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How To Make A Girl Like You - 7 Simple But Effective Ways

I know it must be challenging to walk up to a beautiful woman and talk to her without being awkward. A handsome guy can bag all the women he wants if it's all based on looks. If you're good-looking, you have an advantage over other guys who aren't as blessed, but that doesn't mean that's all you need.

You already have the attraction part nailed down. However, once you get a girl's attention because of your pretty face, it's an important thing to prove you're worthy of her attention. Going beyond basic eye contact and having confidence, a good list of effective ways to make her like you is essential for you to know what to do next.

Way #1: Compliment her the right way and melt her with your romantic words.

There are many of us with valuable dating advice out there. I bet everyone has been telling you that if all else fails, it's a good idea to go with a classic compliment that will make her feel good inside. Some of these pick-up lines may help you out:

This will be perfect for sending in a text message if you want to start up a text conversation. It's one thing to text a girl, "Hey, what's up?" It's another thing to say a sweet line like this. She's bound to reply to you and say how cheesy you are. While that may be true, it's a conversation starter that you'll be thankful for.

Any healthy relationship starts with commitment and adoration for each other. Say this line, and she will know how you feel about her. She will feel how incredibly devoted you are to her. When you are honest about your feelings, she will appreciate how much you trust her.

Most long-term couples will tell you that being together doesn't just mean having a good time all the time. It usually means being there for each other no matter how bad the situation might be. You should not only be a loving partner to your significant other; you should also be a good friend when they need someone to listen and be on their side.

Have you ever wondered what you should say to your dream girl when she finally agrees to be yours? This is the perfect line to say. Expressing how happy you are to have her in your life will make her feel comforted and 100% sure in her decision to start a relationship with you.

Having someone who makes you feel happy to exist is one of the best things in life. Only a few lucky people have something they're afraid to lose. If you're fortunate enough to find someone who can share a great conversation with you over simple snacks and coffee, don't ever let them go.

Way #2: Don't make her feel that you are desperate to have her.

If you want to appear to be a high-value man, you must maintain a certain level of desirability that proves you're also a prize. I know it may be a little contradicting to the first step, but hear me out. An attractive woman wants someone who is equally as alluring as she is.

She also wants someone who knows how valuable they are. If you make her feel like you want her a little too much, she will think you don't have any other option. Remember to do this only when you're first getting to know her.

You don't want to do this when you've already established some sort of connection because then she will think you can't commit.

Way #3: Be the best man you can be.

Any woman would love a nice guy who woos her and makes her feel like she's the most beautiful woman in the world. But, it shouldn't stop there.

Most men end up being in the friend zone for being nice. It's a good thing to be nice. However, you shouldn't just settle for being good - you should aim for being the best. When you work on yourself, women will be the ones to chase you.

The best kind of guy is someone who can do things for himself and not depend on his partner to be his maid. Have you ever seen how a woman swoons over a man who can cook? It's even more attractive when you know how to make her favorite coffee drink and what brand of detergent you should get.

Women love it when men share the load, especially in the roles that society expects women to take.

Way #4: Make her laugh.

If you ask long-term couples for relationship advice, they will most likely tell you that one of the best things in life is to laugh and joke around with your partner. Learning how to make her laugh should be part of the essential things to know about your partner. If you want her to enjoy your company, you should be comfortable enough to try different kinds of gestures or jokes that she will have fun with.

You should make spending time with you an enjoyable moment for her.

Way #5: Act confident around her.

Making a girl like you is a journey, not a race. You must do each little thing constantly to form a solid connection with her. You should also pay attention to your body language and general attitude when you're together.

She will know you aren't comfortable around her if you're too shy and hesitant around her. It won't help make her like you. Speak your mind and share your thoughts when you're together.

Move smoothly and gracefully while walking around and preparing your space for her. Looking confident is easy when you're not thinking too much of what she thinks of you.

Way #6: Ask her out more often.

Women love it when guys ask them out on dates. It's even better when you make a big deal out of it. You don't need a special occasion to have a perfectly planned-out date.

Simply planning a movie marathon with all of her favorite snacks will get her swooning. You can also arrange to see her favorite band or visit a nearby museum. The point is to make an effort and directly ask her if she's free for a date.

The asking makes all the difference because it will make her feel that you are genuinely requesting for some quality time with her.

Way #7: Let her see you as a dating potential.

Most guys get friend-zoned because they don't explicitly say they want to be more than friends. Make sure that she knows you can be a potential partner. You can do that if you accomplish all the other steps above.

Ask her out all the time. Make sure you shower her with compliments. Act like you like her, but you must devote your time to other things. Attracting a woman takes a cluster of seemingly little steps that may appear insignificant.

However, these little things pile up, and they slowly get you to where you need to be. When you declare that you want to date or pursue her, she will know that everything you do is because you feel a connection with her.

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Looks vs. Personality vs. Money: What Girls Really Want

Looking at these three important things may confuse you about what women really want (I discussed it on Mantelligence). Most men have trouble figuring out what aspect they should focus on. However, as stated above, this article on knowing what women want in a man is a process that you constantly have to apply yourself in. Your looks, personality, and money have a lot to do with how to make a girl like you.

Women will instantly be attracted to your physical appearance because it's the first thing they'd see. What comes next is how you can make your personality shine. If you're funny, smart, and caring, she will know that you have a personality that she can really jive with.

As for having money, it's just a sign that you are responsible and have plans for the future. It's a solid part of a serious romantic relationship when you know you can depend on your partner when something unexpected arises.

So, if you're asking what women are really looking for, the answer is a little bit of all of them. I told you before that you have to be the best man. You have to be the best candidate to become her life partner. That's what women want in a man.

Why Is Knowing How To Make A Girl Like You So Important?

When you find someone worth all your time and energy, you should know what steps to take to have a chance with them. You need to understand how to make yourself attractive because that helps your chances of meeting people who appreciate you and your effort. Even when you're already dating someone, it's still good to maintain a balance of desire and desirability.

This makes the connection more genuine and pure.

How Do You Know If She Already Likes You?

So, let's say the sexual tension grew, and you've moved to the talking stage. You want to know if she's genuinely interested in pursuing something deeper, but you're not sure if she likes you or just likes having someone to talk to.

1. She rarely says no to you.

She will always say yes when you ask her if you can have a video call or when you ask her out on a date. She loves to hang out with you, even if it's just to run errands. She'd even ask you to go with her to do stuff. That's a clear sign that she enjoys your company.

2. She responds to all your cheesy pick-up lines and corny jokes.

I know we've got a lot of lists on the best pick-up lines and silly questions on related articles on our site, which I bet you've already seen too. No matter how ridiculous they are, if a girl likes you, then she will always respond to them. Whether with a laugh or a playful shove, you will know she likes you if she doesn't dismiss your funny lines and questions.

3. She makes any excuse to touch you.

If a woman likes you, she will constantly stroke your face or hold on to your arm. Even if it's not necessary, she'll find any reason to make your bodies touch. Even if it's just to ask you to reach for something, she'll subtly rub your back or run her hands through your hair to show her affection for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still don't know how to make a girl like you, these frequently asked questions may help you out.

What can I text her to make her like me?

We've got some good conversation starters in the list above that you can text her. You can also check out articles on Mantelligence that have the best pick-up lines and puns you can say to start a conversation.

How can I make a girl fall in love with me easily?

Falling in love is a process of attraction and commitment. The best thing to do is get to know each other well and build a solid foundation for your relationship. Bond over a common interest or a shared hobby that you both enjoy. When you expose yourself to the girl you like, she will see your true feelings and probably feel the same.

What do I say to her to keep her interested?

We've got a lot of great conversations above. However, I want to emphasize the importance of empathetic listening. Keeping her interested means, you take the time to share your thoughts and also allow her to share hers. Listening to her and empathizing with the challenges she goes through are what will make a solid connection between you two.

How can I avoid a dry conversation with the girl I like?

Sharing your opinions is one of the most effective ways to avoid dry conversation. Find common ground that you can talk about and exchange ideas. When you both have something to bring to the discussion, it keeps the conversation interesting and fun.

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I bet you already know how to make a girl like you and more.

Learning how to get any woman you want means knowing what she enjoys and what you can do to provide that for her. You shouldn't only learn how to flirt with a girl, but you should also know how to make her want you. Our tips above will not only help you get the girl, but they will also allow you to help other men who have trouble attracting the women they want. Good luck!