Are you looking for some effective tips on how to flirt over text? If so, you've come to the perfect place. Flirting over text can be a fun way to just talk with someone, and it can also be an easy opportunity to take things to the next level.

When you begin flirting over text with someone, it can be for any reason. However, if you are looking for a relationship, it's best to start off knowing how to text a guy before you actually begin flirting. And, sometimes, knowing how to get a boyfriend is all it takes to get your flirt on.

Why is it so Important to Know How to Flirt Over Text

Knowing how to flirt over text is pretty important in today's lifestyle. Almost everyone has smartphones, and a lot of people prefer texting to actually talking to people in real life, or even over a phone call.

This has lead to people feeling more comfortable flirting over text rather than face to face. This is why you see more people joining dating apps and sites — it's less awkward to speak to someone virtually!

Likewise, when you meet someone, you might exchange numbers with them before the flirting even begins. This means, the flirting will most likely start over text to move the relationship forward. So, whether you're flirting face to face or over text, you'll need to know how to do both.

How to Flirt Over Text

If you have absolutely no clue on how to flirt over text, then you should start out by texting things you'd normally say. What we mean is, don't use cheesy lines or clichéd phrases. Stick to being yourself and flirt any other way you would if you were actually with this person, face to face.

The key to flirting over text is to be charming while also creating a fun conversation. You want to make the the other person you're texting smile and feel special — you want to make them know that you like them.

A good way to figure out what you should or shouldn't say is to read what you typed out loud. If it sounds cheesy or awkward, you may want to reconsider sending it. And if it makes you smile or blush, then it's probably something worth sending to that person.

1. Use questions to ask a guy over text

Now we get to the technical part: knowing which questions to ask a guy over text to let him know you're interested in him. Sometimes all it takes are some fun and interesting questions to get the conversation started so that you can move on to flirting.

These questions can be about anything, but the best way to transition from small talk to flirting is by using questions that allow the conversation to go further. You can always start out with flirty questions, but if you aren't too comfortable with that person, it's best to start the conversation in a more fun and light way.

Try using some of these questions to ask a guy over text:

  1. In your opinion, where is the best place to have a first date? And why?
  2. Are you romantic? If so, what's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
  3. Could you tell me what your first impression of me was?

Questions like this are a bit daring but aren't full-on flirting. They're a way to get the conversation going in that direction without being straightforward. The guy you're texting may be a little confused as to where you're going with these questions — which is great — because you'll have his attention and he'll definitely want to continue texting you.

Tip 1. flirty questions to ask a guy

Once you've got the conversation to a comfortable place where you and the other person are texting each other back and forth, slide in some flirty questions to ask a guy about anything you want. These questions should let him know that you're interested in being more than just a friend and that you want him to know that.

Make sure the conversation is going well before you decide to start flirting. If not, you could get unimpressed responses, or the guy could be confused. It's never a good idea to just start flirting over text before knowing what that person is doing. He could be busy, or, simply, not in a good mood. You never know his situation.

So, once you've got the conversation to a good place, feel free to add these flirty questions to ask a guy flirty things:

  1. Which one would you enjoy doing more with me — cuddling or kissing?
  2. Where is your favorite spot to be kissed so that I know where to kiss you?
  3. How did you get such an amazing body?

These three examples will definitely let him know that you're interested in him. Make sure to compliment him while asking flirty questions. This will let him know what you like about him in a subtle way.

Likewise, asking questions about what he likes can be a huge turn on for guys — whether it's what he'd like to do to you, or how he likes to be kissed — these questions will definitely excite him.

2. Know how to attract a guy over text

Knowing how to attract a guy over text is just as (maybe even more) important than knowing how to flirt over text. Knowing how to make him want you over text isn't as difficult as it seems to be.

Yes, you aren't physically with him to tease him with your looks or touch him, but looks aren't everything, and there are ways to 'touch' a person without actually touching them. If you really want to attract a guy you're texting, follow these simple tips:

Tip 1. Make him wait before you text back

You don't want to always answer back right away. This makes it seem like you are waiting for him to text you, or that you have no life. Wait a few minutes between texts. He'll be more excited to receive your messages if he's been waiting on them.

Tip 2. Make use of emojis

Emojis can sometimes be a fun way to express yourself over text — just don't overdo it! Using cute faces when you feel like your text needs some more enthusiasm is a way to show a guy that you like to express yourself. However, using too much emojis can be extremely annoying.

Tip 3. Keep the conversation fun and light

Depending on how well you know this person, it's best to keep a positive attitude when texting. Talking about all the bad things in your life can chase a guy away and make him dread talking to you.

Tip 4. Let him be the first to text sometimes

Don't always allow yourself to send the first message. If you've been constantly starting with the first text, ignore him for a few days and wait for him to text you first. This will make him wonder what you've been up to and why you haven't had time to talk with him.

Tip 5. Don't be afraid to send pictures.

Everyone gets excited when they receive a picture message. Pictures are hard to ignore, and a lot of the times, people rush to see what picture you've sent them. It doesn't even need to be a sexy picture. Any picture will get a guy's attention.

More Ways to Get A Boyfriend

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Hopefully, now you've got a good idea of how to flirt over text with a guy. It isn't as complicated as it seems, and it can be a great way to have a fun time texting someone you like.

After all, flirting over text is probably one of the best ways on how to get a boyfriend. Just keep in mind that knowing how to text a guy is just as important as knowing how to flirt with one and this alone can get you to where you want to be in your relationship. Follow these tips above and you'll definitely be able to attract any guy over text.