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It's a good idea you came to the expert for help on how to attract men. Since I have written many posts about styling your look and been featured on sites like Wise Bread and Men's Venture, I know exactly what haircut you need to get his attention.

Let's channel your inner barber, shall we?


Is Doing DIY Haircuts A Good Idea?

Yes, it is a good idea to do haircuts on your own. Ladies, you will need this life skill to be prepared for any circumstance. For instance, the lockdown has taught us that life can hand you just about anything, even a quarantine nobody asked for. So, hair stylists and salons were inaccessible during that time. Most people had unspeakable quarantine haircuts that they dare not share til this day.

You might find that knowing how to do any haircut can be useful in life. Not everyone has the luxury of time to go to a hair salon, so you'll never know if your skill can help someone in need.

Picture this: you're meeting a guy you've been talking to for a while and want to make a good impression. He's invited you over for coffee after having dinner together, and you happen to notice that his hair is a little uneven after weeks of not going to a salon. How impressed will he be if you offer to give him a haircut?

You can even ask him to choose his preferred haircut. It also adds an element of physical touch, which definitely works in your favor if you want him to fall head over heels for you.

So, it is a good idea to know how to do a DIY haircut, to answer the question. It will not only help your chances with the guy you like, but it will also be a valuable life skill that you can use when you're in a bind. The best place to start is to check out these men's haircuts on our site here.

You'll see what styles you can try when you finally learn how to do it.

Pros and Cons of Doing Your Own Haircut

Most social media beauty content nowadays discusses how to do your makeup and style your clothes. One of the grooming mistakes we often commit is not paying enough attention to how our hair looks, not knowing that it is one of the most influential factors contributing to your overall appearance. On our site here, we have all the other grooming mistakes women hate, just in case you're wondering what they are.

That's why you need to learn to do a DIY haircut. Of course, it won't be easy and it takes time for you actually to learn. When a person wants to be a real hair stylist, they must go through many months and years of training before they do it with their eyes closed.

It will be the same for you, an amateur DIYer. You will encounter many challenges, but you will improve in the end.

Pro #1: You will save money in the long run.

Knowing how to cut your hair will save you a lot of money because you won't have to go out and find someone else to do it. Even just trimming split ends costs money when you have it done in a salon. That's why it's more practical to do it yourself at home.

Knowing how to do the more advanced skills, like hair dye or hair spa, saves you even more money because those services are more expensive when you go to a professional.

Con #1: You will probably spend a lot to really learn how to do a DIY cut.

You'll first need to purchase your own set of tools. Sure, your kitchen scissors will have to do if you're in an emergency situation. But, if you really want to learn how to do it right, you'd be better off with the correct hair-cutting tools and hair clippers that professional stylists use.

You may also want to join basic workshops or training to learn fundamental skills, which cost a buck or two. However, once you know the basics, it will be easy for you to move forward with a few online tips and tricks.

Pro #2: You can change your hairstyle often.

If you are a fan of changing it up every so often, then learning how to cut your own hair is a skill you need. When you want to give your straight hair a little volume, knowing how to curl and style your hair will be beneficial. Sometimes, you're in the mood for short hair and don't have time to go out.

You can achieve your desired length and style in the comfort of your home.

Con #2: You will make many mistakes before you learn to do it right.

Before you master any skill, you will most likely make many mistakes. You will mess up and need to learn how to make it right, given the circumstances. That is what will really make you understand what to avoid and what techniques work well.

You will also discover what styles suit you, and sometimes you will see that after the fact.

Pro #3: You can cut your friends and family's hair for convenience.

If your children go to schools with strict rules, they may require shorter hair for your son and a certain hairstyle for your daughter. Also, your kid's hair may have different textures that other stylists may not know how to tame.

If your child has curly hair or thick hair, many common mistakes can happen during a haircut. When you know how to handle their hair, you won't have to go through any inconveniences.

Con #3: You might have trouble saying no to people who ask for haircuts.

Some of your family and friends might take advantage of your useful skill, especially when they learn that you do it so well. If you're having a loaded day, you won't have the time to do a haircut on the spot. Sometimes, the people close to you will even assume that you're always available for them.

The best thing to do is to open the option to people who understand when you need to say no.

3 Easy Haircut Style Ideas That Women Love To Do On Their Own

If you're sick of the usual up-do and hair tie look, then you should look at these easy haircut styles that won't require any hair accessories. We've got options for hairstyles for each hair length. So, even if you have longer hair, there is still a way to make it look stylish and unique.

Pixie Cut

One of the chicest styles is the pixie cut. It never goes out of style. It only improves as time goes on. In fact, it is one of the most common styles women with short hair like. It's fun and light, which makes you look laid back with a little edge.

First, ensure the hair is damp and short enough to achieve this. If the hair is long, secure it with a hair tie and cut until it is at shoulder level. Next, even out the hairline along the nape. Use your comb to thread the hairline and pull it up.

Then, place your fingers behind the comb and make a V-shape with your forefinger and middle finger. Cut the hair below that until the hairline is refined. Then, separate the front from the back with a rattail comb.

Make a vertical parting on both sides, just behind the ears. Each part should meet at the top of the head. Use clips to secure them. After that, take a vertical segment of your hair at the back-center of the head and pinch it between your forefinger and middle finger.

Slide them down to where you want to cut, and then snip off the hair in the middle. Keep it short, but not too short, as you want to be careful not to go too close to your scalp. Proceed to do this to all the sections, going slowly but surely.

Remember, it's easier to cut more off instead of finding a way to remedy a cut that's too short.

Curtain Bangs

Bangs are back, and we are definitely here for it. If you have long hair and want to make your look a little more dynamic, getting curtain bangs may just be the thing for you. They're also good with other hair lengths.

What's more is that they're easier to achieve on your own, compared to the usual bangs we all probably did ourselves in grade school. The first thing to do is to start with dry hair.

Ready your:

  • rattail comb
  • mirror
  • hair tie
  • blow dryer
  • round brush
  • hair scissors (or shears)

The first thing to do is to part your hair. Brad Mondo, an expert hairstylist, says the middle part is the best choice to achieve the swoop. Then, use your rattail comb to make a small triangle at the front area of your hair. Keep it small, as it is harder to remedy something when you've taken too much off. Then, pull down the hair you've separated and determine which point of your face you want your bangs to fall.

The cheeks are a common point that looks good on any face shape. Before cutting it all the way through, you should first snip a guide piece to see if it falls where you want it to. Then, when you're good with it, use the guide piece and proceed to cut your bangs to achieve that sultry look.

Long Layers

Are you having trouble with your high-volume hair? Don't worry because you're not the only one having trouble with this hair type. Women with thick hair often like long layers because it helps them reduce the thickness of the hair and gives them just enough volume to work with.

Start with wet hair and get your tools ready. Blowdry your hair until it is damp. Use your comb or brush to detangle your hair.

Then, part your hair into 4 small sections.

First, get your rattail comb and part it from the top of your forehead to the base of your skull. Then, section your hair horizontally twice: once at the upper part of your ears and once at the bottom of your ears. When you're good, unclip the top section and get a small segment of hair.

This will be your guide layer piece. Then, cut between 1-2 inches off your layers at a time. Use your non-dominant hand's forefinger and middle finger to hold the guide piece and the uncut hair and cut away.

Clean it up with shears and proceed to do the same process with the other sections.

Best Men's DIY Hairstyles That Can Also Look Good On Women

Who's to say that there are hairstyles only for men or women? Finding the right style for you shouldn't matter if it is commonly seen in men. In fact, most women who want to sport a more androgynous look often wear typical men's hairstyles because they're shorter and easy to maintain.

Before you delve into our list of hairstyles both men and women can enjoy, you can also choose a men's short haircut on our site here. You will also find a low-maintenance haircut for men here that will shave valuable minutes off your routine.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is another classic hairstyle that is coming back in today's society. This style came from military men who typically had shaved heads. There are many variations to a buzz cut, but it is different because it can only be achieved using clippers to make the hair even throughout.

Some women want the same style to have a low-maintenance look. This kind of cut also makes a woman look like she has an edge.

Bowl Cut

This style is also called a "mushroom cut." It's a type of cut that forms a sort of cap on the head that resembles a bowl. The bowl cut is commonly seen nowadays as quirky and even high-fashion. Many women like this cut because it makes them look different and interesting.

When done right, it also looks neat and classy, which some women naturally gravitate towards.


The undercut is a popular hairstyle for a neat look on men. It involves having the bottom half shaved and the upper half having more volume and shape. Most barbers or stylists like an ombre effect to make the transition between the two halves smoother.

Since women typically have longer hair, it gets hot really quickly when all that hair covers the entire neck area. Women love this style because it feels cooler in the nape area.

Simple Tools To Use When Doing Your Own Haircut

Like I said above, you can use anything to do your haircut in an emergency. However, if you really want to learn to do it the right way, you will need a personal set of tools that are made specifically for cutting hair. After all, you don't want your daughter's or son's hair to look like they were cut with crafting scissors, right?


Shears are the hair scissors most stylists use to cut hair. They are thin and sharp, which makes cutting easier and more precise. They are also made of stainless steel to prevent breakage and rusting, especially since they always come in contact with damp hair.

For some helpful recommendations, here are Amazon's best sellers for hair-cutting shears:

Hand Mirror

You will need this so your "client" can look at their face and hair at a closer angle. Choose a hand mirror with a handle of the right length. Of course, if you're doing your own hair, a wall mirror or a mirror with a stand may probably be easier to use.

Hair Clipper

You will need hair clippers when sectioning the hair into small segments. They will keep the hair in place, so the sections don't get mixed up. They also help you be more organized and polished when you work.

Beard Trimmer

It can come in handy if you have men in the house. They will need to trim their beards, so you'll be grateful to have a beard trimmer when that need arises. You wouldn't want them injuring themselves by using your shears to cut their facial hair.

You might end up with a bloody sink. Yikes!

Thinning Shears

These are scissors that have one blade with teeth and one edge without. The teeth are small grooves on the blade that will quickly cut your hair out in even sections to help remove excess weight, soften lines, and blend between sections.

You can check out this Amazon link for their best-selling thinning shears:

What To Do If You Failed In Cutting Your Own Hair

When you're learning to cut your hair, you will most likely make a few mistakes before you master how to do it. So, what should you do if you make a crucial mistake?

1. Stop and put the scissors down.

When you see that you're headed in a bleak direction, the best thing to do is to stop and put your shears down. The more you go on without having a game plan, the worse it will look. Take a breath and drink some water.

Then, plan what you're going to do next. Solving a problem with a focused and calm mind is always best.

2. Use hair products to tame the hair.

If you are having trouble making your hair look the way you want, you can always try using hair products to help you out. You can choose wax, mousse, gel, or oil to achieve your desired look.

3. Go to a professional.

When all else fails, your best solution can be to go to a barber shop or hair salon to let the experts help make your hair look decent. Sometimes, asking for help is okay, especially if you don't want your hair to look like a bird's nest. You can just practice and try again next time.

You'll probably learn from your mistakes and perform better when you do it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have some concerns about doing a DIY haircut? These frequently asked questions may help you decide on learning to cut your own hair.

Can you do a DIY haircut with a trimmer?

Yes, you can. People use this to cut their hair at home, especially if they don't have enough time to go to a professional. It's quick and easy and would save you a lot of time and money.

Can you successfully trim your own hair?

You can, but not immediately. You will need to practice multiple times before you do it perfectly. When you do it a lot, you will learn what to do and what not to do when trimming your hair. Eventually, you will know what works for you, and you won't need to go to a salon every few weeks to have your hair trimmed.

Why does it cost so much for a woman's haircut?

It costs more because it's longer and there is more material to work with. However, I would argue that it should cost the same because it's also really easy to make mistakes when doing a man's haircut. When you cut too short or too close to the scalp, it's more noticeable than when you cut uneven layers on women's hair.

How should I save money from haircuts?

You should have a set of basic hair-cutting tools at home to save money. You can learn how to trim and cut your hair, so you don't need to pay someone else to do it. You will also save your time and effort by spending only a few minutes in the comfort of your home instead of having to go out and make appointments to get your hair done.

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Now, you know all there is to know about doing a DIY haircut.

DIY haircuts can be difficult to do at first, but I hope one thing you've learned from this post is that there's no time limit when learning how to do it. You will make plenty of mistakes, and that's fine.

The good thing about it is you get to learn a new life skill that helps you save time and money. It even makes you look more attractive. Adding to your roster of skills is one key point in how to attract men.

It will shock your crush when you tell him you cut your own hair, and he sees that you actually look decent. Here's to hoping you take the plunge and try it out yourself.

Good luck!