Love is in the air and you've just received a wedding invitation for a, let's say, loose acquaintance. What does this all mean? Well, you're in need of cheap bridal shower gifts of course. Far too often when it comes to gift ideas we feel the need to blow entirely too much money, but bridal shower gifts don't need to break the bank.

After all, a bridal shower is an overt gift fishing expedition anyway, so why not take a look at our list of cheap bridal shower gifts that won't require working overtime.


20 Best Cheap Bridal Shower Gifts

Whether it's the last minute, you didn't plan ahead, or you just don't want to drop a ton of coin on a bridal shower gift, this lift of perfect cheap bridal shower gifts is sure to please. For our best of list, we've rounded up a wide range of products so there should be something here for any bride to be.

1. Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum

How can you go wrong with a perfume who boasts a fragrance bursting with mimosa?

2. Deep Relaxation Magnesium Chloride Flakes

She's planning a wedding. Come on, she's stressed. Solve that with these calming bath flakes.

3. Nautical Sailboat Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Every meal is a reminder to throw caution to the wind and set off on an adventure.

4. Mueller French Press

Yes, we're addicted to caffeine. There's no shame there. Be an enabler.

5. Stainless Steel Retro Electric Kettle

This retro styled kettle screams class and will get that tea piping hot. Bonus, throw in some calming teas.

6. Kate Spade Women's Mrs. Necklace

If the vows don't remind her of the commitment, this necklace certainly will.

7. Harney & Sons Caffeinated Wedding White Tea With Rosebuds and Petals Tin

This white tea is formulated for the married couple. Just make sure she has a kettle worthy of this brew.

8. Bath Spa Gift Box

Spa days are expensive. And not socially distanced. Treat her to several spa days in the comfort of her own home.

9. White Gallery Wall Picture Frames Set

23 frames provide consistency and a congruent look.

10. Just Married Beach Towel

This way she doesn't have to worry about wearing her ring to the beach to avoid getting hit on.

11. Couple Light Shadow Paper Carved Lights

This light provides a romantic ambiance.

12. Mr and Mrs Stemless Wine Glass Set

Because it's wine o' clock somewhere.

13. Date Night Jar

Married couples run out of date ideas. Fact. This jar solves that problem.

14. Leather Photo Album

Digital is nice, but nothing beats snuggling on the sofa with some actual print photos.

15. Passport Wallets Travel Holder Set: Mr. & Mrs.

For all the adventures she will embark upon.

16. Wooden Honeymoon Fund Shadow Box

It's probably going to need more than spare change, but this is for any rainy day.

17. Matching Newlywed Wedding Baseball Caps and Beer Holder

Because marriage is really like a full contact sport. Plus, it keeps your beer cold.

18. Do Not Disturb Honeymoon Gift Door Knob Sign

Sure beats the old necktie on the door knob. *Wink Wink*

19. Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right 2-Piece Kitchen Apron Set

The couple that cooks together stays together. Trust us on that one.

20. Gift Card in a Mini Envelope

Seriously, if you're out of bridal shower gift ideas, the whole world needs Amazon. Jeff Bezos needs to be a trillionaire.

16 Cheap Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

Now if you want to put forth a little more effort and want something that can only be for the future bride, then looking at our list of cheap but personalized bridal shower gifts should be your next move.

A personalized gift shows that you care, but with these options you still won't be coming too far out of pocket.

21. Wedding Bands interlocking Duo picture frame

Every couple deserves to be reminded of when they were insufferably happy.

22. Personalized Key Holder

Never lose your keys again. And, she'll never confuse her keys for his.

23. honeymoon outfit

This is a going to make for a fun night. So long as nobody stayed too long at the open bar.

24. Personalized Wedding hanger

This personalized hanger is going to end up in every photo your wedding photographer takes. Trust us.

25. Personalized Love Definition Throw Pillow

This is a really nice accent piece that can be personalized to your bride to be.

26. Personalized Tree of Love Wooden Picture Frame

27. Personalized Craft Brew Slate Coasters

A set of extremely nice coasters that can have 2 lines of personalized text.

28. Personalized This is Us Wedding Doormat

An endearing touch for when the newly wedded couple crosses the threshold. Nobody is going to think about making this gift.

29. Personalized Mr. & Mrs. Throw Blanket

Excellent custom blanket for curling up and watching a movie or flipping through a photo book.

30. Personalized Casserole Dish

31. Personalized Mr and Mrs Apron

Another take on the cooking angle. Seriously... you should encourage your friends to cook. It's better than therapy.

32. Ring Holder, Personalized

Because the ring is one item you can't lose.

33. Personalized Luggage Tag

For the adventures she will have. And the luggage she will immediately find on the carousel.

34. Wedding Date Sign

So she'll never forget her anniversary.

35. Ocean Marble Personalized Glass Cutting Board

We're telling you... get that couple into the kitchen. She will thank you later.

36. Personalized Our Wedding Rocks Slate

A nice piece of art that can encompass the bride and groom, but also the wedding party.

12 Cheap but Unique Bridal Shower Gifts

Moving on from personalized gifts, we've compiled a list of unique bridal shower gifts that help you to solidify your relationship with the future Mrs. Right. These gifts will leave an impression, so when you're fishing for gifts in the future, you'll be top of mind for reciprocation.

There's no reason she needs to know what you spent to make a lasting impression.

37. Married Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is almost as therapeutic as cooking.

38. Raindrop Champagne Flutes

Because there's no real reason to ever put a glass of champagne down.

39. The Newlywed's Instruction Manual

Because marriage doesn't end when the reception does.

40. Hubby Wifey Couples Aprons Matching Gift Set with Leather Straps

You could also do some welding in these. Probably.

41. Star Map Print

Because the universe said they had to be together.

42. Scratchable Travel Map

A unique way to remember her travels.

43. Wedding Time Capsule

They've got to stay together... if for no other reason than posterity.

44. Black Metal Wine Rack

Married couples drink wine. Fact.

45. Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

Marriage is stressful. Be a good friend and help her diffuse some of that anxiety.

46. 5-Ingredient Cooking for Two: 100 Recipes Portioned for Pairs

Simple. Efficient. Romantic. Cooking for two.

47. When I Said I Do Kitchen Towel

Help her remind him that marriage is about equality.

48. Destination Wedding Gift

Excellent visual to remind her of the biggest day in her life to that point.

9 Cheap Bridal Shower Favors

Now if you've found yourself in the fortunate (or possibly unfortunate) position of being in charge of throwing the bridal shower, you know that you need to provide bridal shower favors for all guests in attendance. Sure, you're a good friend, but if your newly engaged wing woman is popular... this can get pretty expensive in a hurry.

We've got you covered with this round up of cheap bridal shower favors.

49. Key Bottle Opener

She should never be without one.

50. Himalayan salts

Himalayan salts just seem healthier...

51. Bridal Shower Soap

Everyone likes fancy soap. Nobody likes buying fancy soap.


Just in case it doesn't work out and she becomes a cat lady.

53. Kimono

Everyday can be spa day.

54. Orange Blossom Pistachio Nougat - Gourmet Food Gift

There is no reason a bridal shower can't be delicious.

55. Bridesmaid Robes

Nobody likes getting dressed. These cheap robes solve that problem.

56. Set of 24 Custom Personalized Bridal Shower Bachelorette Design Stemless Wine Glass Favors

Stem glasses are too easy to knock over at a party of this magnitude. Go with stemless... You know... for safety.

57. Party Favor Lip Balm Chapstick

Cheap and actually useful. This is one that is almost always a hit.

How to Pick the Best Cheap Bridal Shower Gifts

Giving gifts... even when it's in the context of a mandatory gift giving social situation like a bridal shower, is an excellent medium to show how much you care.

As we've looked at above, there are plenty of excellent bridal shower gift ideas that you probably haven't thought of. And, let's face it, sometimes too much choice can be down right paralyzing. But fret not dear reader, we've got you covered.

Here's how to pick the best cheap bridal shower gifts:

1. How Close Are You?

This is extremely important. It doesn't matter if you're a millionaire or living paycheck to paycheck. If you aren't really that close to the recipient, getting a gift that is too nice or too expensive, is just awkward.

Basically, unless you're in the wedding party, it's completely appropriate to get something cheap. Or get a couple of cheap items. Then you're a multiple gift giver. That's a good look.

2. Decide on a Budget

Remember, even if you're not that close, you're probably going to get invited to the wedding. And if that's the case, in short order you're going to be buying another gift. We know they say you can't put a price on friendship, but you absolutely can, and you absolutely should.

That's not to say you have to be a complete cheapskate. Look at the unique gift ideas above. Those aren't expensive and they speak volumes in terms of snark, humor, and other emotions. You can leverage your budget by putting some thought into the messaging behind the gift.

Which brings us to Step 3.

3. Think About the Message You're Conveying

A gift is a tangible expression of a message you're trying to get across to another person. As such, you need to think about what you're really saying with your purchase.

Are you trying to say that she's making the best decision of her life and you love the husband? Do you want to sneak in some advice through a snarky gift because you think she's making a huge mistake?

For better or worse people who receive gifts do quite a bit of reading into what they've just opened up from you. You want to put some serious thought into how your gift is going to be received. Unless you don't want to be invited to the wedding in which case, click a random link up there.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

Well, you've got the bride covered, but if this exercise in gift giving has taught us anything, its that there are many... many more people in our lives that need gifts. And while a bottle of wine is a solid contingency plan, it's nice to think outside of the box and be original every once in a while.

Check out our other common gift round ups to keep those juices flowing.

  1. We may not say it enough, but boyfriends like stuff as much as anyone. Check out our list of gifts for boyfriends to find something uniquely you.
  2. You don't have to wait for Mother's day to start thinking about gifts for Mom. You still owe her for that whole gestation thing.
  3. Want to keep a marriage fresh? Well, step up your anniversary gifts for husband game to keep that spark lit.

In Conclusion

Look, the bottom line is that we all get invited to quite a few weddings, which means that our households end up spending quite a bit of discretionary income on wedding gifts, bachelor parties, and bridal showers. These add up quick in the old pocketbook, but that need not be the case.

Here we've rounded up a pretty comprehensive list of cheap bridal shower gifts that are unique, funny, and sincere. We provide this service so you, our loyal reader, doesn't have to rack their brains for gift ideas when there's so much more on the plate.

Bridal shower gifts say a lot about your relationship, not just her's, so hopefully these suggestions get the mental juices flowing.