Let’s face it: party guests love bridal shower favors! They just can’t wait to unwrap those little bundles of joy and see what surprises are in there.

If you are the one planning the event, however, it might be difficult to come up with bridal shower gifts that are both cute and original.

Don’t panic! Whether you are the bride-to-be, a family member, or a close friend, our selection of gift ideas should help you pick great bridal shower favors.


17 Best Bridal Shower Favors

Nothing but the best will do for the wedding of your dreams — and that goes for the bridal shower, too.

1. VGOODALL Candy Boxes

Made of eco-friendly cardboard and burlap jute twine, these cute little boxes are great for storing candies, pralines, jewelry, or other small gifts.

2. Kate Aspen Tea Light Holder

Love sets our hearts on fire, and what better way to remind your guests than these vintage-inspired glass tealight candle holders?

3. Frosted Party Cups

The best gifts are the ones your guests will actually end up using once they get back home. These reusable frosted cups are ultra-durable and dishwasher-safe, so you can be sure they will come in handy even after the bridal shower.

4. Kissing The Single Life Goodbye

All the ladies at the party will fall in love with these little goodies! This gold glitter lip balm is fun to wear and packed full of healthy natural ingredients such as vitamin E, aloe vera, and shea butter.

5. Compact Mirror

Another one for the ladies. You can choose between three mirror designs — copper hear, gold purse, and silver rose.

6. Phyther Cactus Tealight Candles

Aww these little cactuses are so adorable your guests won’t be able to handle it! Original, creative, and practical: the perfect gift if ever there was one.

7. Candy Boxes Sweet Gift Favor Boxes

Suitable for packaging small gifts, crafts, jewelry, chocolate, candy, this easy-to-assemble box can make a memorable surprise for someone.

8. Gold Coffee Spoon and Fork

Talk about a gift to last! This gorgeous coffee spoon-and-fork set comes in both silver and gold and is made of rustproof stainless steel.

9. Mini Olive Oil

This organic extra-virgin olive oil comes from the Greek island of Crete and is infused with handpicked herbs.

10. Shea Honey Soap bars

These dainty soap bars are made of 100% natural ingredients, including honey, shea butter, and essential oils.

11. Bridal Shower Cuff

These love-knot bracelets are the best gift to show your bride tribe how much they mean to you.

12. Floral Candle Favors

These personalized floral candles are so cute you want to eat them! Hands down the best gift that also doubles as a tasteful piece of table decoration.


13. Freshly Roasted Coffee

Everyone will need a little pick-me-up after the party. Your guests will love this original gift idea: it’s definitely one of the best ones out there!

14. Gold Glitter Bath Bombs

Your guests made your shower special, so what better way to make theirs too? These cute little bath bombs smell fantastic and will make for many a relaxing evening in the bathtub.

15. Nuts & Raisins Favors

A healthy chickpea and raisin snack all the way from Greece. Much better than traditional sugary sweets.

16. Bridesmaid Pashmina Scarf

These stylish pashmina scarves are 100% handmade from organic cotton and will last your guests decades. You will be hard-pressed to find a better gift.

17. Ombre Pink Gold Party Bags

Your one-of-a-kind bridal favors should have bags to match. These ombre pink gold party bags are so gorgeous they could be gifts in their own right!

Personalized Bridal Shower Gift Favors

The best gifts always have a little personal touch. Personalized bridal shower gifts are a great way to make your guests smile and feel appreciated.

18. Intricately-Carved Sandalwood Fans

Sandalwood is said to cleanse negative energy and promote love and kindness. And these personalized sandalwood fans will also keep the heat at bay. Perfect for outdoor summer parties.

19. Thanks for Popping By

Who doesn’t love a cheeky pun? These “Thanks for Popping By” popcorn favors are sure to make everyone laugh — and they taste good, too!

20. The Perfect Mix

Here goes another great pun! These personalized wooden spoons make for a great joke and will come in handy in the kitchen later.

21. Tassel Keychain

You can personalize the color and text of these cute keychain holders for each of your guests.

22. Bachelorette Party Hats

Choose any color or text to customize these adorable washed dad hats.

23. Wine Stopper

These personalized wine stoppers are to die for. You can pick from many different options to create the perfect design for your bridal shower.

24. Customized Lollipop

Who knew lollipops could look that good? These custom lollipops are so precious your guests will want to treasure them forever!

25. Personalized Pencils

These little fellas should come in handy for all the last-minute card-writing!

26. Citrus Scented Solid Lotion Bar Mini

This all-natural and organic lotion bar is packed with plant-based essentials and is very convenient to carry anywhere you go. You also get to choose whether you want it to come in a reusable tin or compostable paper!

27. Custom Drinks Bottles

Your guests will love these glamorous water bottles with their names on them.

28. Tote Bags

These elegant tote bags are made of durable canvas that could last a lifetime. Perfect for shopping, weekend travel, and more. The neutral color scheme will complement any outfit.

29. Personalized Guest Towel

Nothing evokes old-world class like a monogrammed towel. Your guests will love seeing their initials stitched onto the high-quality cotton fabric.

30. Personalized Handwritten Matchboxes

The perfect match indeed!

31. Guest Book Puzzle Sign Jigsaw Puzzle

100% unique and creative: quite possibly the best personalized little gift out there.

Unique Bridal Shower Gift Favors

If you want to make your day truly special and unforgettable, unique bridal shower gifts are the way to go. This way, your guests are sure to remember the party for a long time to come!

32. Women's Bag Handbag Hanger Holder

These purse hooks are both beautiful and practical! What’s more, hardly anyone gifts them at bridal showers, so they are sure to steal the spotlight.

33. Measuring Spoon

You can’t measure love, but you can measure just about anything else. These cute heart-shaped measuring spoons are truly original and will add a spoonful of love to your guests’ morning tea or coffee.

34. Mini Sugar Scrubs

These mini sugar scrubs look just like candies, so make sure to tell your guests not to eat them!

35. Heart Shape Cake Folded Towel

Wait, are these cakes? Cupcakes? Ha, gotcha! These cake-shaped microfiber towels are truly unique and will definitely come in handy around the house.

36. Compass Souvenir Gift

They say love is a journey — so why don’t you gift your bridal shower guests these compass pendants to help them find their way?

37. Stunning Beach-Themed Candle Favor

The best and most original gift and table decoration for beach-themed parties!

38. Sedan Chair Chinese

A gorgeous and one-of-a-kind Chinese gift box for your shower favors. Plus, red is an auspicious color in traditional Chinese culture

39. Hanging Hearts

These unique hanging porcelain hearts are decorated with real pressed flowers from a Cornish country garden. You can’t get any more romantic than that!

40. Scented Sachets

Let’s not leave England just yet: your guests will also love these scented sachets filled with real English lavender.

41. Turkish Coffee Jar

A truly unique little gift for coffee lovers!

42. Simple Chic Favors

If you want to spoil your guests with a gift that is absolutely luxurious, look no further than this set of three elegant charms and a beautiful candle.

43. Infused Honey Jar

Love is sweet, and so is this premium honey from Los Angelis. A truly lavish and unique bridal shower favor for your loved ones.

44. Personalized Reed Diffusers

Your guests will be super excited to bring these unique scent diffusers back home with them!

Cheap Bridal Shower Gift Favors

Perhaps you have already splurged enough on the wedding and your honeymoon. Or maybe you are saving for your new family home.

Don't worry. The good news is that there are plenty of cheap bridal shower gifts out there that are also cute and original.

45. Mini Honey Jar Favors

If you want to gift your guests some high-quality honey, you don’t have to get them massive jars that won’t even fit in their luggage. These little dainty honey jars will do just fine!

46. Sunflower Wine Charms

These affordable sunflower charms will make perfect keepsakes for your bridal shower guests to take home.

47. Bachelorette Wedding Sunglasses

Everyone could use an extra pair of shades! What’s more, these simple but stylish sunglasses, easily match with various outfits or styling and can also be applied as normal sunglasses for protecting your eyes.

48. Cupcake Favor Boxes

Who said you can’t make your own sweets for your bridal shower? You can fill these gorgeous boxes with your own homemade cupcakes that will come at a fraction of the cost of store-bought ones.

49. Flower Clothespins

These affordable hand-painted clothespins will add a pop of bright color to your bridal shower tables.

50. Diamond Pen

The ladies at your party will fall in love with these rose-gold pens topped with a sparkly faux diamond. And they doesn't come at the price of real diamonds!

51. Cheers Cork Coasters

These personalized cork coasters make for affordable and elegant gifts that your guests will use for many years to come.

52. Jewelry Silk Purse

The perfect little gift for your bridesmaids and all other ladies at the party. Great for safely storing jewelry when traveling, at the gym, or in just about any other situation.

53. Whipped Body Butter

This luxurious but affordable body butter melts on the skin and makes it baby soft to the touch.

54. Map Tags

These cute little map tags will make for great keepsakes for guests who have traveled a long way to come to your bridal shower.

55. Rose Gold Make-Up Brush

An elegant rose gold make-up brush to help your guests glam up for your big day.

56. Custom Sleep Mask

Everyone will appreciate these personalized satin sleep masks after a long night of partying!

How to Pick the Best Bridal Shower Favors

When planning a wedding, there is so much to think about, and you can easily feel overwhelmed at times.

Chances are you have a lot on your plate already, and the last thing you feel like doing is wondering whether your giveaways are good enough.

To help you out, we have collected a few helpful tips and tricks on how to make sure you pick the best shower favors.

1. Don't Go Overboard

If you are the bride-to-be, you should be the one getting the best, most expensive, and most well-thought-out gifts. It is your guests who should put the most effort in coming up with great gift ideas.

Therefore, for your shower favors, it is perfectly fine if you keep it simple. Stick to cute and small gifts with a personal touch.

2. Don't Spend Too Much

Once again, simplicity is key here. You would likely have spent a lot of money on the wedding, your honeymoon, and your new home. You don’t need to get broke over the favors. Your guests will understand.

3. Keep It Fun

The best bridal favors are fun and lighthearted. A touch of tasteful humor will do wonders and will make your guests smile.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

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In Conclusion

We hope that our gift ideas for bridal shower favors gave you some inspiration. Whatever you choose, always remember that the most important thing is for you and your guests to have fun at the party! Great memories make for the best gifts.