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Ultimate List of Questions That Will Help You Select the Perfect Gift

Finding a perfect gift for the person you picked can be overwhelming because there can be a lot of options. Aside from that, you want that person to like your gift. One common way of gift-giving is the secret Santa. You will need a list of secret Santa questions to guide you in picking the best-suited present.


4 Basic and Easy Questionnaire to Get to Know the Person You Picked

Being a secret Santa can be challenging. You need to ask your recipient some questions to know what they like. But the challenge is you have to do it in a way where they will not suspect you as their secret Santa. Try to mix some questions to ask your friends with your secret Santa list of questions.

This way, they won't be suspicious that you are getting some information on what gift they would like.

1. Birth Month

Know the birth month of your gift recipient, and you can search for their type of personality online. Use this knowledge to give them something they would appreciate. One great gift you can give them is their birthstone or something related.

2. Favorite Color

Add some Christmas cheer by giving your assigned person a gift of their favorite color. Seeing anything in your favorite color just keeps your environment happy and fun.

3. What is your zodiac sign?

Learning the zodiac sign of a person is one way of getting to know them better. Each zodiac sign has its own personality description. Knowing their personality will be a helpful guide in choosing your secret Santa gift.

4. Do you have pets?

Some of us treat our pets like our babies. Your secret Santa recipient will appreciate it if you give them something they can use for their pets. Try a pet toy or, better yet, a makeover voucher for their fur baby. Even our pets deserve a Christmas makeover.

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4 Food and Drinks Related Facts To Help You Pick a Gift They Will Truly Enjoy

Food and drinks can be great gifts for a secret Santa gift exchange. But for them to be a perfect gift of choice, you must ensure that the chosen person will enjoy them. So we have made a list of food and drinks-related questions to guide you.

5. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

This question will reveal your gift recipient's food preference. Maybe they can try to make that favorite meal in the comfort of their home. Give them something they can use to re-create their own favorite fast food meal.

6. Do you prefer wine or beer?

It's Christmas, so expect some booze at parties with family members and coworkers. Determine if your person prefers wine or beer. And, know if you should give them a set of wine glasses or a classic beer mug. While you're at it, bring something to pour into the glass.

7. What is your favorite dessert?

Desserts make everything sweeter. That is why they are perfect gift ideas for the holiday gift exchange. Bring their favorite dessert and make them smile at this Christmas party. But you know what makes a dessert sweeter? When you make it yourself.

8. What are you allergic to?

This is one mistake that you would not want to make. Make sure that your secret Santa recipient is not allergic to your gift. We do not want anything bad to happen to them, especially during Christmas. So ensure that your secret Santa gift is safe for them.

3 Fun Facts About Them That Will Help You in Choosing a Unique Gift

One way to know someone is to ask questions. This is an effective way to give you an idea about their personality, hobbies, and interest. Knowing these things will help you find the best gift for them. Check out our funny questions to ask friends and let them open up to you.

9. What is your secret talent?

Asking them about their secret talent will reveal their skill that others do not know about. Be a good secret Santa and give them something they can use to nurture this talent. And, perhaps one day, this hidden talent will be secret no more.

10. What was the best thing you received as a gift?

This is one of the important questions from a secret Santa list of questions. Knowing the best thing they received as a gift is like a giveaway to know their favorite thing. So you can never go wrong with this.

11. What is the one thing you desire the most?

The answer to this question could be achievable or unachievable. If you can give your gift recipient the thing they wrote on their wish list, then awesome. If not, try to be creative. If they desire a sports car, then you can give them a realistic model of a sports car. Let it be a funny secret Santa gift.

3 Interesting Survey About Activities That Will Reveal Their Hobbies and Passion

People do activities that are related to their passion and make them happy. You can tell a lot about someone when they tell you about the activities and hobbies they do. Giving someone gifts that they can use will be greatly appreciated.

12. What sports do you play and/or watch?

A perfect gift is something a person can use most of the time. If they play sports, give them a gift they can use while playing their favorite sport.

13. What do you like to do on your free time?

Ask someone what they do during their free time to know their interest and hobbies. A great gift idea for your secret Santa gift exchange will be something related to their interest. That will ensure that they will like what you gave them.

14. What outdoor activity do you engage in?

Doing outdoor activities is an escape from a busy work life every day. This holiday season, give your person something they can use for outdoor activities. Once they use your gift, it will remind them of your thoughtfulness.

3 Creative Things to Ask That Will Unveil All Their Other Favorite Things

You can never go wrong in giving someone one of their favorite items as a gift. This is like your safety net when it comes to giving gifts. Not that you do not want your present to be unique, but you want to make sure they will love it.

15. What is your go-to scent?

There are scents that we prefer and some we find irritating or too strong. Ask your gift recipient their go-to scent so you won't pick the wrong one.

16. What is your favorite book?

Give your recipient a book that will be a great addition to their collection. Ask their favorite book and see if there is a limited edition. That could be priceless for them.

17. Which household item do you like to buy the most?

Now, this is one of the best gift ideas. Like I said earlier, the purpose of giving gifts is for someone to use them. You can never go wrong with this one since your gift will always be used in their household.

5 Other Unique Ideas That Will Make Christmas Gift-Giving Even More Exciting

Gift exchange during Christmas is exciting because you do not know what you will get and from whom it will come. Humans are creative creatures. We never run out of ideas to make almost everything more exciting.

1. Gift Auction

All participants must bring one good gift and one gag gift for this game. Allot a certain amount of cash for each player, ranging from $100 to $200. One will stand as an auctioneer and host the auction. The first wrapped gift will be raised, and the players will bid on it. Then the winner will open their gift in front of everybody. Anybody can get either a good gift or a gag gift. So, trust your gut and hope that you get the good one! But whatever you get, everybody will have fun for sure.

2. Guessing Gifts

This is a fun Christmas party game because players need to use all their senses but their sense of sight to guess the gift. Line all the gifts in front, and make sure to use similar gift bags for all the gifts. Each player gets their turn to guess the gift in front of them. Put a blindfold on each participant, and ask them to put their hands inside the bag and take a guess. This game will surely bring a lot of laughter and fun.

3. White Elephant

This is another exciting way to do a gift exchange. All participants must bring a wrapped gift to put in the gift pool. Players must form a circle, and each one will pick a number to determine who will go first and then so on. The first player will pick a gift and open it. Then the second player will pick a gift as well and open it. But they will choose if they will keep the chosen gift or steal the gift that the first player got. The same thing will happen to the next players until it goes back to the first player.

4. Holiday Trivia

Holiday trivia will keep everyone entertained. Check out these awesome Christmas trivia questions on mantelligence.com. And let your guests be full of delicious food and knowledge. So exercise your brain and see the benefits of trivia questions. On our site, you can check out all the advantages of trivia questions here.

5. Left or Right

All participants must bring a gift and sit in a circle. The host will read a story, and every time they mention the word 'left,' all players must pass the gift they're holding to their left. When the host says the word 'right,' players pass the gift to their right. Once the story ends, you get to open the gift you currently hold.

3 How to Make Secret Santa Even More Fun

Secret Santa is fun when everything goes perfectly and smoothly. We have some unique ideas to ensure that your Secret Santa game will be more fun and interesting.

1. Set a price limit for the gifts.

Setting a price limit for the gifts will ensure that all participants in the secret Santa gift exchange will receive the same value gifts. A price limit will also guide you on what gifts you should consider buying for your recipient.

2. Select a theme for the presents and the event.

This will make your Christmas party more fun and unique. Having a theme for the presents will show the creativity of each participant. It is easy to buy a gift. But to pick one that conforms to the theme and at the same time will be liked by your person could be challenging.

3. Use codenames instead of your actual names.

Using codenames adds thrill to the secret Santa exchange. Not knowing who it is will keep you guessing. The best part will be the big reveal when you exchange gifts. You will find out if your guess was right or not.

Downloadable and Printable List of  Secret Santa Questions

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of questions for your secret Santa (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

You now have a list of secret Santa questions. But  I know that you have other questions to ensure that you will have a smooth secret Santa game. No worries, we got answers to your questions.

What gifts can I give that are gender-neutral?

You must get a gender-neutral gift if you decide to use codenames on your secret Santa game. Go with gifts that are related to their interest or hobby. The best examples are books, movies, video games, food, or a gift card.

Is it recommended to spend over or under the budget agreed upon?

You have agreed on a specific budget limit. So, as much as possible, try to be as close to the agreed price. But if you can't, it is better to overspend a little bit. Besides, Christmas is the season of giving and generosity.

What to do if the person I like is my secret Santa?

What a coincidence! This could be an opportunity for you to know each other better. If that person asks you questions to determine what you like for a gift, that could be your bonding moment. Don't feel awkward; just be yourself and enjoy the moment.

Can we do secret Santa online?

Yes absolutely! The participants can use a secret Santa name picker app or website to know their recipients. Then the gifts will be mailed to the recipient's address. Opening the gifts and revealing the Secret Santas can be done via zoom or other apps.

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Christmas is approaching, and you have a lot of gift shopping. I hope our secret Santa questions were able to help you pick the right gift for the person you picked. But remember, getting to know someone starts with the willingness to know them.

So fire away your secret Santa list of questions and discover something interesting.