You might have been hanging out together since you were kids, but these questions to ask your guy best friend will get your relationship to a whole new level.

As a resident life coach with works featured on sites such as Hello Giggles and Outwit Trade, I know a thing or two about friendship dynamics. In this post, we'll hook you up with conversation starters like these question topics that you can ask your best friend over at

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Ultimate List of Topics to Ask Your Guy Best Friend

While you think you know your best friend more than anyone in the world, he might not be completely who you think he is. Sure, you can pick out his favorite music or video games or his favorite pizza toppings, but how well do you know him personally?

6 Personal Things To Ask To Know More About Him

What better way to get to know your best friend than by asking him personal questions? These types of deep questions don't get enough credit as they deserve. Questions to get to know a man at are useful, especially if you want to discover more about his sensitive side.

1. Who do you look up to the most?

Who your best friend looks up to often reflects his values and ideals in life. Does he idolize musicians? A political figure? A Hollywood star?

2. What's your biggest fear?

Do you know what he fears the most? Are these fears holding him back from reaching his goals? This might also reveal how you can help him overcome his fears.

3. What keeps you up at night when you can't sleep?

Aside from those scary movies you've been watching together, what else could be keeping him up at night? Your friend might be worrying too much about things you can help him with.

4. What do you think the best comfort food is?

This one makes a good conversation starter. This way, you can get him his comfort food when he's feeling down, or you want him to know you remember him, even without the words.

5. What's the one thing you can't forgive yourself for?

His response will reveal what he might have been obsessing over for some time. If so, he might need a piece of advice from you to let go of these things that might be bothering him.

6. What's the most loved you've ever felt?

It's great to know that a person is loved. And if your best friend does not have an answer to this, then maybe it's time to make him feel loved as well. As his best friend, you can do something about it.

6 How Much You Know About Me Questions

Friendship is a two-way street. It's not just enough that you know the craziest thing about him. He should know you just as well. There are About me questions ideas available at which can be a great way to see how much he knows you.

7. What am I insecure about?

Best friends are supposed to know about each other's insecurities. When you spend much time together with a close friend, he will notice these things even without you saying them aloud.

8. What's my favorite smell?

He may be able to tell this because he associates it with a favorite memory you shared with him or simply because you told him so. Whatever the case is, your best friend would definitely know what scents are on your top list.

9. Do I have any allergies?

Your best friend knowing this is not only a test of true friendship. This information can also be life-saving. So if he doesn't have an idea of what you are allergic to, maybe it's time to spill them.

10. What is anything I would never tell another person?

Do you remember when you told him something so private or considered the weirdest thing about you that you begged him to take this information to his grave? A close friend would know the things you only have the guts to tell him and him alone.

11. What animal would I be if I could be any animal?

This question is an interesting one. Unless your best friend has seen photos of your favorite animal on your wall or you told him the answer to this, he might not have a clue. If he doesn't know this, his answer might be based on your personality, so don't get offended.

12. Who would I bring back to life if I had the power to do so?

Your best friend would know loved ones who passed away who are dear to you. And he would know how much you want them back in your life.

5 Things To Ask To See If He Likes You

You've seen movies where best friends fall for each other, so how is yours any different? If you're wondering how to tell if a man likes you, you can ask him flirty questions. See if this friendship is bound for a romantic relationship.

13. Do you have a romantic interest in someone?

Is he interested in someone romantically? Ask him to tell you more about this person. Who knows, he might just be describing you.

14. Do you like to be in a relationship or keep things casual?

If you like your best friend and plan to spill your guts to him, ask him this question first. This way, you'd know what to expect.

15. What is one attribute that you would absolutely want in a partner?

Do you have this attribute he's looking for? Is he letting you know subtly that you are the one he wants?

16. How do you see our friendship 5 years from now?

Does he see the two of you end up together? If so, he is just waiting for the right moment to ask you out. If he sees the two of you still best of friends after 5 years, he likes you but not as much as he wants to be your boyfriend.

17. Do you believe in happily ever after?

Is he skeptical about fairy tale endings, or does he believe in them?

5 Awkward Things To Ask Your Guy Friend That Will Keep You Closer

These best friend questions might get him to cringe, but it's nice to know his responses to them. Not only are they good questions, but they can also get you closer than before.

18. When was the last time you cried, and why?

It's nice to know this soft side of your best friend. What makes him cry? Is it tears of joy, or is something bothering him for some time and he doesn't know how to tell you?

19. How many girl numbers are there on your phone?

His response will tell you who he's been texting with. Is it his buddies? Is he chatting mostly with girls?

20. Do you want to get married?

While most people you know want to walk down the aisle, some just want to stay single or go on dating until God knows when. If not, then maybe RSVP ahead of time.

21. What do you lie the most about?

You would catch him lying from time to time, but what is it mostly about? This may stem from deep-rooted insecurity or an issue he would like to talk about but doesn't have the guts to do so.

22. If I were not your friend, do you find me attractive?

Guy best friends would often joke about your make-up, outfit, or persona overall. And you might find this an embarrassing thing to ask, but it is always good to know he sees you as an attractive being.

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Guys Liked Being Asked, Too - 4 Reasons

Guys are more private when it comes to their feelings. While women often communicate about their issues and feelings, guys rarely do it with their friends. But guys do like to be asked how their day was, too.

Reason #1: They want to share something

The role of men in many relationships is to listen to women rant about something, talk about their day, or gush over a guy they're crushing. But much like women, guys also have things they want to talk about. Make him feel that you are there to listen to him. After all, he listened to you bawl when your favorite artist disbanded.

Reason #2: They need another person's opinion

As hard as it is for a guy to share his problems with his bros, him asking for another man's opinion is just the same. Guys often seek a woman's opinion on things mostly because they get more sensible answers.

Reason #3: They are too shy

So, a guy really likes you and wants to ask you out but is too shy. What do you do? Ask him out! Some men are not as confident as others when approaching the opposite sex.

Reason #4: They like to talk about their passion

Guys like to talk about their interests, their passions. Most men don't open up about them without getting asked. So start asking him about his hobbies or what he likes doing during his spare time.

Things To Keep In Mind When Asking Questions To Your BFF

You don't want your best friend to feel that he's under investigation as you ask him these questions. If you already know how to speak to a guy, then doing this will be easy.

If not, here are some things to keep in mind when asking your BFF these questions:

#1: Choose Your Questions Well

Sure, you're best friends, but there are still some boundaries you need not cross. Be mindful of your questions and your words. If he becomes uncomfortable, it's time to move to another one.

#2: Never Be Pushy

You can expect him to be silent for a couple of minutes or not answer your questions at all. Don't overwhelm him by firing one question after the other. Give him time to think, to reflect, so he can truly answer your queries.

#3: Listen To What He's Saying

Watch out. You might have been trying hard to get him to answer these questions that you forgot to listen to what he's been saying. If your best friend senses that you are not listening to him or is uninterested in what he says, he'll eventually stop answering.

#4: Do Follow Up Questions

Using follow-up questions to your existing list will make him feel that you are interested in knowing him better. Don't stop at "what's your favorite color?" and add some why's and how's in there.

Frequently Asked Questions

For those who have reservations about having a guy as a best friend, read on some of these answers to common questions and be ready to open a sit for a guy in your social circle.

What do guys like to talk about?

Guys mostly talk about hobbies, interests, sports, or passions with their male friends. When with the opposite sex, guys tend to be more open to sensitive issues that they are not comfortable discussing with their buddies. These can be about problems, or he can be asking for your opinion on something.

Are guys good friends?

Most guys are loyal friends. They don't hold unto grudges, and they don't gossip behind your back. While some women hold back on advising so they don't hurt your feelings. Guys are not afraid to speak their minds, even if it stings. So yeah, guys can be good friends.

What is it like to fall in love with your guy best friend?

Just thinking about falling in love with your best friend might seem cringey right now. But a friendship can easily blossom into a romantic relationship. Now the difficult part is how to tell a guy you are interested in him.

Is it okay to kiss your guy best friend?

Let's get this straight, kissing someone without their consent is a big NO! Especially if your best friend is in a relationship with another woman. When is it okay to kiss him, you ask? If he lets you or your guy best friend drop hints he wants to be more than friends or likes you, go for it.

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This list of questions to ask a guy best friend will surely open up a deeper understanding of your friendship. See how well you know one another and discover more about your friends and where you see it 5, 10, or 20 years from now.