How to make him want you, is natural If you've met a great guy that you really like. You want him to like you back and to spend time with you, so you'll be wondering how to get a boy to like you.

No matter your age or experience with men, it's likely that you'll find this tricky every time you meet an awesome new guy. There is no secret manual on how to attract men, but there are some useful tips to follow, especially if you are a beginner at the "dating game". If you're hoping to learn how to make him want you and how to get a boyfriend, read on.


Why is Knowing How to Make Him Want You Important?

The reason why knowing how to make him want you is important is that you want to be in control of the situation. When you like a guy, it can feel like you want to constantly have his attention, you want to declare your feeling for him and you want to date him exclusively. But acting like this can open you up to heartache and can push him away by making him feel scared or overwhelmed.

Learning how to make him want you can put you in the driving seat. You have all of the power and control in the situation because he wants you, and not the other way around. Learning to have this confidence is what will help you to attract and secure a great guy.

How to Make Him Want You

When getting a guy to want you, there are some useful steps that you need to follow. This help cultivate your confidence and power so that you can be the best version of yourself when you are helping a guy fall for you. Although you might feel scared or nervous at first, meeting and chatting with a guy is very simple. The best thing about these steps is that the more you practice them, the easier and more natural they will feel.

1. Start a Conversation With a Guy

The first step in making a guy like you is starting to talk to him. Although you are probably wondering how to start a conversation with a guy, you should really be wondering how to talk to a guy. When we think of a conversation, we think of an entity that has a beginning, middle, and end. However, if you are just speaking or chatting to someone, this can be in the form of anything from a couple of sentences to a couple of hours of talking. This takes the pressure off a little and helps us realize that to start a conversation, all we need is a few words.

Many people introduce themselves by saying 'Hi, my name is...' in order to begin chatting with someone. But it can seem more spontaneous to make a passing remark to a guy. For example, if you are in the park and notice a guy with a dog, you could comment on how friendly the dog is or ask how long the guy has had the dog. Or, if you are at the grocery store you could ask whether the guy has tried a certain type of condiment.

The more you talk to strangers, whether they are young men, attractive men, old men or plain men, the easier it will become. Therefore, you should make it your mission to talk to guys when you're out and about, just to be friendly without wanting to ask them on a date.

Tip 1. Ask Questions To Ask a Guy You Like

Once you have identified a great guy and started a conversation with him, you'll want to ask him questions. When you ask someone a question, it forces them to speak about themselves. This means that you get to know them and you don't have to do very much talking. These are a few of the best casual questions to ask a guy you like which will keep him chatting:

  • What do you like to do at the weekends?
  • Where's your favorite cafe or restaurant?
  • What's your favorite thing to do to relax?

Tip 2. Ask Fun Questions To Ask A Guy

Once you have got to know him a bit better - perhaps you've been chatting for a while or you've met a couple of times - you can ask him some more in-depth questions. These fun questions allow you to get to know him a bit better and see what fun answers he comes up with. If there is a lull in the conversation or if you just want him to open up a bit more, fun questions to ask a guy are the answer.

  • Can you describe your perfect partner in five words?
  • Do you have any hidden talents?
  • Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Would you get any?
  • What do you think is your best feature?

2. Know How To Flirt With A Guy

Lots of people get confused when they think about how to flirt with a guy. They imagine a scene that they've seen in a movie where a woman is laughing obnoxiously and slapping a guy's arm. In reality, flirting is much more subtle. You can use body language to let a guy know that you like him without having to say anything and without it being obvious to other people.

Examples of flirting using body language include looking into his eyes for a second too long, gently touching his arm, hand or leg for a couple of seconds, and looking directly at him when he is speaking rather than looking away. These actions will let him know that you're interested in what he's saying and you want to be near him.

3. Don't Stop Smiling

One of the most under-used tools in flirting is smiling. When you're wondering how to make him want you, smiling at him probably isn't top of the list. However, smiling at someone can really make them more responsive to what you're saying and can show that you are a happy, confident person. When someone comes across as very happy, people naturally gravitate towards them and enjoy being around them. Even better, smiling lights up your face and shows off your best features.

4. Play Hard To Get

Playing hard to get isn't about being mean or aloof. Many people think they know how to play hard to get, but really their behavior is obvious to the other person. The key to making him want you is actually being happy without him. Positive, confident, and fulfilled people are naturally more interesting and attractive to the opposite sex.

In this way, playing hard to get means not accepting every date invitation, for example, because you have other plans with friends and family. It means not replying to texts straight away, because you are occupied with work, studying, or hobbies. This doesn't mean that you should act like you are too busy for him, but he should know that you have an awesome life without him.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Like everything, you get better when you practice. Talking to a guy or flirting for the first time can be daunting. But staying positive is one of the most important things in dating. You shouldn't let any setbacks get you down because you deserve to be with a guy who thinks you're amazing. Focusing on being the best version of yourself will help guys see just how awesome you are so when you practice chatting to them, they'll be super receptive.

More Steps on How To Get A Boyfriend

If you're hoping to meet an awesome guy and get a boyfriend, you'll want to take a look at the tips below which will help you on your way:

  1. Speaking to a guy for the first time can be scary, but not when you learn how to approach a guy.
  2. Have you ever struggled with asking someone on a date? You'll feel confident when you find out how to ask a guy out.
  3. The first step in getting a boyfriend is meeting men. This needn't be tricky - find out how to meet men and you'll be well on your way to a new relationship.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to make him want you, with a little bit of work, you'll be on your way to bagging the guy of your dreams. Whether you already know him or you're yet to meet him, you have all the tools you need to be in control of the situation and get yourself a date.