Thinking about conversation topics and other interesting topics to ask on your next date? These interesting topics will get you started and prevent that awkward silence. Knowing the right things to ask can boost your confidence and make it easier for you to enter your way into his mind and heart.

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Ultimate List of Conversation Topics To Start With

Coming up with interesting things to talk about can be nerve-racking, especially if you are with someone you like. You might ask yourself what kind of topics he would be interested in. We know you want to impress him, and we understand. We are here to help you make that first move by coming up with an interesting conversation topic.

Conversation Topics To Talk About

4 Best Conversation Topics That Will Make Him Interested in You

Even if you don't know what topics interest him, you can get started with these interesting topics to discuss on your next date. Although these questions may sound cliche, they could offer valuable insights and a great way to know each other more.

1. What is one thing you can't live without?

Some people cannot live without their smartphones and social media. Meanwhile, others are more logical because they say they cannot live without food, water, and air. It can be interesting to know that he cannot live without one thing. Who knows, you might have the same thought in mind.

2. What is something people are always surprised to learn about you?

It's not that you get to know someone overnight or are even comfortable opening up with someone you barely know. But with this question, you might be surprised and even amazed at what you learn about your conversation partner, and the more you get to know them personally.

3. What is your favorite place in the entire world?

It is another great question. It could be one from your childhood memory or a recently visited place. It's a nice thing to know his favorite place, too. Why not visit there together next time? That would be one memorable moment between both of you.

4. What is your idea of the perfect day?

Some like to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Others prefer to be at home, wear pajamas, and read a book or watch a movie. It would also be interesting to know each other's idea of a perfect day and switch places, so you know what it feels like.

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4 Funny Topics For Conversations That Will Make Him Remember You

A date should not always be serious; it can be fun, too. You can open up with these funny chat starters and set a fun and worthwhile mood throughout the day.

5. What's the weirdest thing in your fridge right now?

Did you know that you can store other things in your refrigerator aside from food and drinks? You can also keep lotions, makeup, and even pillowcases. It might look weird for some, but everything has a reason and purpose. No judging, please!

6. How long do you think you would survive in a zombie apocalypse?

A zombie apocalypse is one of humankind's worst nightmares. Imagine how long you are going to survive such a disastrous event. Make sure to equip yourself with the essentials -- food, water, and a weapon to ward off grossly zombies ala Resident Evil.

7. Did your first date turn out to be a nightmare?

Either it turned out well or into a nightmare. Relive the funny (or even scary) memory of that first date and spill the beans. It will be one interesting topic to talk about with your current date.

8. What is the strangest gift you have ever received?

It is flattering to receive a gift from a loved one. But what if you receive a weird gift from Someone? Have you ever received a strange gift at one point in your life? That's another great topic to talk about.

4 Fun Topics You Could Use For Small Talk

First dates need not be too serious and formal. These fun discussion starters will help lighten things up and show your fun side.

9. If you could have tea with a fictional character, who would that be?

We all have our favorite fictional characters, whether from novels, anime, or films. You might have wished they were real, been friends with that character, and had afternoon tea. What a dream come true indeed if that happens.

10. If you could travel back in time, what decade would you choose to live in?

If only there were a time machine to go back to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years ago. We could only imagine what people wore or what today's popular tourist destinations looked like back then. You might learn valuable things not even mentioned in history books.

11. What is the one food you could eat for the rest of your life?

You could never go wrong with food. Everyone has a certain favorite. How about them? It would be a good idea to know what their favorite food is. You might love their food choices and try them out on your next dine-out.

12. What's one movie you could watch over and over?

Regardless of where you watch it, there's that one movie that struck a chord with you and became an all-time favorite. Is that Someone a fan of horror, comedy, or sci-fi films? You'll never know until you ask them.

4 Random Yet Engaging Topics to Get Out of Awkward Situations

Have you been in an awkward situation where you could not just think of anything but to leave ASAP? We've all been there at least once in our lives. You'll never have to experience that again with these random communication starters.

13. What would you do if you had the power of invisibility?

What an interesting question, yes? Think Harry Potter's Invisibility Cloak. Imagine having that power to become invisible and do whatever you want (except law-breaking ones).

14. What was the last thing you wished for?

$1,000,000? World peace? A new car or job? Good health? No matter what the wish is, trust that it will come true with hard work and prayers.

15. If You Could Teleport Where Would You Go, And Why?

Not everyone has the means to travel to places they like because it could be expensive. But teleporting could change the game. What if it is real? Imagine going to places without spending on airfare and leaving a bad situation instantly when you want to.

16. What would you do if you were home alone and the power went out?

Staying at home can be relaxing... until the power goes out. What to do? Should you wait it out? Go to a friend's or a relative's house nearby? Or go to a shopping mall or elsewhere? It's up to you to spend your time wisely in unexpected situations.

4 Interesting Text Lines That Guarantee His Response Back

Text messaging made our lives convenient. Gone are the glory days of snail mail and payphones to reach loved ones. It takes a few minutes to compose a message and wait for a response. But waiting for a reply may feel like forever. It could also take time to think of interesting text conversation topics to ensure a reaction from someone you like. The good news is you don't have to rack your brain for that anymore.

17. What's an emoji that sums up your day so far?

Even without words, an emoji says it all. Emojis are said to have originated from Japan sometime in the 90s. The term "emoji" can be translated to "picture character." Aside from the staple "smiley," there are hundreds of emojis you can use that make texting and chatting more fun and interesting.

18. Do you want to hear a secret?

All ears, everyone! Who doesn't want to hear a secret? It makes a conversation more interesting. Whatever it is, remember: it's a SECRET. If Someone tells you one, make sure you are trustworthy enough not to tell anyone about it.

19. What song have you had stuck in your head this week?

If you don't know yet, there is such a thing as LSS (Last Song Syndrome). That one song annoyingly stays in your head for some reason. It could be a song from your favorite musician or a commercial jingle. One thing is certain: Music has a powerful effect on our brains.

20. Where would you go on vacation if you had no budget?

Vacations need not be luxurious. It could be as simple as going on long drives, taking a nature hike, or spending quiet time on the nearby beach. Even staying at home can be one of the best vacations ever, away from the stress of work.

4 Flirty Topics To Ask That Will Make You Appealing to Him

Waiting for a guy to make the next move is so old school. Women can assert their wants, too -- such as making the first move. These flirty chat starters will help you get out of your shell and get the guy you like.

21. If You Could Spend An Entire Day With Me, How Would It Look?

Time seems to slow down when you're with Someone you like. We've all been there. How would you imagine the day with that Special Someone? Memorable, that's for sure.

22. Have You Been Working Out?

Experts recommend having a physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise helps weight management, reduces the risk of heart diseases and high blood sugar levels, and boosts your mood and mental health. So make sure to include working out in your daily routine.

23. What's Your Idea Of The Perfect Date?

Dates are often synonymous with fine dining and watching movies in the downtown cinema. But you can also try to be creative on your next date. Taking long walks, browsing a bookstore, or belting it out at karaoke can be great first-date ideas, too. Dates need not be expensive; it's all about spending quality time with your Special Someone.

24. What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

A guilty pleasure is something that one enjoys watching, doing, or listening to even though it may not be generally acceptable in society or held in high regard. Some find listening to K-pop corny, but you secretly like it. Or like eating toasted bread with mayo and peanut butter. It can somehow be embarrassing, but it gives you pleasure, nonetheless.

4 Deep Topics to Ask to Get to Know Him More

Asking deep questions is one way to know Someone better, whether it's your date, a friend, or whoever. These deep topics to begin with will help you get a kickstart and pave the way to their hearts.

25. If you could ask for a miracle, what would it be?

It doesn't necessarily mean turning water into wine or walking on the sea. These are now impossible unless you are Jesus Christ. But this is a question that would make you think. What kind of miracle do you want? For yourself? For a loved one? Or for humanity?

26. What's the biggest thing you have regretted your whole life?

Life is not perfect. At least one moment in your life was embarrassing, and you wished you could turn back time. But it doesn't mean you are less than a human for that. It should be a learning experience for you and a way to improve yourself.

27. What is the most memorable lesson you learned from your parents?

Parents are our first teachers. Being a parent is not easy, but a noble role to be. They have played a major role in your lives and shaped you into who you are now. Without them, you aren't here to make a difference in this world and live your life to the fullest.

28. What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

Taking risks could be scary and fulfilling at the same time. Life could be boring without challenges. So, think about it and try taking the plunge. Who knows? The moment you did could change your life for the better.

4 Conversation Questions (with bonus follow-up questions) About Movies

We all have our favorite movies. Which is it that stood out for you? Is it because your favorite actor is in it? The music scoring? Cinematography? Or the iconic lines?

29. Who is your favorite actor/actress? What is your favorite film starring them? Why?

A good actor or actress can portray Oscar-worthy roles, regardless of the genre. Everyone has at least one favorite movie that made them a certified fan of this famous person.

30. What's your go-to movie genre? What is your favorite movie under that genre?

Some people love watching drama and bawl their eyes out. Others like comedy for some stress relief. Do you like scaring yourself by watching suspense/horror films? Or are you a rom-com fanatic? Regardless of your favorite genre, watching movies sure is a way to spend quality time with yourself and your loved ones.

31. Where do you prefer to watch a movie? In theaters or at home? If at home, what is your favorite movie application? If at a theater, where do you think is the best theater house?

There are already popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, where you can watch your favorite movies in the comfort of your home. But for some people, nothing beats the experience of watching movies in a cinema or theater. It's a matter of preference at the end of the day.

32. What popular film did you not enjoy? Why is that?

Surely, there is that one popular film that you have watched countless times that made you laugh, cry, or scared the heck out of you. But still, you consider that movie a cult favorite. A nice topic to talk about with your date, nonetheless.

4 How To Make Any Conversation Going (and not boring) With Someone

Some people-persons are social butterflies and usually don't have difficulty making new friends. And then there are the shy ones who prefer to be "behind the scenes." If you are one of the latter group of people, don't worry -- you're not alone. It's normal to find yourself struggling to keep the conversation going.

Tip #1: Look interested in the conversation.

Your facial expression could give you away. If it gives a message that says, "I wish this conversation ends now," it could turn off the person you're talking to. Not to mention it is rude. Stop tinkering with your phone or looking elsewhere, and focus on the person talking to you.

Tip #2: Small talk is not bad at all.

Small talks could start awkward, but they can keep the conversation going and even lead to bigger and deeper conversations. Talk about random stuff -- trending news, weekend plans, and your favorite dishes. It's all about setting the connection with each other.

Tip #3: Ask open-ended questions.

Avoid asking yes-or-no questions if you don't want to end the conversation abruptly. These kinds of questions may feel like they are being quizzed. Instead, try to ask open-ended questions to make them think and get to know them better.

Tip #4: Listen and stay calm.

Lend a listening ear and be attentive to what the other is saying. You will know what kind of topics they are passionate talking about, then ask a follow-up question about it. Active listening is a sign that you take the conversation seriously and care about the person you're talking to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning how to start a meaningful conversation can be tricky. It could be awkward at first. The abovementioned tips can help keep the conversation going. Here are other questions about starting a conversation with Someone you like:

How to know which conversation starter will make him like me?

A good conversation starter can make a seemingly boring topic interesting. You can start with today's weather, compliment him for the nice hair, or what's keeping him busy these days. The key to a successful conversation (and catching his attention) is to lead him into the conversation that both of you will be talking about for hours. This is one way how to get a boy to like you.

Will he like me if I make the first move to ask him out?

It's already 2022. Gone are the days when women have to wait for men to make the first move. There are many ways how to ask a guy out, although it could be nerve-racking at first. It is better to deal with a -- goodness forbids -- rejection than dealing with "what ifs" because you didn't take the chance to ask the guy you like.

How to start a conversation with a guy I like?

Chatting with your crush could be nerve-racking. But coming up with awesome chat starters is an important step to conquer that fear, and get the man of your dreams.

What can I say to a guy I like over text that will make him like me?

Thinking of topics to ask a guy over text? You can simply ask about his day, what he likes to do in his spare time, or what he is passionate about. You can take the conversation from there. Good conversation questions can lead to something deeper.

Downloadable and Printable List of Interesting Conversation Starter

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of interesting conversation starter (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

More Awesome Questions and Conversation Topic

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In Conclusion

Thinking of interesting questions to initiate a conversation can be challenging. These good dialogue starters are great ways to know someone better, improve your social skills, boost your confidence, and, yes, a great excuse to talk to the guy you like!