If you feel like your relationship is getting a little predictable, then it is time to fire some random questions to ask your boyfriend.

As a conversation expert, I will give you the perfect list of random fun questions to ask your boyfriend. You can also check some of my articles on IHeartRadio and EliteDaily about how to spark conversation. If you're ready, check out these random questions to ask your boyfriend.

Let's dive in!


Ultimate List of Questions to Randomly Ask Your Special Someone

One of the secrets of a successful long-term relationship is communication. If you have been together for quite some time, there may be days that you feel like there's nothing to talk about. No worries, we got you.

We have collected a list of interesting questions you can ask your significant other, so you can turn the moment into a fun conversation.


4 Fun Things to Ask Your Partner That Will Make Him Enjoy Your Company

One way to know someone better is to ask questions. But it doesn't have to be all serious. You can ask our list of funny questions because they are good conversation starters. Check out these fun questions to ask your boyfriend and make your date night more interesting.

1. If I was a food, what would I be, and how would you eat me?

If I were in your shoes, I would want to know how he sees me as food. Maybe something sweet, sour, salty, fried, grilled, or baked? But the interesting part is to know how he would eat you if you were food.

2. Which celebrity or artist are you crushing on right now?

Don't get jealous if he has a celebrity crush; it is pretty common. Just think of it this way; maybe you and his celebrity crush have something in common.

3. If you could cook any dish perfectly, what would you choose?

He may not be the best cook, but you can try to cook his favorite dish for him. That would be romantic. Even though it is not perfect, the important thing is you try.

4. At an amusement park, what ride do you just have to go on?

Not a bad idea to go to an amusement park this weekend. Why not both of you go on that ride? You are with your favorite person on your favorite ride. That could be your favorite memory!

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4 Personal Queries That Will Help Get to Know Him on a Deeper Level

To know someone deeper puts your relationship on a different level. Ask this list of personal questions to ask a guy and get to know him better. A healthy relationship is when two persons can communicate openly with each other.

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?

We all have our pet peeves. It will be good to know what's his so you can avoid it. That way, it wouldn't cause any conflict between you two.

6. Have you ever practiced kissing in the mirror?

Hey, it's not the craziest thing anyone has ever done. Yes, I'm slightly defensive, but this is a good conversation starter. I am sure you will get him laughing as he reminisces those time.

7. What cause have you volunteered for that you feel passionate about?

This is a deep question, and he will surely open up about something he gives importance to. Knowing someone willing to take action for something he believes in is admirable.

8. Do you believe in ghosts?

Are ghosts his biggest fear? Well, many of us are afraid of them. I know I am. So, please don't judge.

3 Cute Ice Breakers You Could Ask Him on Your Next Date

Being cute is adorable. We have compiled some cute random questions to ask your boyfriend. Take a break from serious questions and go towards the lighter side. We have a list of cute things to say to your boyfriend and be the swooner this time.

9. Did you ever sleep with stuffed animals?

Just because he's a guy doesn't mean stuffed animals were never part of his childhood. Let him know that it is not an embarrassing thing and there is nothing to be ashamed about. While you're at it, ask him what the name of his stuffed toy was.

10. What was your favorite thing to do during recess?

It's nice to know how your special someone's childhood was. Was he an active kid who prefers to play during recess, or does he always look forward to his packed snacks? It's just a cute question to ask him.

11. What were you like in high school?

It's a good random question to ask your boyfriend. This will reveal how he was back then before he met you.

3 Sexy Topics of Conversation Guaranteed to Draw You Closer Together

If you want to spice up the evening, these sexy questions to ask your boyfriend will be the main event. Know your boyfriend deeper and turn this moment into an interesting night.

12. Do you like talking on the phone?

You talk on the phone when you miss someone but can't be together at the moment. Speaking on the phone can be sexy because this could be a way to tease him.

13. What is your passion project?

Nothing is sexier than a man who is passionate about something. This is a great question to ask if you want to know your man deeper.

14. What is your most ticklish body part?

Now this will be your target when you meet. Tickle him on his most ticklish body part; that's one way to get close to him physically.

Downloadable and Printable List of Random Things To Ask Your BF

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of questions for your bf to eliminate boredom (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Downloadable and printable list of questions

Other Ways to Establish an Emotional Connection With Your Partner

They say that action speaks louder than words, and that's true. Aside from sharing conversation, there are other ways to deepen your connection.

1. Give compliments and affirmations to your partner.

Good communication is important to have a successful relationship. Use words of affirmation and compliments to express your love, gratitude, and appreciation. It is the best way to let him know how you feel. You can say them out loud or post little notes to surprise and make him smile.

2. Make time for each other and engage in spontaneous date activities.

No matter how busy you are, always make sure you spend quality time with your partner. Activities together will promote a closer bond and let you enjoy each other's company.

3. Enjoy your private time together.

Doing things together is not enough to establish an emotional connection. You have to immerse yourself and enjoy it genuinely. You may have to re-evaluate your relationship if you are not enjoying your private time. Also, ensure you are not distracted and focus on your time together.

4. Be an engaged listener.

You do not need to be a relationship expert to know that you must always be willing to listen to your partner. You need to show him that you are interested in what he is saying and would like to know more. This way, he will be comfortable opening up to you.

5. See things from his perspective.

We all have our perspectives. But as a show of respect to your partner, it won't hurt to see things from his perspective. If you do this, you will understand better where he is coming from.

How Can I Make My Partner Feel Safe to Open Up to Me?

Sometimes, intimate questions can be hard to answer. It is important that your partner feels comfortable opening up to you. Sharing personal details is something you do with a person you trust.

1. Identify what you really need to know from him.

Knowing what answers you are looking for lets you focus and gives direction to your questions. You will be more engaged since you are interested in what he is saying. On the other hand, he will be more open to telling you his side since he sees that you are eager to listen.

2. Lean in close to him and be sure to make eye contact.

Maintaining eye contact when asking deep questions means actively listening to a person. They feel heard and understood. This is one way to let him know you are focused on him.

3. Listen and talk to him like the way you would with your best friend.

Don't try too hard to show your partner that you are listening, as it may create an awkward ambiance. Talk to him the way you would with your bestfriend, light, easy and sincere. Just go with the flow, and don't push too much.

4. Pay attention to his nonverbal cues.

Non-verbal cues are also a way of communication. If his arms are folded, or he's looking away, it might mean he is not comfortable with what he is doing. Be sensitive enough and adjust so he wouldn't feel the need to hold back.

5. Be playful with your responses.

You have to consider if being playful with your responses is appropriate. Don't do it if you are talking about something serious or deep. But if you are talking about lighter topics, this will be helpful. It diminishes any pressure on the conversation. And will make him feel more comfortable opening up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you have questions other than the best random questions to ask your boyfriend. I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Do guys like being asked questions?

Yes! We like being asked questions because you are interested in knowing us better. Most guys enjoy fun conversations. And the best way to start it is to ask our list of random fun questions to ask your boyfriend.

How do I know if my boyfriend's answers are truthful?

There is no real way to tell if your significant other is being honest with you. But some signs can tell if he's lying. Some signs are; that he's being vague with his answers or overly detailed. Another is he cannot maintain eye contact or his voice changes.

If his stories are inconsistent, then that's another sign. But the most important indicator is if you feel in your heart that he is telling the truth.

Why do I need to get to know my boyfriend even more?

Knowing someone even more, will tell you if you are with the right person. Ask deep questions to have him open up about his feelings, personality, and attitude. The more you know about him, the better you can determine if you two are compatible and meant for each other.

When is the best time to ask him questions?

Timing is important if you're going to ask funny questions, random, or romantic questions. Make sure he is not distracted so he can focus on your conversation. It's also important that he is not feeling any strong emotions like anger or sadness. These can affect his answers.

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In Conclusion

You see, asking these random questions to ask your boyfriend is a fun way to know him better. Be an active listener and show your partner that he has your full attention. He will surely appreciate this fun moment with you as you are with him.