Are you looking for the perfect gift ideas for your husband on your 20th anniversary? With this list of 20th anniversary gifts for husband, you'll be able to find that special gift that commemorates all those years you've spent together and much more to come.

A 20th anniversary is a very special occasion for a couple. 20 years together signifies the strength, endurance and love you've had for one another through all this time -- it signifies a platinum bond

And with all the endless gifts for husband out there, it can be hard to find the right one for your husband. But luckily, you've come to the right place where we've given you plenty of specialized gift ideas that are especially perfect for your 20th anniversary.


7 Best 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Some of the best 20th anniversary gifts for husband<span style="font-weight: 400;"> can be chosen easily from this list -- There's no need to look beyond these amazing gift ideas. We're certain any one of these will be special enough for the occasion.

1. 20 Years Married Canvas

A custom collage of all the moments spent together in your 20 years of marriage.

2. Epic Husband Since 2000 Shirt

There's no better gift for a 20th anniversary that falls in the year 2020.

3. Fossil Men's Grant Quartz Watch

There's nothing like a Fossil watch to make your husband feel stylish and valuable.


4. Lovers Roadcrossing Sign

For the couple who has crossed paths and let those paths intertwine from the very start.

5. Personalized Adventure Map

A portrait of all the special places you've been to together is a touching way to commemorate 20 beautiful years of adventures.


6. The Story Of Us Timeline Print

Tell your love story from your very first encounter, all the way to your celebration of 20 years together.

7. Conair Cushion Massager

Give him a massage whenever he wants with this Conair Massager with heated pressure.

6 Cheap 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

20th Anniversary gifts don't have to come with such a huge price tag. You can impress your husband, while not spending too much, with these cheap gifts that are as great as any other anniversary gift.

7. I Still Do Keychain

Let him know you're committed to this marriage just as much as you were 20 years ago.

8. Anniversary Card

Choose this anniversary card to let it be known that your feelings for him will always be as strong as ever.


9. Anniversary Wine Box

Even if your husband isn't a huge wine drinker, this beautifully personalized box is enough to 'wow' him.


10. Love Letter Blanket

There's no need to describe what an amazing gift this blanket is, the words you choose will say it all.

11. Beard Kit

For the man who isn't too keen on maintaining his beard, help him stay fresh with this beard grooming kit.


12. Marriage Prayer

Show your husband that he's always in your prayers and how much hope you put into your relationship with this simple, yet powerful prayer.

5 DIY 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

What's more meaningful than an anniversary gift that you've put together with your own hands? Your husband will appreciate these DIY gifts more than any other gift after he knows the amount of time and effort you've put into making them. 

13. Explosion Box

This Explosion Box is one of the most creative and heartfelt DIY gifts that will definitely surprise your husband.


14. Our Adventure Book

The fun part about this gift is choosing which memories to include with your husband which gives you both a chance to add that creative touch.

15. I Wrote A Book About You

The next best thing to writing an actual book about the one you love most.


16. Treasure Box Puzzle

This gift can be given unassembled for a fun project you and your husband can work on together.

17. Oil Painting By Number

Easily paint your husband an amazing portrait using this simple paint by number system that can turn you into an artist overnight.

5 Practical 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Practical gifts work best for husbands who are, well… practical! They love useful things that make their lives easier, and, to be honest, who doesn't love being gifted something they actually really need? 

18. Engraved Pocket Knife

Practical and full of sentiment with a simple engraving that makes it such a special gift.


19. Vintage Reversible Belt

A stylish belt that can be worn both ways is like 2 gifts in 1.


20. Note Sleeve Wallet

Amazing quality and fits everything your husband needs in a wallet with a slim design.

21. misuki Tactical Pen

The king of practical gifts with 8 unique and useful gadgets in a pen sized mechanism.

22. Calvin Klein Cologne

A convincing way to give your husband the ideal smell that you want him to wear.


7 Thoughtful 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Spending 20 years loving someone doesn't come easily. There's a lot of meaningful moments spent together that don't go unforgotten. So, why not celebrate those memories with some thoughtful gift ideas that will show your husband how much you cherish the time you've had together so far. 

23. Key Finder

This is one of those thoughtful gifts for the husband who can't seem to keep track of his belongings.


24. Docking Station

Give you husband a convenient place just for him to unload all the things in his pocket.

25. Levi's Fit Jean

We can all agree that Levi's makes the best fitting jeans so bless your husband with a pair.


26. Man Bar Soap

These bars of soap will have your entire home smelling of your husband's fresh scent.

27. Knee Pillow

Spoil him with this rejuvenating knee pillow that he will definitely appreciate.


28. Under Armour Sandal

Let him feel as though he's walking on air with these exceptionally comfortable sandals.

29. Foot Massager With Heat

Give his feet some relief with this shiatsu foot massager that instantly soothes the muscles.

6 Small 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Not all anniversary gifts need to be big and flashy. Small gift ideas can sometimes act bigger than they are. It's all about the meaning of the gift and the impression it leaves on the receiver -- this is what's truly important. 

30. Message Wallet Cards

Remind him how important he is in your life with these metal love note cards that can be kept securely in his wallet.

31. Tally Mark Keychain

Keep track of the years you've been married with this personalized Tally Mark Keychain.

32. Personalized Bamboo Coasters

Coasters may not be the most common anniversary gift, but these will definitely make a statement with the lovely personalized design you get to choose.

33. Anniversary Gift Box

This box is a beautiful gift to place all your most memorable moments in.

34. Personalized Lighter

A personalized lighter can be a unique gift to light up any special occasion.

35. Metal Date Night Dice

Let these dice decide on the perfect date night for when you want to have a special time together.

8 Cute 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Cute gift ideas for your 20th anniversary can be anything from a sweet quote on a piece of jewelry to a lovely framed photo that represents your beautiful, long-lasting marriage

36. I Will Keep Choosing You Wristband

The bracelet alone would win over any husband, although the quote is what makes this gift so meaningful.

37. OakiWay Sundial Compass

Just one look at this compass will take anyone's breath away. Add a touching engraved message to make it a real treasure.

38. Anniversary Pebble Art

This Pebble art portrait is the ultimate cute anniversary gift for husband. Hang it up for all to envy.

39. Custom Digital Portrait

This Simpson inspired cartoon portrait of you and your husband doesn't need any explanation.

40. Star Map

A map of the perfect way the stars aligned to bring two people together and keep them together for 20 years.

41. Personalized Photo Blanket

Imagine how much your husband would adore a blanket filled with pictures of the both of you.

42. Wedding Song on Bronze

The lyrics of your wedding song in a shimmery display of bronze that will be the center of any room you hang it in.

43. Pop up Anniversary Card

With its 2D display and touching message placed on the back, this anniversary card tops them all.

7 20th Anniversary Gifts that Can Also be Birthday Gifts for Husband

20th anniversary gifts don't stray too far from birthday gifts for husband. A gift representing the 20 years you've been married can definitely fit as a birthday gift for someone you've spent 20+ birthdays with

44. Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is convenient and well designed which will make your husband love using it over and over again.


45. 3D LED Lamp

A night light like no other that can display and illuminate any photo from your phone. This makes one impressive gift!

46. Magnetic Pickup Tool

A cool gadget that can be very useful with a specially engraved message that reads 'best husband ever'.

47. Our Bucket List Book

Create a bucket list with your husband and add all the things you've already done together in this uniquely themed book.

48. Custom Wood Engraved Photo

How sentimental is a photo of you and your husband displayed on a wooden plaque? This is a gift worth sharing.

49. Leather Desk Pad

A sophisticated and lovely gift to dress up any computer space.

50. Personalized Clock

This crafty and ingenious personalized clock is a gift your husband will never look away from.

Here is How to Pick the Best 20th Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Picking the best 20th anniversary gift for your husband shouldn't be too hard. After all, you've been married to him for 20 years, and have probably known him longer than that. 

However, to help you decide on which gifts are best, we've gone ahead and put together some helpful tips to make your decision easier. 

1. Get Him What He Wants

After 20 years together, he's probably got quite a few anniversary gifts from you. Those, along with birthday gifts and any other gifts you've given him probably range from a wide variety of things. 

Maybe you've given him traditional gifts like watches or designer ties, and maybe you've given him sentimental things like personalized or custom gifts. Either way, after 20 anniversaries, you can't go wrong with giving your husband, simply, what he wants

2. Choose Uncommon Anniversary Gifts

As stated above, anniversary gifts can become somewhat repetitive after 20 years. If you really want to impress your husband, get him a gift he won't ever expect. You'll get a great expression from him and it will be the highlight of your 20th anniversary.

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In Conclusion

If you didn't end up choosing one of the gifts listed here, we hope that we've at least given you an idea of what 20th anniversary gifts for husband should be. In the end, you know your husband best, and you know which gift ideas would make the best gifts for husband.

Happy 20th anniversary!