Before stuffing your boxes inside your car, don't forget this checklist of essentials for college students.

I am an expert prepper with works featured on sites such as Outwit Trade, and I believe that preparation is the key to success when it comes to anything, big or small.

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Ultimate Packing Essentials For New College Students

After accepting your college admission, it's time to start boxing up the things you'll need for life in the university. When going to college, especially if you're a freshman, packing the things you are going to bring can be a bit confusing. While you want to carry all your knickknacks and sentimental decorations from your room, you can only pack what's essential.

College Essentials Categories

3 Wardrobe Essentials For Students Attending College

While college is an exciting time to experiment with your wardrobe style, you don't want to forget what's functional and what's not. So aside from your stylish clothes, have in your college packing list these closet essentials for college students.

1. Comfortable trousers are your best friend.

When it comes to function, a trouser is the best thing to have in your wardrobe. Ankle-length trousers can be used in both casual and semi-formal instances. Trot your college campus in style by pairing it with sneakers or heels for a more formal look.

Have a pair in neutral colors, so it's easier to pair them with any top.

2. Over-sized blazer? Yes!

An oversized blazer is a college essential, especially because your college classrooms can be cold. And don't think that a blazer is only for formal occasions; you can also use it with your dress, jeans, or sweatpants. You can style it up with a wide belt or accessories.

3. White is right.

Pack up plain white tees in your suitcase and get ready to pair them with anything. Have some in different styles and use them with denim, linen trousers, or patterned skirts. White tees are easy to style and wear with almost everything.

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5 Must-haves To Survive University Dorms

Staying in a college dorm room may not be as comfortable as staying in your cozy home, but there are ways to make dorm life easier. So make sure to check these things out to add to your box with your trusty desk lamp, shower shoes, and shower caddy.

4. Coffeemaker

What better way to start a long day of studying than having a fresh cup of Joe to wake you up? If your dorm does not have a coffeemaker or the cafeteria coffee is lacking that morning kick you want from your drink, it's best to have a coffeemaker handy. Don't forget to check your dorm policies regarding this.

5. Microwavable containers

If you are not much of a morning person and don't have that luxury of time to prepare your meals before going to class, then having a prepped meal the night before and putting it in a microwavable container is a big help. Just heat it in the microwave, dig in, and then go to class.

6. Laundry hamper

As a college student, you don't want to share a room with a person with all their dirty laundry just lying everywhere, and neither does your roommate. Aside from your cleaning supplies, a laundry hamper or a laundry bag is good to have in any dorm or college apartment. Use it to store your dirty clothes in and keep everything clean and tidy.

7. Lap desk

There will be days when you'll be tired from sitting on your chair all day doing some paper works. A lap desk is one of the dorm essentials that will let you work while in your dorm bed when you're not feeling too well but have some work due soon.

8. Water bottle

Water is essential in keeping you hydrated after walking around the campus from class to class. Have a water bottle handy and refill it every time you run out. Get yourself an insulated water bottle if you want to keep your drinks hot or cold for longer periods of time. That way, you don't have to get another plastic bottle of water to be discarded after drinking it all up. That's one less plastic bottle in the landfill.

5 School Supplies Checklist for Freshmen

I know first-year students are the ones most excited to go to college. Don't forget to box up these essentials for college freshmen to take with you.

9. Highlighters

Highlighters are useful, especially when trying to find important notes from a stack of reading materials. Make reviewing materials look more fun by categorizing information using different highlighter colors.

10 . Book tabs

The era of folding book pages has ended. Having book tabs is a good idea to get to the necessary pages you need to read. These little sticky pieces of paper come in a variety of colors and designs. You can write a short note on what a specific page is all about.

11. Scientific Calculator

Since college is the time for more complex math problems, a simple calculator cannot handle them anymore. Scientific calculators can take bigger values and have more functions, logarithms, and various trigonometric functions. Teachers in high school would often require you to have one so don't forget to bring them when you get to college.

12. Printer

A printer is essential, especially if you need paper printed any time of the day. It saves you the cost of having it printed from a shop. Plus, with all the requirements you need to submit, who has the time to run to a printing shop late at night?

13. Stapler

Staplers come in handy when organizing, securing, and compiling paper works. While a paper clip might do the job, having a stapler means you don't need to worry about missing a page from your report.

3 Affordable Self-Care Products for Busy University/College Students

You may often find yourself too busy juggling social life and academics to spend a day in the spa. Plus, you don't have to spend an extra dime for some self-care. Add these to your list of essentials for college students.

14. Sleeping and Eye Masks

The stressors brought about by studying in college can take a toll on your skin. Not to mention the many sleepless nights you must endure to get all your requirements done and in order. Sleeping masks and eye masks are helpful when it comes to helping get your skin moisturized and keep the bags under your eyes at a minimum.

They are easy to use and cheap enough that you can stock some on your drawers to be used for days you need them the most.

15. Essential oils & Diffuser

Using essential oils has a lot of health benefits in it. Depending on your need, oils can help boost mental focus and energy, perfect for when you want to get things done. When used with a diffuser, some oils help create a calm and peaceful environment inside your room. This will be useful when you're feeling anxious or want to relax.

16. Scented Candles

Have one with you if your dorm has no strict policy against candles and incense. Scented candles can help eliminate unwanted odors in your room. Plus, depending on the scent, it can help you relax and make the room cozier, especially during stressful days.

Downloadable and Printable List of Essentials For College Students

Here is a downloadable and printable jpeg/pdf list of things that you'll find essential for college students (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving to college involves mixed emotions, from a feeling of excitement to dread to anxiety. Check out some of these answered FAQs to help tick off some of your queries about college life.

How much time does it take to pick outfits every day?

If you prepare your outfits the night before, there should be only as little as 10 minutes to make the necessary changes when the actual day arrives. Changes can happen due to the weather or a shift in plans. Whatever the reason is, preparing an outfit before the day you'll need it gives you an idea of how you want to look, which will be your baseline if you want to add or switch a thing or two.

What should you not buy in a college dorm?

You won't need to buy or bring pieces of furniture and certain kitchen appliances. Dorms are equipped with basic furniture that a student needs to live comfortably, such as a dresser, study table, and chair. This way, you save on storage space and do less packing before moving. As for devices, you can review dorm policies regarding certain items that are not allowed due to fire hazards, which can threaten the students' safety.

Can I still look stylish even if our school requires us to wear a uniform?

Yes, you can. Try reviewing your school policies about the allowed styles in which your uniforms can be worn. Also, there are accessories and outerwear which you can use to turn a boring set of uniforms into a stylish one. If there are no strict policies on shoes, you can use a pair that can complement your outfit.

How many pairs of pants should I bring to college?

Pack 2-3 pairs of pants that can be used on various occasions and weather. That's enough to get you through a whole semester without overcrowding your dresser and storage containers and wasting space.

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If you're entering your freshman year and have ticked your checklist of essentials for college students, then you are well-prepped with the basics. Preparation is the key to success, and use this to your advantage.