Are you looking for dresses for a big bust? Then you're in the right place!

Some women wish to have bigger breasts, but they do not know the struggle a big busted woman has to go through when it comes to dressing up. As a style guru, my work has been featured on HerCampus. I can give you the best tips on which summer clothes or dresses for big bust to buy next time you go shopping. Dressing up must not be dreaded by anybody, no matter the bust size.

Let's get started!


Dresses for Big Bust - Simple Clothing Tips

Having big boobs can be both a blessing and a curse. But it should not hinder you from wearing what you want and still being in fashion. Here are clothing tips for those with big boobs without looking too sleazy.

Tip #1: Avoid high necklines.

High necklines can further accentuate your breasts and make your torso look shorter. Better if you wear open necklines such as V-necks to flatter your chest area. They create an elongated effect on your torso area.

Tip #2: Choose the right bra.

A well-fitting bra is important for all women, especially those with big chests. It should be comfortable to wear and not squeeze your boobs too much. Better if you get fitted and check whether you are wearing the right bra size.

Tip #3: Wear wrap dresses.

Wrap dresses can be flattering for women of all sizes. It has a V-neckline that elongates the neck, chest area, and waistline. At the same time, it draws attention away from your boobs and makes you look slimmer and elegant.

Tip #4: Wide belts are a no-no.

Busty women tend to have a shorter torso because the boobs take up a large chunk of space in that area. You should not wear anything that further cuts into that space, including wide belts. When you wear wide belts, it will look like your boobs is your entire torso area.

Tip #5: Vertical lines are the key.

Clothes with vertical line patterns can make your body look slimmer and longer. Plus, it helps draw attention away from your breasts and highlight your torso. Long necklaces and unbuttoned blazers can also create the illusion of vertical lines.

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Is Having a Bigger Bust More Attractive?

According to previous studies done in the 1960s, men found a woman with a medium or larger bust more attractive. A larger chest is associated with a woman's reproductive capacity and health. It also makes the body shape more proportioned since women have larger hips. But big breasts or not, your body shape is beautiful.

However, if you need help finding the best dresses for large busts, just keep reading. Proper dressing can make you look more presentable and appealing. Get some more tips on how you can look attractive on our site here.

6 Famous Full-Busted Celebrities That Rock Any Outfit

Has it become your habit to look at the best and worst celebrity dresses yearly during an awards night? Yes, we see all kinds of formal dress. Strapless, backless dress, spaghetti straps, flare dress, party dress, you name it. But how can these celebrities with fuller bust rock those outfits?

1. Katy Perry

She never ceases to amaze anybody with her creative and very colorful outfits. Her style is artistic enough to take your eyes away from her boobs to the dress itself.

2. Kylie Jenner

When it comes to dresses and formal wear, a bodycon dress is Kylie's go-to style. She was never afraid to show off her voluptuous figure.

3. Beyoncé

Beyonce likes to wear sheer and cut-out dresses. They emphasize her figure, and she is also very confident about her physical assets.

4. Kim Kardashian

She always opts for the dramatic, monochromatic look. Another celebrity who's very confident in her body. It shows in the way she carries herself. There's no outfit out there that Kim K cannot spice up.

5. Britney Spears

Britney's style has evolved from pop star outfits to a more seductive style. She will remain one of the most famous pop stars of all time. But right now, she's got her style and still rocking it.

6. Scarlett Johansson

She likes plunging neckline dresses with a cinched waist and modern prints. They emphasize her curves and make her look very sexy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to pick the right dresses for big bust, it's time to look for that perfect outfit. But wait, I know you still have more questions, so let's get to them!

Do women's breasts get larger with age?

Breasts can get smaller over time. As we age, our body produces less estrogen, leading to less firmness and fullness of the boobs.

Is it possible to reduce breast size?

Yes. There are natural as well as surgical methods. As for the natural method, you can do exercises to lessen the fat in your chest area, which comes along with diet. Those two work together to give you a smaller but perkier chest area. In contrast, breast reduction surgery is a clinical procedure where a doctor surgically removes the fat tissue on your breast.

What is the average size of a breast for a woman?

The average breast size in America is 34DD. But breast augmentation surgeries may unduly influence this figure. Breast size varies around the world!

Does weight gain increase breast size?

Yes, breasts are made up of fat cells, so when someone gains weight, or more fat, the breast size also increases.

More Helpful Tips For Women

Hope you find our tips useful so you can get that perfect dress for big bust or flattering tops for large bust. Check out our other interesting articles to determine your aesthetic.

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Now that you know the right dresses for a big bust, you can now confidently wear and rock your outfits. Don't let your big breasts stop you from being stylish.

Remember, every body shape is beautiful. It's your confidence that will turn everybody's head. As long as you love your body and think you are gorgeous, everyone will see that you are.