Have you ever been asked confusing questions?

Confusing questions are like riddles or a thought-provoking brain teaser. They're a great way to initiate fun conversations. Check out our other related articles about questions like truth or dare questions or questions to fall in love to know we've got the right questions to ask.

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Ultimate List Of Confusing Questions That Will Leave Every One Wondering

This is the ultimate list of confusing questions that will get your and everyone's heads spinning. These questions either make no sense or make a weird, contrary sort of sense - but we all agree that they are all nonsense. So, keep an open mind, try asking yourself these confusing questions, and see if you can make sense of them.

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5 Best Confusing Questions To Ask That Will Put Everyone's Mind To Work

Confusing questions can be mind-numbing, but some can also be mind-blowing. These confusing questions are very confusing, but in a way, they can also get the gears in your head spinning faster. Try answering these confusing questions and see if you feel smarter after giving it a try.

1. Is it actually possible to know what is truly good and what is evil?

Good and evil are all subjective. Society has its own definitions of what is good and what is evil. But not everything is black and white - some situations blur the line. So what is truly good or evil? And is it good and evil in society's eyes or your eyes?

2. Why does shaking your head mean you disagree while nodding it means the opposite?

Everyone knows how to respond to something wordlessly. You nod your head, usually vertically, when you agree and shake your head horizontally when you don't. But do you know the reason why that is the case? And how come everyone knows it? Makes you wonder.

3. If the early bird gets a worm, why do good things happen to those who wait?

Proverbs and idioms tend to contradict each other constantly. There are always some wise words about anything you do - even conflicting things like the question above. Does that mean you're bound to find success no matter what you do? We can only hope so.

4. Money doesn't grow on trees, but why do banks have branches?

We love a good pun here and there, but sometimes these puns lead to confusing situations. Are banks collectively a money tree? They have tons of branches, after all. At the very least, bank branches receive a lot of money rather than grow them.

5. Why do they call little candy bars "fun-sized"? Isn't it more fun to eat a big one?

Why is fun size so tiny? For people, it makes sense - people are funnier when they're shorter and easier to play with. But when it comes to candy, bigger is more fun! Is it still fun-sized, then?

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6 Random Questions That Are Confusing and Unanswerable

There are plenty of funny random questions out there that are designed to be confusing and unanswerable. There are plenty of times when you ask someone whatever pops in your head, and they'll have a brain fart trying to come up with an answer. So, have some totally random and really funny questions... and impossible to answer.

6. Which of these came first, the chicken or the egg?

Ah, the classic chicken and egg paradox. This one is pretty much an unanswerable question. If you think the chicken came first, then where did that chicken come from? If you think the eggs came first, then who laid them? You probably won't find the right answer for a good while.

7. Why is it that in the word 'scent,' which letter is silent? The S or the C?

Phonetically, both could be true. A soft C or S works perfectly to pronounce "scent." And it can't be both - otherwise, it would be "ent." So, which of the two is the actual silent letter?

8. Why is vanilla ice cream colored white when vanilla extract is brown?

This one's a trick question that is made to confuse. People who don't know what goes into making ice cream may get confused. The irony is that vanilla ice cream contains more milk and cream, which is white than vanilla. Why isn't it called milk ice cream, then?

9. If man evolved from simians, then how come we still have monkeys?

A popular theory is that man evolved from monkeys because we have many similarities. Maybe monkeys were left behind on the evolution train. We hope that monkeys eventually reach the homo sapiens stage soon.

10. If you had fun while you wasted your time, can you still say that you wasted your time?

This may be more of a philosophical quandary - is having fun a waste of time, or was it worth all that time? But however you slice it, if you used that time for something, and it was fun, was it really a waste? Fun is another kind of productivity for some.

11. How can something be new and improved? If it is new, what was it improving on?

It makes a twisted sort of sense when you think about it. If something's brand new, what could it be improving upon? If you wanted to improve something old, you would improve it, not make something new.

5 Hilarious Questions To Ask Your Friends That Will Leave Them Confused

Questions can be both confusing and funny. They'll make you scratch your head, chuckle, and maybe even laugh. So, here are some funny questions to ask your friends that will have them for a loop. They'll laugh and wonder at the same time.

12. When did the time begin?

When did time begin? Did it start at 12 midnight or 12 AM? Or, if you reach back far enough, did it start at the beginning of the universe? Personally, I think time started after the invention of the clock. At least, it did for me.

13. What do you call the insect fly without its own wings?

It wouldn't be called a fly if it couldn't, right? Maybe it'd be called a "walk" instead. Or a crawl? A fly without its wings would be like rice without the white. It just wouldn't fly.

14. Why do we cook bacon and bake cookies?

Cookies aren't named after cooking, and bacon isn't named after baking, but they sound similar enough that asking this question will send your friends for a loop. Maybe cookies and bacon should swap names instead.

15. Why do we drive over parkways but park in driveways?

It's like someone chose to name these things on Opposite Day. On that note, why is it called cargo if it goes on a ship and a shipment if it goes in a car?

16. What if one day, Google got deleted and we couldn't google what happened to Google?

Forget nuclear war or a meteor impact; the loss of Google would truly end civilization. If we couldn't Google what happened to anything, how would we know anything at all?

5 Interesting Questions That Will Bend Your Mind

Mind-bending questions are often interesting questions to ask. Unlike mundane questions that are easily answered, these questions stretch the little grey matter cells in your noggin and make you think hard. So, here are some mind-bending questions that will get you thinking.

17. How do you grow a seedless fruit?

Fruits grow from seeds, and everyone knows that. Then, how do you grow a seedless fruit? Seedless fruit do exist, and they're primarily grown from grafting. Still, try asking someone who doesn't know that. They'll be very confused.

18. Why are the caps lock not capitalized?

This only works for some keyboards, but the caps lock itself is not capitalized on those keyboards. Makes you wonder if they typed it before hitting the caps lock key.

19. Why do round pizzas come in square boxes?

Wouldn't it make more sense if a round pizza comes in a round box? Square pizzas fit in square boxes just fine. Maybe square boxes are just easier to make. Better hope there aren't any triangle pizzas out there...

20. Why do we experience only things we experience?

Woah, we're getting existential here. Why is something shaped like itself? If we go all philosophical, we'll be asking all sorts of nonsense questions. Still, why do we experience only things that we have? It's a mystery.

21. Why do men get fatter in the belly and women gain fat around the hips?

Why does all the food go into that pot belly for men while the women gain curves? Biological reasons aside, why shouldn't it do the same for both? We'll never know unless we ask who designed humans.

5 Weird Questions That Will Make You Think A Lot

Some questions are just plain weird. Have you ever had weird questions to ask your friends? Whether the question is weird, the answer is weird, or the whole thing is completely random, these questions still manage to get you thinking. We all have weird questions we want to ask someone, don't we?

22. What color is a mirror?

Think about it: if a mirror constantly reflects what it sees, what color does it have? Is it black or white? Or... does it not have any color? After all, we can't just look in a mirror and find out.

23. Why is a boxing ring square?

Would it be better or worse to call it a boxing square? Furthermore, a ring-shaped stage would have a big hole in the middle. Everyone would have to run in circles to hit each other.

24. Why can't you tickle yourself?

Everyone has a spot on their body that is ticklish. We can touch or tickle it, but it doesn't get any reaction from us. Why, then, do we get so ticklish when someone else touches it? It's the same spot.

25. Which orange came first, the color or the fruit?

This multiple choice question is a classic paradox, much like the chicken and egg paradox. Which came first? If you've asked that, then you may have a second question - which is named after the other? We may never know.

26. If tomatoes are considered a fruit, is ketchup considered a smoothie?

Yes, tomatoes are fruit. Many things in the culinary world that are considered vegetables are fruit in a botanical sense. Does that mean that ketchup is a fruit smoothie, though? We'll get back to you once we've drunk an entire bottle. Eugh.

5 Dumb Questions That Make No Sense

Questions can be intellectual and smart, but some questions are just dumb. These dumb questions likely have equally dumb answers that make absolutely no sense. So, here are some confusing and dumb questions to ask.

27. Can a short person "talk down" to a taller person?

Usually, when we talk someone down, we look down at them. But if a short person does it, they'd be talking to the person's feet. Can they still talk someone down if they're looking at their feet the whole time?

28. If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?

It's simple wordplay, but it really makes you wonder. Congress probably has a lot of cons and little to no pros, while progress has plenty of pros and few cons. What do you think?

29.  If milk goes bad when not refrigerated, why does it not go bad inside the cow?

Maybe cows are actually refrigerators. Have you ever seen a cow that needed to get cool? They're probably the best refrigerator out there - the milk they make is always fresh.

30. Why is lemon juice made artificially and dishwashing liquid is made with real lemons?

Maybe it's because lemons are pretty sour. Think about it: would you like it if lemonade were a sour drink? No one's drinking dishwashing liquid, so you can use real lemons.

31. If a baby's leg pops out at 11:59 PM, but his head doesn't come out until 12:01, which day was he born?

And on that note, when will they celebrate their birthday? Would you say they were born yesterday at midnight or today at 12 AM?

Downloadable and Printable List of Questions That Will Confuse You

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of questions that are too confusing (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Pick The Best Confusing Questions To Ask

After reading this article, you might find it interesting to find some confusing questions of your own to ask your friends. But picking the right confusing questions isn't something that can be done easily. Thankfully, these tips that will help you on your quest to choose the right confusing questions to ask!

These are simple tips, but they go a long way in helping you choose the best kind of confusing questions.

Here's how to pick the best confusing questions to ask:

Tip #1: Ask yourself questions to which you don't know the answers.

It's not a confusing question unless you don't know the answer to it yourself. To find the best confusing questions, ask yourself things whose answers you don't know or can't understand - chances are, other people don't get it too. If nothing else, it will at least narrow down the truly confusing questions.

Tip #2: Take inspiration from things around you.

There are plenty of illogical things in the world, and you only need to give it some deeper thought before you can find something incredibly confusing to use as a reference. Look at the objects around you, try to make puns about them that add to the confusion, or find situations with no right answer. It's incredibly easy to find something weird if you look hard enough.

Tip #3: Try to use paradoxes and fallacies.

Paradoxes and fallacies exist only to confuse people because they have no correct answer. So, it stands to argue that they're the best kind of confusing questions to ask. Study up on paradoxical questions and logical fallacies, and you'll have plenty of confusing questions to ask others.

Tips On How To Avoid Asking Confusing Questions In Formal Settings

This article may be about confusing questions, but there are times when you'd like to ask a common question without confusing the people you're asking. These helpful tips will help you ask questions clearly and concisely, avoiding the awkward situation where you confuse the people you're asking.

Tip #1: Use precise and simple language.

In short, don't try to use difficult language when you try to ask a question. Your questions should be worded in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner to prevent people from being confused.

Tip #2: Don't ask leading questions.

Don't ask questions that coerce the people you're asking into a specific answer. Questions should be open-ended to provide the best answers. Don't ask a question that presumes the person you're asking is about to do something they are not. For example, don't ask, "When are you coming to my party?" and instead ask, "Are you coming to my party?"

Tip #3: Try to break down difficult concepts.

Simplify your question as much as possible. Don't use complex theorems and concepts that require some background in a field - try to break it down to something anyone can answer. Using specialized terminology will only cause headaches.

Tip #4: Avoid absolute questions.

Absolutes like "always," "never," and such words will confuse when in the form of a question. There are no such absolutes in the world, so asking a question where everything is set in stone defeats the purpose of it being open-ended.

Tip #5: Stay away from asking double-barreled questions.

Double-barrelled questions ask more than one thing but only allow for one answer. These questions assume a lot about the person you're asking, and possibly only one of them applies to them. So, asking a question like that will likely result in them clarifying that only one of the topics presented applies to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this list, we've covered many separate questions that all confuse when you ask them. Some have a correct answer; some don't. Do you want to ask questions about what makes a confusing question, well, confusing? If so, I've answered some frequently asked questions that may help you find the right answer.

Why is the human mind always confused?

Confusion and its symptoms are caused when the human mind doesn't have all the right information or has conflicting information. Problems or phrases that make no logical sense cause confusion because we either don't have enough information or there's a contradiction. As there are more things we don't know than we do, the human mind can become constantly confused.

Can I ask these questions to someone I just met?

While you can ask these questions to respondents whom you've just met, it may take a while to gather the confidence to ask them these questions because they may make them confused about your intentions. So, save the confusing questions for those you've known for a while already - when you have the confidence to ask them, you'll get your meaning across.

Which is better, a questioning mind or an answering mind?

In my opinion, having all the questions is better than having all the answers. If you've got more questions than answers, you'll be driven to seek more knowledge, guidance, and information. If you have all the answers, you have little reason to seek out anything new. So, it's better to have a questioning mind than an answering mind.

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In Conclusion

Confusing questions can be great ways to start conversations, but they can also cause confusion, as the name implies. It's important to know how to ask the right question if you want to get your intentions understood. Don't just ask a random question - it'll sound like a trick question or an unanswerable question.

If you want your respondents to arrive at the correct answer, you've got to learn how to be clear and concise.