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60 Anniversary Gifts For Husband He Will Absolutely Love

60 Anniversary Gifts For Husband He Will Absolutely Love

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It can be hard to come up with anniversary gifts for your husband year after year. It doesn’t mean you don’t love the guy! But, especially if you’ve been together a while, they often have the things they want and the list of things they need gets smaller.

To spark your creativity, here are some gifts for your husband that he’ll never expect and will absolutely love. Gift-giving should be fun, and we just made it a whole lot simpler with this diverse list.


15 Best Anniversary Gifts For Husband

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth, there are gifts here any discerning husband will love. Pick one for this year, and if you find more you like, start a running list so that you always have a quick gift available.

Here are the 15 best anniversary gifts for your husband:

1. Message Engraved Bracelet

Leave him a covert message that he can always glance at and be reminded of how sweet you are.

2. Smoked Spices Gift Set

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and these will definitely help you out!

3. Hygiene Kit

Maybe not the sexier gift ever, but for some men, this will be a game-changer!

4. Beer Bottle and Can Cooler

The boring old coozie got a tactical upgrade!

5. Tactical Gloves

There is nothing these work gloves can’t handle, just like your man!

6. Men’s Watch

Looking for a new timepiece? This one is sleek and won’t break the bank!

7. Barometer Set

This gift is amazing desk decor, that makes for a great conversation piece and will delight any science lover.

8. Sega Genesis Classic Game Console

It’s a classic for a reason! Gen-Xers will definitely approve!

9. Pacman Ghost Light Table Lamp

This quirky lamp is way more fun than a traditional touch lamp.

10. Air Hockey Table

Complete his man cave with this air hockey table that will have him feeling like a kid again.

11. Garmin vívosmart

Is he looking to up his fitness game? Try this!

12. Sparkling Beverage Maker

Healthier soda, and cheaper, too!

13. SOS Gear Pocket Chainsaw and Fire Starter

This set is perfect for kitting out a camping gear kit!

14. Handsfree Call Car Charger

This all in one phone charger is a major dashboard upgrade!

15. Philips Norelco MG5760/40 Multigroom

Maybe this set will help convince him to manage that beard!

12 Unique Anniversary Gifts For Husband

Our husbands are special people, and they deserve a gift just as special as they are! These unique gifts for your husband will be something he’ll both love and never expect.

So, take a risk! Sure, these aren’t traditional but that makes them even more perfect!

Here are 12 unique anniversary gifts for your husband:

16. Electronic Musical Instrument Synthesizer

This super fun toy will be a blast for any music lover.

17. Circular Saw Pizza Wheel

Why use a knife when you could cut your food with a SAW? Am I right?

18. Kombucha Starter Kit

Cool people drink kombucha but real trendsetters make their own.

19. Beer Brewing System

Anyone who loves a good pint will be stoked to try their hand at making their own.


Help him stand out from the crowd with this unique and eye-catching travel coffee mug.

21. Portable BBQ Suitcase

Help him be prepared to make BBQ anytime, anywhere.

22. Cufflinks

Up his style game with these amazing steampunk cufflinks.

23. Chia Gnome Pet

Give him a flash from the past with this beard-blessed chia pet.

24. Hedgehog Cheese Grater

This unconventional cheese grater will brighten up any kitchen.

25. Sushi Socks

People who love sushi usually REALLY love sushi and those people will go crazy for these socks.

26. Executive Mini-Sandbox

Help make those long afternoons at work a literal more tolerable.

27. Kikkerland Flip Clock

Forget a boring digital clock – this is an amazing alternative!

12 Anniversary Gifts That Could Also Be Birthday Gifts For Husband

Maybe you stumbled on this page while looking for birthday gifts for your husband? If so, you’re in luck! These gifts can be either a birthday gift or an anniversary gift, and most can even pull double duty and be both!

Here are 12 anniversary gifts that could also be birthday gifts for your husband:

28. Outdoor Complete French Press

Make your weekend brunch complete with this all-in-one french press set.

29. Compact Circular Saw

For small jobs, this compact saw gets the job done fast!

30. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Add some color to his gaming rig with this lit keyboard and mouse set.

31. Metal Detector

Help him hunt for buried treasure with this metal detector.

32. Record Washer System by Spin-Clean

Keep those albums in perfect condition with this cleaning kit.

33. Bass Combo Amplifier

Up his stage setup with this awesome amp.

34. Micro Component System

Let him play music however he wants with this multi-input player.

35. Organizer

His bedside table will never have looked so tidy.

36. Hugo Boss THE SCENT Eau de Toilette for Him

If he’s in need of a new signature scent, this may be just the one for him.

37. Weather Station with Jumbo Display and Atomic Clock

Help him plan his days down to the minute with this digital weather station.

38. Saxophone

Has he always wanted to play smooth jazz? You can make those dreams come true!

39. Acoustic Guitar

If he’s due for an upgrade from a beginner guitar, this gorgeous mahogany one would make a great next step.

11 Anniversary Gifts That Could Also Be Christmas Gifts For Husband

Kill 2 birds with one stone and shop for the holidays while you’re already in the gift-giving mood! These always-thoughtful gifts make perfect presents, no matter what you’re celebrating.

So pick up some Christmas gifts for your husband and give yourself the gift of crossing him off your list super early!

Here are 11 anniversary gifts that could also be Christmas gifts for your husband:

40. Top and Fleece Bottom Pajama Set

They may not be sexy, but they sure are comfy, and that’s its own gift!

41. BBQ Man’s Dream Set

There will be more grilling (and less bad language!) with this comprehensive BBQ set that will keep his fingers safe.

42. Fleece Hoodie

If you live in a cold climate, he’ll love this casual, ultra-warm hoodie.

43. Sneaker

Cool and comfy sneaks make heading out for a quick bite easier than ever.

44. Vacuum Bottle

Keep drinks or soups hot all day with this classic stainless steel thermos.

44. Coffee Tasting Kit

Nothing says “I love you” like a variety of third-wave coffees.

46. Scented Candles for Men

Outfit his man cave with candles that’ll add to the ambiance.

47. Extra Mile Gift Bag

20 jerky sticks in a cool, canvas bag – what’s not to love?

48. Whiskey Patent Print Set

These neat prints add some major style points to his office or den.

49. Men’s Shaving & Grooming Set

Make shaving an elegant affair with this crisp set.

50. Batman Money Clip

Comic fans will love this Batarang-styled clip.

10 Anniversary Gifts That Could Also Be Valentines Day Gifts

With romance on your mind, now is the perfect time to pick up some valentines day gifts for your husband! Forget another box of candy, these gifts will really speak his love language!

Here are 10 anniversary gifts that could also be Valentines day gifts:

51. Foot Massager

You could rub his feet – or you could get him a machine that could rub both of your feet!!!

52. Apple iPad

The new Ipad has more features than ever, and he’ll be over the moon for all the new features!

53. Infinity Pillow

He’ll thank you every time he travels for this amazing pillow that will allow him to nap anywhere.

54. Travel Money

Some call it a fanny pack, but frequent travelers call it indispensable.

55. Spinner Luggage

It seems like a small detail, but those spinner wheels make all the difference.

56. Original Travel Journal

Add some trips into your 5-year plan and get ready to adventure together.

57. Camping Hammock

Make his camping gear lighter than ever with this innovative parachute hammock.

58. Navigation Compass with Inclinometer

He’ll never get lost with you to guide him home… and this amazing compass.

59. Andy Warhol Coloring Book

Let him decompress and recreate iconic art his way!

60. LEGO Ideas

This Ship in a Bottle is perfect for displaying in the den – plus, it’s so fun to put together!

How to Pick the Best Anniversary Gifts For Husband

Did you just go from not knowing what to get to being overwhelmed with your options? Not sure how to narrow down and just get a gift already?

Don’t worry! I have a few quick tips that will help you successfully pick an anniversary gift and be prepared for the next big gift heavy holiday!

Here is how to pick the best anniversary gifts for your husband:

1. The price is right

Almost always my first step – set a price point. A budget is an awesome tool to make sure you don’t overspend, and to help give you some parameters. Without a budget, you may be thinking, “you know, he’d really like a Ferrari…” and friend, unless it’s your 50th anniversary, let’s shelve that idea.

Giving yourself a monetary guideline will help you narrow your list down quickly. Plus, one of the best gifts you can give your hubby? Not going into debt! It’s two gifts in one, really.

2. Have a flashback

Think back over conversations you two have had lately. Has he mentioned anything he’d be interested in? Casually mentioned something neat he saw?

Maybe your husband has a set style and you know exactly what theme to look along for gifts. But if not, thinking back to something he said, like commenting on someone’s cool wallet or complaining about his shaver getting old, is a great way to get ideas for his new gift.

3. Ready, set, go!

You’ve set a budget, you’ve looked at some ideas, now it’s time to just go for it! It’s truly best if you do your shopping and buying all in one go – too often, gifts get forgotten and left in the cart until it’s too late to get them on time!

Don’t worry about it being perfect! Anything you choose will be loved because it’s from you. “The thought is what counts” is a real thing! So go ahead, and choose your gift, and relax – you’re job’s done!

More Awesome Gift Ideas

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In Conclusion

I’ll bet this list had some perfect anniversary gifts for your husband- maybe some you hadn’t even thought of!

Now that you’ve gotten gifts for your husband, all you have to do is sit back and wait to celebrate…oh, and don’t forget to write a card!

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