Ladies… wondering how to tell if a guy likes you at work?

You’ve agonized about how to get a boyfriend with your busy schedule for a while now. And now you’ve found him. Only, he’s your workmate.

He’s confident, nay, he’s confidence incarnate.

He has relentless charisma, a dapper appearance, and oozes raw sex appeal. You love the way he zooms past your desk every time he has to save “innocent” paper from the shredder. Not all heroes wear capes.

Let’s face it … you want him.

But does he want you back? It’s been months and not a sign.

Look beneath the underwhelming gestures with our guide on how to tell if a guy likes you.

Why is knowing how to tell a guy likes you at work important?

Gone are the days when you had to sit pretty and wait for a guy to approach you.

You're a go-getter, and you know what you want.

But the workplace is a different ball game altogether. It can get messy. You might get caught pants down (pardon the pun) violating the fraternizing policy of your workplace.

Then again, you’re in good company! Studies show that it’s perfectly normal to have a crush on someone at the workplace. It happens.

So, should you bite the bullet and make the first move?

Let’s not kid ourselves … your ego is on the line here. You might get your feelings hurt by a rejection. Or (gulp) have to choose between your job and your sanity if things go belly up.

Knowing that he actually likes you can make things a bit easier. It's so important to know the signs your coworker has feelings for you because it will temper the nerves and the fear of rejection.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You At Work

Is he flirting with you, or is he being friendly?

Does he really think your shoes go well with your pretty pink dress or is he dropping a hint?

Did you get an invite to the party because he’s drawn to you, or was he just feeling obligated?

I must admit, workplace romance can be confusing. And it’s easy to get caught up in the trap of constantly searching for meaning in things that are actually meaningless.

That’s where we come in.

1. He Steals Glances … A Lot

How do you know if a guy likes you secretly? He just can’t keep his eyes off you.

He’ll steal glances during meetings. And you’ll catch him staring every so often. He’ll hold eye contact in a way that seems weirdly intimate — almost like touching you.

It’s particularly a dead giveaway if you catch him staring at you when someone else is talking in a meeting or during a presentation. He finds you a lot more interesting than whatever else is going on in the room.

2. He Loves Talking to You

How do you know if someone likes you secretly? Ask yourself these questions.

Does he come by your desk every time he gets a chance just to chat?

Is he constantly sending you text message throughout the day about things that are not work related?

Does he talk to you more than any other person at your workplace?

Bingo! He likes you.

But you need to watch out for the social butterfly who talks to pretty much everyone at the workplace. You shouldn’t make much of it unless there are other signs.

3. He’s Always Seated Next to You in Meetings

You “accidentally” sit next to each other in all meetings. You could chalk it down to chance if it happens once in a while. But if it’s every single time, then something is definitely cooking. If there are any other signs to go with this one, then it’s safe to assume he’s got the hots for you. He’ll shower you with attention oblivious to what’s happening in the meeting.

4. He’s Always Going Out of His Way to Help with Work

He’s busy as a beaver but always makes time to help you out. He’ll offer to cover a shift, get a coffee, make photocopies, and even carry any heavy stuff for you. A guy at the office won’t leave their work to attend to you if they don’t like you.

5. His Body Language Is A Dead Giveaway

Make no mistake ... guys aren’t naturally verbal and expressive. It’s hard to tell how they feel based on their words. But when a guy likes you, you can bet he won’t be able to control his body language.

Does he make eye contact when he’s talking to you? Is he always smiling when you’re together? Does he lean in when you’re having a conversation? Does he preen himself when you’re around? Is he comfortable touching you? If you answered yes to all these questions, then he definitely has a crush on you. Once you understand body language, it becomes easier to tell if a guy likes you.

6. He Gives You A Nickname

Does he have a funny or sweet nickname for you? Endearing names such as babes, sweetie pie, love, and dove are a sign that he sees you as more than a friend.. There’s some chemistry between the two of you, and you shouldn’t shy away from making a move.

7. He Asks If You’re Single

He’ll want to find out whether you’re in a relationship. He may ask you straight up or try to find out in a more subtle way. He might ask a question like … “does your boyfriend mind when you work late?”.

It’s not the usual office chit-chat when he starts veering into your personal life. He’s clearly angling for a relationship with you. He just wants to make sure you’re available before he makes a move.

8. He Wants to Hang Out After Work

Here’s the thing … he’ll want to spend more time with you outside of the office if he likes you. He might ask you out to lunch, a movie, or even a coffee date. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate. If you decide to go out with him, make sure to pay attention to his body language. Do you notice any of the signs we discussed? If so, you’re right on the money. He likes you.

9. He Remembers Your Special Days

Did he buy you a gift on your birthday? Was it totally unexpected? Then he must like you. More so, if the gift was thoughtful and sweet.

You see … most guys suck at remembering special days. And they're even worse at buying gifts. A guy at your workplace who goes out of their way to surprise you on your special days is definitely attracted to you.

10. He’s Always Goofing Around with You

He’s flirty and jokes around with you a lot. He’ll tickle you and play pranks on you. He’s always looking to make you laugh. You even have inside jokes between the two of you.

11. He Mirrors You

It might sound kind of creepy, but a guy will mirror you a lot when he likes you. He’ll cross his arms when you cross yours. He’ll even start using words that you use a lot. People usually mirror us when they want us to like them. Most times, it’s an unconscious reaction. If he does this, then there is a good chance he likes you.

12. He Gets Jealous

Does his demeanor change whenever you mention another guy? Maybe he like you but feels like he can’t express his feelings openly because you’re his workmate. If this is the case, then he might feel a little jealous whenever you mention that you’re going out with someone else. He might also ask you about other guys in a bid to figure out your relationship with them. Kind of cute, huh?

13. Your Gut Instinct Says He’s into You

Always trust your gut. If it tells you a guy is into you, you’re probably right. Look out for all the other signs as well just to be sure. If you get the vibe that he treats you different than everyone else in the office, it’s because he’s interested in you. Your gut doesn’t lie.

14. He Tells You About His Personal Life

It’s rare for people to talk about their personal lives at the workplace. It’s almost taboo. People prefer keeping it professional. If a guy likes you, he’ll start sharing more about his personal life with you. He’ll be open to talking about his relationships. For instance, he might tell you about his ex. He'll also share personal details that you’d normally not know about a coworker.

15. He Doesn’t Like the Idea of You Leaving

If a guy likes you at work, he’ll freak out if you mention that you might be changing jobs in the future. He’ll either look crushed or really upset with this decision, and he might even try to convince you to stay. He can’t imagine not having you around.

More Steps on How To Get The Guy

You’ve now established that he does actually like you. What next?

We’re not about to leave you high and dry just after we’ve got you over the first hurdle. We’ll walk the journey with you to help you handle the next critical steps.

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In Conclusion

You now know signs your coworker has feelings for you. While it’s not an exact science, it’s a great place to start. You cannot entirely eliminate the guessing game when it comes to relationships. You just have to take the plunge and figure things out as you go along. All the best …