Is he into me? Let's find out together.

It must be frustrating if you don't know how to tell if someone likes you. Fortunately, I've been featured on Bustle and Reader's Digest for my pieces about dating, so I'm the relationship expert you need to help you discover if he likes you for real.

Is he into me or just being nice? You'll know the answer at the end of this post. Let's start!


10 Signs That Tell if a Man Likes You

Ladies, I know it may be a little tiresome to find out a man's feelings. After all, they aren't the most communicative species, right? Sometimes, they may give mixed signals or make weird gestures that confuse you even more. That's why we have listed these signs a guy likes you.

We could give you all the dating advice you need to finally figure out if he's worth pursuing. You wouldn't want to go nuts over a male friend and find out he sees you as a friend in the long run. It's important to know if there's a sign that he sees you differently.

1. He remembers small details about you.

This is a great sign that a guy likes you. It may be a subtle sign, but you'll be able to spot if he remembers the little things you want, say, or do. He might pick up on them and mention that he likes marshmallows on his cocoa as you do. He might get you your favorite sandwich on a random day. When he remembers small details about you, it's a clear sign that he's into you.

2. He's trying to get direct eye contact with you.

When you're spending time together, see if he's making an effort to make eye contact with you. If he feels any romantic attraction to you, he'd want to lock eyes with you and indirectly let you know that he likes you. When he finally gets your attention, and he smiles or looks excited, that's a good sign he's into you.

3. He's trying to help you solve your problems.

If you pay close attention, you will be able to see the nice things a guy does for you when he feels like you're not looking. When you encounter challenges, and he finds ways to help you, it's an obvious sign he's into you. Not all men can express their feelings with words. You might meet a shy guy who likes to show instead of telling. When you look closely, you will see if he's the kind of person who offers help when you need it the most.

4. He looks at your reaction when he makes a joke.

When you're looking to impress someone, most relationship advice tells you to make them laugh. And yes, humor is a great way to connect with someone and see if you have the same wavelength. If you suspect a guy friend of yours is falling for you, check if he looks at you when he makes a joke. If he likes you, he'd want to know if you find him funny or corny. He'd want to see if you can relate to his jokes. When he says a witty line and waits for your reaction, that's a telltale sign he likes you.

5. He's dressing to impress.

If he wants to get your attention, you'd see it in how he presents himself. You might notice that he likes to wear classy and clean outfits when he's expecting to see you. He'd make an effort to style his hair and wear perfume too. When a guy likes a girl, he will ensure he looks his best whenever she's around.

6. His friends leave to give you two time alone.

This is a big sign that a guy likes you. When you're always in a group, and you notice that your friends leave you alone together all the time, it's certain that they know about their feelings for you. It's a little obvious and may sometimes be awkward. However, it helps you become a little more sure that he sees you as a romantic interest and not just a friend.

7. He defends you.

A nice guy will not let anyone talk badly to or about his friend. However, if he sees you as more than a friend, he will ferociously defend you no matter what happens. He won't let other people disrespect you, whether to your face or behind your back. He will ask people to listen to you and get defensive when he sees them attack you or yell at you. And when you find a guy who does this for you, take it as a sign that he might be a good partner for a long-term relationship. You need someone in your corner, and you'd be lucky to have him in yours if he defends you that much.

8. He finds ways to compliment you.

A good compliment is a relationship hero. It can save even the most boring relationships. When you notice that a guy friend compliments you a lot, it's a sign that he likes you. Even when he sees insignificant things, like how you sprinkle pepper on every meal you have or how you talk to service staff, he pays attention to your every move and likes how you do life.

9. He is consistent with communication.

If a guy wants to have a committed relationship with you, he will communicate with you openly. He won't hesitate to share personal things with you, especially if he wants to be your long-term partner. Even sending a text message at random times of the day, saying he'll be busy and that he might not be able to reply if she sends a text, is a sign that he doesn't want to have any lapses in communication between you two. Communicating with you will be the easiest thing for him to do if he likes you.

10. He gets jealous.

Guys are really possessive of the girls they like. If you suspect a guy likes you, see how he reacts when you show another guy some attention. Look closely if he squirms or makes an excuse to get closer to you when other guys talk to you. If he can't stand it when men give you attention, it's a clear sign that he wants you for himself.

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4 Body Language to Look Out For to Determine if Someone Likes You

If a guy likes you, he might be unable to word it out and tell you exactly how he's feeling. He might be more comfortable showing you that he wants you than talking about it. In this list, you'll see the body language signs that a man likes you. And on our site here, you'll find more body language attraction tricks you can men sometimes use to attract women. When you see a guy doing these things, you can be sure that he indeed wants you to pay attention to him.

1. He leans in towards you when you're having a conversation.

When someone is interested in you, they want to hear your stories and learn more about you. Pay attention to who is listening intently when you're talking, and you will see who actually likes you. If a guy leans in to hear you more clearly, it's a sign that he likes you.

2. His body is angled towards you and facing you.

When you're in a crowded room, check if the guy you like is angled toward you or facing your way. Even if he's not technically looking at you, you'll know he's putting you in his line of sight and making sure that he doesn't miss it if you leave the room. When a guy likes you, he will keep an eye on you even from afar.

3. He finds small, subtle ways to be physical.

When a man likes you, he will make any excuse to touch you. He could guide you up a flight of stairs by holding your hand or supporting your back. He could get you a drink and brush his fingers on yours when he hands it to you. He may even say you have a bug in your hair just so he can brush it away. If you suspect a guy wants you, pay attention to how often he touches you. If he does it often, then you know for sure that he likes you.

4. He mirrors your behavior.

This is a common sign that a person likes you. They copy your behavior for many reasons:

They may want to get your attention.

They may unconsciously mimic your gestures and lines because they want to be more like you.

They mirror your behavior because they want to relate to you more.

Whatever the reason is, it boils down to one thing. They like you. That's why they want to have something in common with you.

How Can I Keep Him Interested in Me?

So, let's say you've finally confirmed that a guy likes you. You shouldn't stop there. If you also like him, you should make an effort to show him that his efforts don't go unnoticed. These things will also keep him interested in getting to know you better and potentially seeing you as a lifelong partner.

1. Express your appreciation for the things he does for you.

A simple thank you goes a long way! When you constantly show that you're grateful for the things he does for you, he won't ever get tired of doing them. He'd be willing to show you how much he cares for you when you also show him how much you appreciate him.

2. Surprise him with things he likes.

Guys like surprises too, ladies! If you want him to like you, you should take note of the things he likes and surprise him with them. When you get him his coffee drink without him knowing, or when you plan a surprise date on a random day, he won't only feel special, but he will also love that you made an effort to surprise him with something he likes.

3. Give him compliments.

When you compliment a guy, it makes him feel confident and proud of himself. If you want him to feel good about himself, compliment the things he doesn't normally notice about him. You could tell him how good he looks when he wears collared shirts. You could compliment his driving skills or his cooking skills. If you point out something good about him, he will feel so lucky that he chose you from all the other girls.

4. Be a little mysterious to keep him curious.

This is a great way to keep a guy interested if you're in the early stages of dating. Some guys want a little mystery when getting to know a girl. He might lose interest fast if you're always available or too open. You don't have to share everything about your life on your first date. If you want to keep him interested, leave out some of the more personal details for the next few dates.

5. Give him an opportunity to make him feel like a hero.

Guys like it when they feel needed. When you let him solve your problems or do something difficult for you, he will feel like he saved you from a whole lot of chaos. And he will feel immensely proud that he's able to do that. So, if an opportunity presents itself, let him do challenging stuff for you. You won't only have avoided a difficult task, but you will also have made him feel confident and strong. Win-win!

What Do Guys Think of Girls Asking a Guy Out?

Gone are the days when a woman has to wait around for a guy to ask her out. Nowadays, more women are taking charge and getting what they want. A stronger voice for women means they can get everything done with less drama.

On social media, we see many women share their stories about how they asked out their significant others and ended up in a serious relationship with them. That's because their guys were so turned on by the confidence they showed. If you want to know how to ask a guy out, it's simple.

You must first build rapport. Find common ground and try to relate to his experiences and stories. Once you've got that down, show a glimpse of yourself that you wouldn't normally show to anyone. It lets him in a little, but not so much that you give everything away.

This will keep him curious and eager to get to know you more. And once the conversation settles a little, tell him you have to be somewhere, but ask if he'd like to do it again sometime over coffee or dinner. He will then be so impressed by your conviction to ask him out on a date that he'll immediately jump at the chance to say yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more concerns you'd like to address? These frequently asked questions may help clear them out:

Can I make a guy like me?

No, you can't. Either he's into you, or he's not. A man will bend over backwards to go out with you or talk to you. If you find yourself chasing him, it's a clear sign that it's a one-sided emotional attraction. It's better for you to find someone who is actually attracted to you.

What do guys find attractive in a woman?

Guys love it when women are confident and strong toward other people yet vulnerable and clingy toward them. It makes them feel proud to have a woman who can do both. Plus, when a woman shows a man that she needs him, it makes him feel wanted and loved.

How can I avoid mistakenly assuming that he likes me?

It's best not to give meaning to everything he does. After all, he might do the same thing to everyone he knows. You can also ask a friend what they think. It helps if someone has fresh eyes and no bias, so they see what's going on.

Is it okay to be the one to confess to him first?

It's totally fine to confess first. However, you should know that you're more prone to rejection if you do. And if you're a strong, confident woman, then it should be no problem. And if he says he feels the same, that's a win for you.

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In Conclusion

Is he into me? I bet you have a clearer answer now. Finding out if someone is really interested in you is essential because you'd want to know if they're worth pursuing. It might be difficult to go after someone who isn't interested in you romantically.

You may set expectations and get disappointed later on. It's better for you to know now before you get too invested. These obvious signs we've listed make it easy for you to answer the question, "Is he into me or just being nice?"

We believe everyone should have a little help in their dating journey. You, along with the other beautiful and high-value women here, should know how to tell if someone likes you. That's why we've provided this guide so that you can be sure you're on the right track.

Good luck!