If you’ve been dating him for a while now, it’s only natural to start looking for signs he loves you.

See, it’s one thing to know how to get a boyfriend — or how to tell if a guy likes you. That’s easy enough.

However, things get a little more complicated when it comes to being able to discern the signs he loves you. No two people are alike, and we all express our love differently.

And yet, if you spot one (or more) of the signs below, it’s highly likely that you already have a special place in his heart!


13 Signs He Loves You

Want some foolproof signs he loves you?

1. He Gives You Gifts

You can’t buy love; that’s true enough. However, each gift he gives you — regardless of the price point — is an indication that he spent some time trying to come up with a way to make you happy. And isn’t that what love is all about?

2. He Spends Quality Time With You

Speaking of gifts, the most valuable thing you can give someone is your time. Think about it: out of 7.5+ billion people on the planet, he chooses to spend time with you. Surely that means you are pretty important to him, right?

3. He Lends You A Helping Hand

Whether it’s carrying your groceries or fixing a flat tire for you, little acts of service like these are telltale signs he cares about you.

4. He Seeks Physical Contact With You

From kissing and hugging to cuddling and holding hands, if he can’t seem to keep his hands off you, you can rest assured he is really into you.

5. He Likes To Surprise You

Would you go out of your way to organize romantic surprises for someone you don’t love? Didn’t think so.

6. He Listens To You

Take it from us: good listeners are few and far between. So, if he listens to you (and actually remembers what you say), you’ve got yourself a keeper!

7. He Gives You Advice Without Judging You

You are human. You make mistakes. However, if he loves you, he won’t judge you for it. Instead, he’ll give you his two cents on how you could make things better.

8. He Encourages And Motivates You

Is he your biggest cheerleader? Does he give you pep talks that motivate you to keep calm, carry on, and never lose sight of the prize? If so, that means he really cares about your future and wants you to succeed.

9. He Has Your Back In Social Situations

A man in love won’t allow anyone to mess with his girl. Not on his watch! He’ll always stand up for you no matter what.

10. He Knows You

The more we love someone, the better we want to get to know them.

11. He Respects Your Friends And Family

He doesn’t have to like the people in your life. However, if he truly loves you, he’ll make an effort to at least be kind and respectful to your friends and family — for your sake.

12. He Apologizes When He Has Made A Mistake

Admitting we are wrong is never easy. Men, with their slightly more fragile egos, find it even harder — but they will do it for someone they love and respect. You know what they say, “Do you want to be right or have a relationship?”

13. He Puts Up With You

Hey, we all have our bad days and the occasional temper tantrum. We can all be a little toxic, too. However, if you truly love someone, you’ll put up with their less-than-ideal self — because you find them to be perfect just the way they are.

How To See The Signs He Loves You

Now that you know what the signs he loves you are, the question is: how do you spot them?

1. Be Observant

As with all matters love-related, you want to stay vigilant at all times. People are different and complicated, and relationships are hard work. It’s easy to interpret things the wrong way and read too much (or too little) into the things he does or says. So, be sure to keep your eyes and ears open!

2. Stop Being So Self-Conscious

Resist the temptation to indulge in too much navel-gazing. This is not about you; you already know how you feel. If you want to learn more about him and his feelings, you’d have to forget about yourself for a moment and give him your undivided attention.

3. Keep An Open Mind

No two men are alike. People have different love languages and express their feelings differently. Don’t expect him to fit your preconceived ideas about how a guy in love should look, act, or talk. Try to be accepting and tolerant (within reason, of course) and give him the freedom to show his affection in his unique way.

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In Conclusion

How did you find our selection of signs he loves you? These should definitely come in handy (assuming you already know how to get a boyfriend and how to tell if a guy likes you).