While growing your hair might not be the best and easiest solution for how to fix a bad haircut, it's not the only option.

Being a style guru with works featured on sites such as Her Campus and Women's Health, the problem of having a bad haircut is not new to me.

So read on, and let me guide you through this post.


How to Fix a Haircut That Doesn't Suit You

If you're wondering how to fix a bad haircut, then worry no more. While a bad haircut may seem like a disaster and is in dire need of an immediate fix, there are creative ways to rock your new look.

1. Add hair extensions

Accidentally went for a very short do? The hair extension is the answer to how to fix a bad short haircut. With the variety of colors, styles, and lengths of hair extensions out in the market, you can easily choose the style that suits your taste. If it's your first time using it, ask a professional for help, so you'll have that sleek, seamless result.

2. Throw on a wig.

If you are unhappy with your haircut and don't want to go out for people to see them, you can always throw on a wig. You can choose from a wide variety and change your look depending on your mood. Using a wig is one of the easiest solutions to cover up a bad haircut, a wrong hair color, or a style you can't pull off. While it seems easy to put on a wig, one should also learn how to properly care for them.

3. Try different hairdos and accessorize.

A headband, a hair clip, and bobby pins, to name a few hair accessories, can be your best friend. Use them to up your style while still looking chic. Don't worry about looking like you've just come out of the 80s. There are numerous accessories out there that are not just stylish. They are just as helpful as well when it comes to getting your hair in place.

4. Try using hair products for specific needs.

While your haircut may be bad, there's always a way to improve it. It's the perfect time to try experimenting with hair care products that can enhance your hair. You can try improving your hair's volume and make it look fuller. You can also try on hair tools that can improve the blood circulation of your scalp and help with hair growth.

5. Research about Do-It-Yourself haircuts.

Sometimes a haircut emergency can be the solution to a bad one. If you plan to do it yourself, try researching DIY haircuts first, so you don't end up regretting it. You can also ask a friend for a second opinion on your plan just to be sure.

6. Consider changing your hair color.

Find a hair color that will improve your new haircut. Hair color can do so much to improve how people perceive your style and can be a solution to how to fix a bad layered cut. It's also a good way to hide your terrible haircut.

7. Revisit the salon and talk to your stylist.

If you fail in styling and playing with your new haircut to make it look better, it's time to return to the salon. Don't ditch a good stylist just yet. Voice your concern and let your hairstylist correct their mistake. You can ask them to change the cut or find a style you want. While it's hard to tell your stylist that you don't like their work, they can also help you come up with a solution.

8. Be patient and let your hair grow out.

Sometimes you can't just do anything about a bad haircut than patiently wait for your hair to grow out of it. While a bad cut can spell disaster, it's not the end of the world. Patience is one of the answers to your problem of how to fix a bad hair cut too short. It will grow back eventually.

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How to Avoid Bad Haircuts in the Future

Getting a bad haircut is easy, but avoiding them is much easier. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make sure you don't get a bad one.

Tip #1. Identify your face shape.

The shape of your face should be considered before styling your hair. While you'd want to copy trending hairstyles on magazine covers, not all of them are suited to your face shape.

Tip #2. Research what hairstyle suits your face shape

If you're stuck with the question, 'what hairstyle suits me?' then try revisiting some hairstyles that work with the shape of your face. Your haircut should complement your facial features, such as your face's shape.

Tip #3. Bring photos of the hairstyle you desire

It's not enough to describe your desired cut to your stylist. It's always better to let them see what you want, so they know what outcome you want. They can also tell if your desired style is for you or not.

Tip #4. Have a consultation with your stylist

Before getting your hair chopped off, ask your hairstylist if the style really is for you. While you might think it's a perfect style, your stylist might think otherwise. So don't be afraid of them shooting down your idea. It's better not to get that coveted style than to have a bad haircut.

Tip #5. Mention your lifestyle with your stylist

It's not enough that your hairstylist knows what you want. They also have to understand what you do so they can decide how you can style and work with them. Tell your stylist the nature of your work, how much time you spend styling your hair, or how often you wash them. They can recommend a cut that makes sense for you every day.

Suggested Haircuts For Your Face Shape

Before running to the salon and showing your stylist the newest trend in hairstyle, it's better to have an understanding of your face's shape. Your hairstyle can make or break your look, so better research first.

Round Face

Round faces are generally described as one with similar length and width with rounded cheeks.

1. Side-swept Lob

This style is popular for making round faces appear longer and less fuller, plus it works with almost all hair types. It sits just above the shoulders, and the asymmetrical effect helps balance the proportions of your round face.

2. Choppy Pixie Cut

This textured, ear-length cut helps make the lower part of the face look slimmer. While the sideburns frame the face, the messy style on top adds volume and texture.

3. Layered Lob

A layered lob goes just below the chin and a little above the collarbone, creating texture and volume. The uneven layers also create an illusion of a longer and more angular facial feature for those with round faces.

4. Asymmetrical Cut

This style is characterized by having a slightly longer cut on one side of the jaw with an often deep side part. An asymmetrical cut can easily suit any facial shape and hair length and can lessen the wideness of a round face.

Oval Face

People with an oval face shape have it easier when it comes to hairstyles. This shape's well-balanced appearance enables a person to go for long locks or short ones.

1. Blunt Bob haircut

A blunt bob haircut is straight to the point and looks flattering in oval faces, especially when paired with a center part. Make sure not to cover much of the sides so as not to make your face longer.

2. Lob Haircut

This universally flattering haircut complements your features without feeling weighed down by the length of your hair. This haircut can come down from the jawline to the chin. And because it does not reach the shoulder, the look has a lot of movement and swinging when you turn or move your head.

3. Minimal Layers

Face framing layers, although not needed by people with oval-shaped faces, enhance the look. This style makes your hair look flowy and not at all limp and weighed down.

4. Shag Cut

This tousled do create an airy effect instead of a weighed-down look. The layers create a softness that perfectly complements this face shape.

5. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs look flattering for oval-shaped faces, plus it creates an illusion of added width on the forehead area for a more balanced look. These bangs can be easily styled and are not high maintenance.

Diamond Face

A narrow forehead and jawline with protruding cheekbones distinguish this angular facial shape. If you have one, opt for styles that can soften the angles instead of making them stand out.

1. Medium or Long Layered Cut

No matter the length, this style leaves a layered frame on the face that narrows out the cheekbones, creating an illusion of a more oval-shaped face. You can create volume and texture by adding some waves.

2. Deep Side Part

A deep side part gives the face a softer look rather than pointy. To make this style more flattering, find your good side, the one which looks better in photos, so you know which side you can part your hair.

3. Chin Length Bob

This hairstyle softens the cheekbones and makes the chin area look wider. You can wear this style by tucking one side of the hair behind your ears to create an asymmetrical look.

Square Face

The most common features of this type of face shape are a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a defined jawline. For a more flattering appearance, ask your stylist for haircuts that can soften your facial features.

1. Side-swept Shoulder Cut

A side-swept shoulder cut draws attention away from the jawline. Add shine and more volume by creating waves, sweep the hair to one side, and get an amazing look.

2. Layered Medium Cut

A medium length just falls between the chin and shoulders. The layers help camouflage the angles of your face and give it a softer look.

3. Layered Bob

This style is basically a bob with added layers. It creates volume, especially for those with thin hair, creating a funky and edgy look.

4. Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs can soften hard angles, create balance, and pair well with short or long hair. It draws attention to your cheekbones. The textured ends of the bangs also add volume.

Oblong Face

A long forehead and chin with cheeks and jaw at the same width characterize an oblong-shaped face. While adding bangs can be the first choice for a hairstyle, there are still numerous haircuts to choose from.

1. Curly Shag

A curly shag has lots of layers that start from the crown area. It gives a lot of texture and volume to your hair, giving width to the otherwise long face.

2. Side Part Shoulder Cut

A shoulder-length side part with layers that sweep your forehead creates an illusion of roundness. It gives emphasis to your eyes rather than the length of your face.

3. Short and Wavy

Having an oblong face does not mean you cannot rock short hair. It's actually the opposite. Go for a wavy, tousled style for a more playful look.

Heart-Shaped Face

You have a heart-shaped face if you have a broad forehead and cheekbones that narrow down from the jawline to the chin. And if so, your style should aim to balance your facial features by decreasing your brow's width and increasing that of your face's lower part.

1. Long Side-swept Cut

This haircut will conceal the broad forehead and draw attention to your eyes and the lower half of your face.

2. Pixie Cut

A pixie cut with some textured ends will look good on you. You can also opt for the different styles of the pixie cut. You can have one with side-swept bangs, long ones, or even a front-layered pixie.

3. Textured Shoulder Cut

A textured shoulder cut will add volume and thickness to otherwise limp, flat hair. Aside from flattering, this style is also easy to pull off.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more answers to haircut questions, read on:

Is it easy to cut my hair without prior experience?

While cutting your hair will save you money, without prior experience, it can be hard. Before deciding to style your hair, research, watch DIY videos, and consult a professional.

Is it okay to tell my stylist that I don't like my haircut?

Yes! It is better to tell them immediately so they can do something about it and help you style them properly. It may feel awkward, but honesty is valuable. Make sure you say it politely.

When can I have my next haircut?

To maintain the length of your hair, a 6-8 week period before getting your next haircut. The how often should I get a haircut question should also be based on the length you want to grow your hair. If you want it longer, trim it every 8-12 weeks.

How do I know which creative hairstyles suit me?

Know the shape of your face first. Not all hairstyles suit everyone. Once you know your face shape, you can research hairstyles that flatter the figure and then be creative with it. Just make sure it will cooperate with your lifestyle.

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Most of us have been there, a haircut gone wrong, and finding ourselves googling on the internet how to fix a bad haircut. While our solutions to this hair disaster are out there, nothing beats preventing getting a terrible haircut in the future.