beautiful and confident.

That being said, beauty standards for women do matter, but it's not in a way you think. It should not be a competition for bigger boobs or a slimmer figure. Beauty standards should not be for seeking people's validation but a way to make them feel good about themselves and inspire other women to do the same and realize the essence of real beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is wearing makeup make you less of a woman? What makes a woman beautiful? Do good looks matter? These FAQs will answer those questions that you're too embarrassed to ask someone in the back of your mind.

Can I be pretty and beautiful at the same time?

Not everyone is considered "pretty" like those attractive people in magazines. That is why makeup is invented -- to enhance one's features and, yes, to make you look pretty.

But more than a pretty face is how you "look" at yourself. If you look and feel confident, treat everyone and everything with poise and respect, and prioritize self-love, you can be beautiful and pretty.

Is wearing makeup make you less of a natural beauty?

Not everyone is fond of wearing makeup, and that is okay. Some love it and even make money from it (i.e., as a "beauty influencer"). Makeup enhances one's features and natural beauty. It's an art that requires practice and mastery. So no, wearing makeup won't take away your natural beauty -- it can even make it stand out.

Does confidence make you more attractive?

Yes, confidence can make you a sexy and gorgeous woman. As mentioned, being beautiful is more than skin deep. It's also about how you carry and love yourself and treat others with kindness.

Can you change the way people look at you when you feel beautiful?

Being beautiful is how you look and feel about yourself. You can take notes and get feedback from other people, like what types of clothes or makeup suit you best or what kind of workout to have a healthy mind and body. You should follow your heart and what makes you comfortable and happy.

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It can be tricky to define what makes a beautiful woman. But we should that being beautiful is more than one's attractive physique. It is also about having an attractive mind and a positive perception of life. Everyone can look and feel beautiful if they want to.