Knowing how to approach a guy is super important if you're hoping to meet new men or get a boyfriend. It isn't enough to just hope to meet a guy, you need to be proactive and make the first move. Although it might seem scary, it's a crucial part of the process.

If you're wondering how to get a boyfriend, you might be comforted to know that approaching someone is the very first step. Learning how to approach a guy is incredibly important if you want to find the right man and get chatting. In the past, it was up to men to make the first move, but there is nothing more attractive than a confident woman who knows how to start a conversation.

Below, you'll find all the information and tips you need to fearlessly approach a guy and get talking. Want to learn how to make the first move? Just read on.

Why is Knowing How To Approach A Guy Important?

The main reason why knowing how to approach a guy is important is that it gives you way more options when it comes to finding a boyfriend. You don't have to wait for a guy to come up to you - there is only so much eye contact you can offer before your hinting starts to look weird. If you've said to yourself "I want a boyfriend" then you have already taken charge of your destiny. Being able to approach a guy takes you one step further towards your goal as it opens up a whole world of options in terms of the men that you can meet and get chatting to. You're no longer limited to just the guys that take the initiative to come up to you.

The second reason is that knowing how to approach a guy is a very attractive trait. Women who know how to meet men appear confident, friendly and self-assured. Guys often feel like they're always expected to make the first move, so a woman that strikes up a conversation is surprising and stands out from the crowd.

How To Approach A Guy

Now that you know why you should approach a guy, it's time to learn how to approach a guy. The process is super simple and the steps will come naturally to you - all you need is confidence.

1. Plucking up the Courage to Talk to a Guy

The number one thing that holds people back from striking up a conversation with a guy is a lack of belief in themself. Maybe they think that they're not funny enough, clever enough or pretty enough to approach men. You should know that none of those things is true. As long as you present your true self, you know that you'll be the very best version of you. If you need a little help with self-confidence before you approach a guy, one of the techniques below might help:

  • Reciting a mantra to yourself in front of the mirror, then in your head when out and about.
  • Listening to music that makes you feel positive and empowered.
  • Wearing your favourite outfit or make-up look.
  • Visualizing yourself chatting and laughing with a guy at your favourite hang-out spot - notice how you look and feel in your imagination.
  • Practising by approaching people you already know at work or college and striking up a conversation.
  • Remembering times in the past when you started chatting with someone new and it went well.

2. Where to Find a Guy

A guy won't just land on your doorstep, you'll need to go out there and find one. There are lots of places where guys hang out but, in order to find one that you can have a great conversation with, you'll need to look in places that are familiar to you. This means going to the places that you usually hang out, whether that's your college library, local park or even a cafe.

Looking for guys in these places means you'll have a common topic to talk about and are more likely to gel. It might make you feel a bit more confident if you realise that you can talk to the guy about a topic (or even an area of the city) that you know well.

3. Approaching a Guy

Approaching a man can be as simple as taking a deep breath and walking in his direction - don't overthink it or you'll start to doubt yourself. Looking in the guy's direction and smiling at him a couple of times can really help to make you feel more comfortable because if he looks over at you and smiles back, there's a very good chance that he'll be receptive to you talking to him.

Learning how to approach a guy also means learning which guys to approach. Men on their own or in a group of two are usually the easiest to chat to. It goes without saying that men who are with a woman or kids probably aren't the best target to strike up a conversation with.

4. Start A Conversation With A Guy

If you're wondering how to talk to guys you might be thankful that it's actually really easy. All you need to do is walk up to the guy, smile, and introduce yourself. Once you have that bit out of the way, you'll find the rest of the conversation super simple. Pick something from your surroundings and ask a question about it, for example, if the guy is reading a book ask what he's reading, or if he's walking a dog ask the dog's name or breed.

If you've seen this guy around before, a great way to pique his interest is by saying something like "I've noticed you here before, do you know this area/park/city well?". Most guys aren't used to being approached by women so they're often really flattered when they know that a woman remembers them from before.

If it seems like the guy doesn't want to chat, don't take it personally. There are tons of reasons why he might not want to chat at that particular time - he might be concentrating, in a hurry, or in a relationship. When the conversation ends, simply deep breath then have another look around for a guy to chat with. With a bit of practice, everything will become second nature to you.

You might have been really confused about how to start a conversation with a guy but now that you know how simple it is, you'll be able to put what you've learned into practice. The next time you're at your favorite spot, take a look around and see how many people have items with them that you can use to get a conversation started. You might feel awkward at first but remember that most men don't receive a lot of attention from women and so they're often thrilled when a woman wants to speak to them.

More Steps To Get The Guy

You should feel empowered and confident that you can approach a guy that you like and start chatting. If you're looking for more advice and tips, there is loads of dating and relationship information available below.

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In Conclusion

Finding out how to approach a man really is the first step in learning how to get a boyfriend. Just remember that guys are incredibly flattered when women approach them and you'll find it easy to get chatting to a fun new guy.