Do you want to know more about the types of lips? You're in the right place.

When it comes to knowing how to attract men, I've got all the notes you need. The attention my blog post on how to make him want you has been getting is enough proof for that. But there's one thing that you need to know in attracting men-- lips matter. The lip shapes and lip types matter because you need to use them to your advantage to get a guy to notice you.

Let's start this fruitful discussion on one of your best assets!


9 Most Attractive Types of Lips

If our eyes are the windows to our souls, then our lips are the aesthetics of our face. Every lip-type is attractive. Whether you're the kind with a lip piercing, a lip filler, or simply a lip liner, we can tell that you have beautiful lips. However, we have our own biases and preferences, and most people lean to a certain type of lip. Are yours part of the list?

1. Full Lips

Full lips are even and plump at both the top and bottom lip. They're naturally pillowy all-around as if there's a puff factor to them. Think Angelina Jolie. According to scientists, full lips are attractive to us because they show youth and vitality.

2. Heavy upper Lips

If your upper lip is larger than your bottom lip, you have an attractive lip. All you really need is a little more love for your lower lip to ensure that it can catch up to the attention that the upper lip is getting. This type is attractive because it has that youthful but sexy look to it.

3. Wide Lips

If your lips stretch from cheek to cheek, it's attractive. Large and wide lips bring out a sense of strong mating potential. Our lips become smaller as we age, so wide lips are attractive in the sense that it makes us look younger.

4. Round Lips

Rounded edges and the same width and height are the features of round lips. You don't need any help when it comes to the fullness of your lips. You don't need lipstick to look sexier because your lips already are!

5. Heavy Lower Lips

If your lower lip is larger, this is your lip type. Any kind that gives your lips a look that it's full is attractive. You need to accentuate your upper lip, and you're good to go.

6. Thin Lips

With the right lip pencil and lip makeup, whether frosted lipstick or matte lipstick, thin lips can have more life and look deeply attractive. Although fuller lips are usually the trend, thin lips are more flexible to lip makeup, so anything goes!

7. Bow-shaped Lips

Pouty lips are all the craze, especially when it's natural. Bow-shaped lips usually have a defined cupid's bow that anyone will go crazy for.

8. Heart-shaped Lips

Nothing screams attractive more than heart-shaped lips. You already give the love through your lips, so people know those lips of yours can make them feel the love tonight!

9. Downward turned lips

You have downward-turned lips if your pout dips slightly downward at its corners. At first, it might seem like a frown, which is why this kind of lip is the perfect one for giving people the best smile you can give to give out that attractive quality in it.

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Does The Size of Your Lip Matter When Kissing

We all want to know how to kiss a guy the best way we can, so it's important to learn more about our lips' work in this situation.

Although the lip shape and size contribute greatly to how attractive (and kissable) one person looks, it isn't all there is to kiss. However, most people will tell the difference between thicker lips and thinner ones when kissing. Big or thick lips tend to give softer and sweeter kisses. Smaller lips kiss firmer because there's less upper lip or lower lip to make contact and catch the other person's mouth. In that sense, lip size matters in kissing.

However, it's important to factor in the chemistry, technique, and feelings involved in the kiss. They all play a part in how good (or bad!) a kiss is.

All You Need To Know About Your Lips

There are so many things to know about our lips if we want to make sure that we keep them as an asset to make us more attractive.

#1: Lip shapes

There are many shapes of lips, but the most common ones are those that we discussed above. Other forms that are also common are pointy natural and uni-lip. Point natural lips have bow-shaped upper and bottom lips, while uni-lips are lips that seem like they don't have even a slight bow shape on either lip.

#2: Lip prints

There are five major types of lip prints that are usually used in investigations: a clear-cut groove, partial-length groove, branched groove, intersected groove, and a reticular groove. There are more lip print types, but these five are the most common to investigators to identify suspects and victims.

#3: Lip shades

There are typically five lip shapes: pale, brown, pink, dark, and two-toned. Pink is the most common natural shade that usually signals a youthful and attractive look. Two-toned lips require more blending because the colors aren't equal, so if your lip colors don't seem to match, don't fret. It's normal.

Interesting Trivia Facts About The Lips: Its Role in Crime Investigations

Our lip prints are unique to each one of us, much like fingerprints. So when in a crime scene, a beverage was drunk, or someone wiped their lips with a cloth, lip prints can be taken and can help further the investigation. Most people don't know it, but our lips are considered the most important form of evidence at a crime scene.

The Do's and Dont's On Taking Care of Your Lips

The skin of our lips is softer and more sensitive, which means that it needs more tender care. They don't produce oil to keep them hydrated because they don't have sebaceous glands. This means that you need to give extra effort to maintain its softness and health.

Here's how to take care of your lips:


DO exfoliate your lips.

Exfoliating is the key to removing dead, flaky, and unwanted skin from your lips. It's good to invest in a high-quality lip product and exfoliant to keep your lip skin healthy.

DO drink a lot of water.

Lips don't hydrate on their own, so you should keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can cause chapped lips, and they are never pretty.

DO protect your lips from the sun.

Use products that have SPF, so your lips don't suffer from the heat of the sun. It doesn't matter what lip balm you use. If it can't protect your lips from the sun, you can still expect dry and chapped lips.


DON'T lick your lips.

Saliva only removes moisture from your lips. They're the number one reason for dry lips! Instead of licking your lips, keep chapstick on hand to bring moisture back to your lips.

DON'T be too fond of colors and smells.

Lip products that have too many ingredients in them, especially those that give colors and fragrances, can be harmful to your lips. Our lips are sensitive, so some components can annoy and irritate the skin.

DON'T over-moisturize.

Too much of anything is bad. Don't be too addicted to swiping lip balm or chapstick over your lips. It will do more harm than good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our lips do all the talking and kissing, and we do all the answering of your burning lip-related questions.

Why won't my lips heal?

Lips sometimes take longer than usual to heal, and that's normal. A lip can heal anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. However, if you're concerned about the length of its healing, it's best to be mindful of what you're doing to help them heal. Sometimes, we don't realize that we lick our lips or use products, like lip stain or lip gloss, with harmful contents.

What is the best home remedy for dry lips?

Coconut oil is a great remedy for dry lips because it brings back moisture and hydration to your lips. It's also very easy to access coconut oil.

What exercises can you do to shape your lips?

There are two great exercises to help you with your lips. The first is to purse your lips and move them up and down. This will seem like you're doing a fish face, but it helps form the shape of your lips. Another is to tighten your lips like you're going to whistle. Keep that position for 10 to 20 seconds at a time. It helps stretch and form your lips.

How can you have beautiful lips?

Using the right products, staying hydrated, and avoiding licking your lips are the easiest and best ways to keep your lips looking beautiful and healthy.

How do I know my lips shape?

You can refer to how we described the different lip shapes above and see where you fit. Sometimes, though, we can have a unique lip shape that fits into more than one description.

Downloadable and Printable List of Different Lip Types

Here is a downloadable and printable jpeg/pdf list of different lip types (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Make Your Lips More Attractive

We all want more attractive lips. It's one of the most noticeable features that we have, so we have to make sure that they get a good kind of attention when they do get attention.

1. Vitamin E is the key.

Getting the right amount of vitamin E helps keep your lips healthy and beautiful. It helps boost circulation and the generation of new skin cells. New skin cells mean softer and more kissable lips.

2. Avoid toxins.

Smoke and chemicals are some of the things that make our lips unattractive. Habits like smoking do a great deal of damage to our lips, removing the plump look and attractive color. Cover your lips as much as you can and avoid smoke and pollution.

3. You can always opt for procedures.

Lip enhancement or lip augmentation is a good option to make your lips more attractive if it's something that you're okay with doing. Research about the right kind of dermal filler for you, such as hyaluronic acid. There are always the right lip implants or improvements for each person.

More Ways to Make You Look Awesome

Part of becoming the best version of ourselves is making sure we look more awesome than usual. It's more than putting on the lip tint or gloss. We've got all the guides you need to help you be the best version of yourself!

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In Conclusion

We've gone over the types of lips, but we hope, no matter the lip shapes and lip types you ladies have, that you gained the confidence and knowledge on how to attract men with this guide. If you want to know how to make him want you, start with the lips!