Nicknames for husband: the secret to establishing a better bond. No, really, they are!

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So, whether you're looking for romantic nicknames for your husband or funny nicknames for your boyfriend, this is the ultimate list.

Let's start!


Ultimate List of Endearments for Your Partner That Can Do Wonders in Your Relationship

Some people think that nicknames are cheesy, but they are actually a sign of a healthy relationship. During a tense situation with a loved one, you can lighten the mood by adding a sense of love and playfulness by using your pet name for them. It's a cute way for couples to show their unique shared history, like inside jokes and go-to date night ideas.

Finding the right names for your boyfriend or husband can be good for your relationship, whether it's Honey Bear or Baby Cakes or anything else.

Nickname Categories

5 Cute Things to Call Your Special Someone Guaranteed to Make Him Feel Special

Having cute things to say to your boyfriend will lighten his mood and make him feel special. A cute pet name like Tater Tot is sure to get a snicker out of him. Why not try some out?

1. Bae

Bae is a word that's similar to baby. You might have heard your love muffin refer to you as bae once or twice instead of baby girl. Often bae is what happens when baby just seems too long to say.

Who knows, he might like it.

2. Munchkin

Munchkin is a popular and cute endearment for those you just want to nibble up. It's a good nickname for your man if you think he's delicious.

3. Bubba

There's just something about this cute nickname that makes it feel natural to call your hubby. It's great for your list of husband nicknames. In fact, you might already be using it for your baby love.

4. Numnums

An adorable nickname. Similar to Munchkin, Numnums is perfect if your baby bear is downright tasty.

5. Chipmunk

It's a cool nickname for your guy. But like any of the names you choose, it's got to feel right. You have to test them out on your husband and see if they feel appropriate and suitable for him.

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5 Sweet Pet Names That Would Express How Much You Love Him

If you want to butter him up, have some sweet words for him ready in your back pocket. They go well with the perfect sweet nickname:

6. Tarzan

Is your Mr. Right the epitome of the wild Gorilla man? Perhaps this sweet nickname fits him well! Let him know you're willing to always be his Jane.

7. My Everything

When love is strong, calling your husband what he is makes the perfect nickname.

8. Amore Mio

Amore Mio means 'my love' in Italian. Some romantic nicknames are better in another language. Think of the sexiness of the French or the seductive allure of Spanish words.

9. Beau

Beau does mean boyfriend, but it can also mean admirer. It's nice when sweet names have double meanings that are befitting.

10. Bonbon

A bonbon is usually chocolate or candy, a word perfect as a nickname. And what is sweeter than these two things? Your husband, of course!

5 Funny and Quirky Endearments Your Man Would Appreciate

If you're looking for names for the love of your life, why not try something funny or quirky? Something that brings out a laugh or a giggle usually makes for a great nickname.

11. Big Papa

If you've got kids, this might make for a fun nickname. Of course, it's still an excellent choice to use on your pooh bear if he's on the larger side too. If he's tiny, perhaps it'll be funny because of the irony.

12. Superman

Badass nicknames are always a favorite for men. And he'll get a kick out of this one. Let that man you love know he's your Superman!

13. Heart Stealer

He stole your heart, and you became his girlfriend, so this funny nickname could only be appropriate. It's a cute name that adds a hint of a tease.

14. Hunk-A-Lunk

You know nicknames don't always need to make sense, right? Just as long as it's fitting for your hubby, he answers to it, and you both love it, then it's perfect.

15. Pop Tart

What is a pop tart? It's a deliciously sweet toaster pastry filled with yummy goodness. And if you call your husband this, it just means he is as well.

5 Sexy Names For Your Better Half That Will Draw You Closer Together

Did you know you can have multiple names for your husband? And they don't need to be dry or boring. You can have a different nickname for your Mr. Right for every occasion. They can increase intimacy and draw you closer to each other.

16. Mi Amor

In Spanish, Mi Amor means 'my love'. If you know your man is the one, spice things up with a sentimental and sweet name like this.

17. Babylicious

Baby names like this bring out the sexy and fun. Your honey bunny, goo goo pie will go bananas over this one.

18. Love Buns

Mr. Perfect has the tushie that makes you drool, so why not express your fondness by calling him by his assets you're most proud of?

19. My Valentine

You may want to argue that this nickname can only be used once a year on your husband, but in truth, your honey bun will always be your Valentine. Right? So, let him know he'll always be yours by throwing this sexy nickname out at him every so often.

20. Boo Thang

It's flirtatious, and it's a nickname that's bound to catch your husband off guard if you don't use it often. But he'll like the playful nature of this pet name.

Downloadable and Printable List of Nicknames For Husband

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of nicknames for husband (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

Ways to Come Up with a Unique Nickname For Your Husband

There's a pivotal point when you're going to need to choose a nickname for your husband. If you're unsure how to choose the right names for him, here are tips on how to come up with nickname ideas.

1. Think of an inside joke.

A nickname can be a reminder of something funny that happened that you and your husband will exclusively understand. Perhaps he had a slip and ended up with a wet bottom. You then dub your husband the nickname "wet bum" because he'll understand where it's from, and you both can have a laugh from the memory.

2. Consider his favorite place, food, hobbies, and/or something that only you know about him.

You can choose a nickname from the little things. If he likes a certain fruit and eats it daily, it can be something you refer to your husband as.

3. Shorten his name or use his initials.

A very common choice is to shorten a name or use initials. Some even call their partners by their middle names.

4. Combine his and your name together.

Think Brangelina (Brad and Angelina - despite being divorced now, it's one that sticks) and Bennifer (Ben and Jennifer). Celebrities are famous for combo names.

5. Describe his personality or defining characteristic.

Is your hubby butch and macho? Does he remind you of an iconic character on TV? Perhaps he has a cute quirk that you can use as a nickname option.

6. Explore other languages.

Venture outside English words and look for meaningful translations that show and express your love. Languages other than English can be sexy, sweet, cute, and even funny if that's what you're going for.

How Can Nicknames Strengthen Our Relationship?

Nicknames are endearing, and when you give them to people you love, they show how well you know and care about them. It can be a reflection of your relationship and deep connection. According to Insider, couples that have a nickname for one another have healthier relationships.

This is likely because nicknames can take your partnership to a new level of intimacy. NBC News says it strengthens a couple's bond because they're spawned from happy, spontaneous moments and memorable times they have with each other.

Even Scientific American says that nicknames are a form of "interpersonal language that romantic partners develop just for themselves."

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still not an expert on choosing a nickname for your husband, don't worry, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

Do guys like being called nicknames?

They might not admit it right away, but yes, they do. In fact, nicknames are usually dubbed to them by friends and family. For your own unique call, you don't have to wait till you're married. Once you've reached a certain level of intimacy and closeness, a cute pet name will just feel natural.

How sensitive are guys with how we call them?

Arguably, some guys might be sensitive to certain names. Still, if you're choosing one for your husband or even your boyfriend, surely you'll know what his temperament is like. You'll know how easily offended he is about certain things. Just make sure to avoid those.

Will he be offended if I use a little mean and playful nickname for him?

It likely depends on your timing. A man can usually take mean jokes or teasing jabs but read his mood. You shouldn't go out of your way to be mean, either. Nicknames are meant to be a romantic or cute thing between you, not something that causes tension.

How can I make him give me a nickname as well?

Why not simply ask your husband? If it's a boyfriend and the relationship is new, you can dub him a nickname first, and hopefully, he will follow suit.

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In Conclusion

Nicknames for husband! Did you know how beneficial they can be for your relationship?

Whether it's cute, sweet, or funny nicknames for your husband or perhaps nicknames for your boyfriend, they really can do wonders for your relationship.