For some ladies, learning where to meet men might seem like a pretty obvious goal in the process of figuring out how to get a boyfriend.

But so many women looking for love underestimate the importance of looking for a partner in the right place. I often hear women lament that there are no good guys left, or that it feels like they’re going on the same bad dates over and over, like dating déjà vu...

And then find out that the only men they ever meet are making their lunch or drooling over them at the bar. That’s why today we’re going to talk about how a change of location can give you new hope for relationships, and I’ll give you a few ideas of places to go to meet a man worth dating.


Why is Knowing Where to Meet Men Important?

Sometimes the best things in life happen totally spontaneously, but more often they happen because of planning, preparation, and more than a little dedication.

The same is true with relationships. Sometimes they fall into your lap like meet cute in a rom-com, but more often they require you to break your routines and do things differently than you have before, including finding new places to meet men.

Still not convinced you should break out of your rut?

1. Restore your faith in (man)kind

If it feels like you keep on meeting the same type of guys, it might be because you consistently hang out in the same kinds of places. It can start to seem like all guys fit a certain type, when the problem is actually that week after week, month after month, you’re continually putting yourself into a box with the same bros.

When you start hanging out in different places, you’ll realize that variety and quality still exists in the realms of men, and that all the good ones aren’t already taken - they’re just waiting for you to find them.

2. Focus your search

Once you know the best places to meet men, you can use that knowledge to focus your search on the type of guy you’re looking for.

Are you looking for an intellectual? Go places where people feed their minds. Looking for someone who shares your interests? Go places where other people who share your passions gather.

You don’t have to just hope you get lucky with a guy passing by. Once you know where to meet men you can focus your search on guys with qualities and characteristics you value and make it much more likely that you’ll meet someone you actually like.

3. Set the stage

When you don’t put effort into finding a location to meet men, you’re relying on unplanned, random interactions. And as fun as those are, they often happen when the timing just isn’t right.

Instead of hoping the right conditions to meet someone magically appear, set the stage for a real, meaningful interaction by choosing one of the best places to meet men from our list. We’ve specifically found places where the atmosphere is relaxed and the setting is perfect for a conversation.

Plus, when you go to one of these places with the intention of meeting a man you can be sure that you’re in the right headspace and ready to get your flirt on.

6 Best Places Where To Meet Men

While not every location on our list of the best places to meet men will suit you or your interests, they each offer their own unique perks. As you read through, imagine yourself in each setting and allow specific locations near you to come to mind.

If you can visualize yourself meeting a guy at one of these places, make a plan to go out and get social.

1. The Grocery Store

The grocery store is a great place to meet men for a few reasons:

First, if he’s doing his own grocery shopping you know he’s making his own decisions and likely cooking his own meals. Both are signs of responsibility and maturity, the minimum requirements for any guy you should be dating. You won’t find many mama’s boys walking the aisles solo.

Next, taking a peek inside his shopping cart can actually give you a lot of clues about the type of guy you’re talking to. If his cart is loaded with produce you know he values his health, and if he’s got a large variety of items you know he probably knows his way around the kitchen. You might even spot a specific item or meal that you love.

*Cue visions of candle lit dinner*

Finally, the grocery store gives you plenty of material for starting and maintaining a conversation. You could complain about the lines, comment on the cereal selection, or talk about what you have planned for the ingredients in your respective carts.

2. Outdoors

There’s something about being outdoors that makes everyone just a little bit friendlier. People greet one another on trails, flash smiles at others passing by, and often make small talk for seemingly no reason at all, making the outdoors the perfect environment to meet a man.

The men you’ll meet outdoors appreciate the importance of taking time away from work and enjoying themselves, and they know how to be entertained without staring at a screen. Plus, true outdoor lovers tend to be more free-spirited and adventure-seeking, an attitude that makes for relationships that are always interesting and never stale.

So whether it’s rafting, rock climbing, hiking, or just a stroll through the park - get outside and find those guys just waiting to be discovered.

3. Bookstores

If you’re looking for a guy you can spend hours lost in conversation with, or someone who shares your passion for the written word, bookstores are perfect places to meet men.

The fact that bookstores are already divided into genres makes it even easier to find a guy who has the qualities you’re looking for. Fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, self-help, or DIY - whatever shelf you browse will turn up guys with different admirable traits. All you have to do is decide what kind of man you’re looking for.

And just like at the grocery store, a bookstore is a great place to start a conversation. You can always ask about why he’s choosing that particular title or who his favorite authors are, and talk about books you’ve read and loved… or read and hated.

Plus, men who read know how to step outside themselves and consider other perspectives and learn from the wisdom of people who’ve come before. And that extra empathy and understanding makes readers great boyfriends.

4. Classes and Clubs

Often times a down period in your dating life coincides with a down period in your life, and the remedy for both of those problems is trying something new.

Learning a new skill or spending time with other people who share your interests can revitalize and re-energize you, and the classes and clubs where that happens are great places to meet men.

Community colleges often offer classes in art, music, writing, or technical skills, and many cities have leagues for adults to get involved in kickball, softball, soccer, and other sports - some are even offered exclusively for single people.

Classes and clubs are the perfect opportunity to grow as a person and meet men who are doing the same. So, choose something you’ve always wanted to do and sign up. The first day might be a little scary, but soon you'll be hanging grabbing drinks after class and meeting guys you really click with.

5. Out of town

Sometimes to meet a great guy you have to get out of your hometown. Especially in small towns where the dating pool is a little shallow or where every available guy comes with tons of strings attached, a change of setting can be just the trick.

Many single people move to cities with larger, younger populations because the chances of meeting someone new and exciting are much greater. But if you’re not ready to move, a day trip out of town or a vacation in a totally new place can also provide the chance to meet a great guy.

The more you travel the more you’ll see the huge variety of men from different areas and cultures, which will help you figure out exactly what you’re looking for in a man.

And who could say no to a little vacation fling?

6. The places you want to be

As you’re figuring out where to meet men, be sure to think about about the places that you want to go. When you spend time in places that you want to be you’ll find men who share your unique interests and passions.

Go to places that bring you joy, whether it's a theater, concert venue, national park, museum, or volunteer site, and you’ll find yourself around men who take joy in the same things. You’ll be able to make real connections and find men you have important things in common with.

How To Pick The Best Place To Meet Men

Since finding a match is all about personal preference, not every one of these places to meet men will work for every woman. So, to make sure you find a place that restores your faith, focuses your search, and sets the stage for a great relationship, follow these two important guidelines.

1. Go somewhere you feel comfortable

To have any success meeting guys, you choose a place that is going to make you feel comfortable. Otherwise you’ll be too anxious to enjoy yourself, and too focused on making your exit to check out the goods.

So if you absolutely hate the outdoors or know that bookstores just aren’t your scene, choose another location that will put you in the right frame of mind and make you happy and relaxed enough to get your flirt on.

2. Go somewhere new

One of the most important things you can do to meet a man is to go somewhere new. If your life outside the home only consists of a few locations, the number of guys you’re going to meet is severely limited - and the best thing you could do for your dating life is break your routine.

So try a different grocery store next week, or walk your dog in the park that you don’t normally go to. If you want to meet new people, you need to go new places.


Now that we’ve explained where to meet men with 6 great suggestions, you’re well on your way to figuring out how to get a boyfriend that you’ll really connect with.

So get out there, ladies, and remember to have some fun!