We're going to tell you the best flirty would you rather questions.

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These will help you get to know your crush better. Add a little suggestiveness to the options, and you're on your way to fascinating conversations.

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5 Best flirty would you rather questions

Use these questions when you want to find out more about the person you like. You're a flirty question away from encouraging them to give compelling answers in return, and you'll be able to bond with them a little better. These are the top questions, so note down your favorites.

1. Would you rather go out for the night or stay in?

This one is a straightforward and random question that encourages people to elaborate on their answers.

2. Would you rather date someone you hardly know or someone who you consider a friend?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to dating. A girl can go for a guy she's known for years, while others would not go that way.

3. Would you rather be with a quiet or passionate lover?

This one is super fun to ask and one that you can answer, too. We all have preferences with our chosen romantic partner

4. Would you rather cook a meal together or have a meal cooked for you?

This question is interesting because we all love food; it depends on whether we prefer to cook it or cook it for someone else. 

5. Would you rather receive presents or experiences for your birthday?

A lot of people haven't heard this question yet. This one calls for a fun conversation. Experiences can range from going to a new city to experiencing a lap dance, a sexy massage, maybe even meet your celebrity crush! Gifts can also be plentiful and thoughtful, like a love letter.

4 Funny but also flirty would you rather questions

These funny questions to ask are perfect for keeping the mood light. Making someone laugh is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with them. If you're hoping to amuse and delight the person you're talking to, look no further.

6. Would you rather let me shave your hair off or your eyebrows?

What a funny question! Make sure to tell who you're talking to that this is entirely hypothetical. Or maybe not. Maybe it's a dare, after all.

7. Would you rather get matching tattoos or piercings?

Even if they have no modifications, it's still nice to imagine what they'd prefer. And this becomes a good question because they have to choose one of the two.

8. Would you rather date one person at a time or have multiple partners at once?

This one is fun but essential if you're talking to someone you're hoping to date. It's also the right question to get to know more about your crush because it's crucial if you want to be a boyfriend and girlfriend.

9. Would you rather sleep alone or with someone next to you?

Although this can be sincere, it can lead to a conversation about you sleeping next to each other. Maybe it can even lead to deep questions or dare questions. It depends on how you want to go and which one he's comfortable with doing.

3 random flirty would you rather questions

Asking random questions can surprise your crush and make them think a bit harder about their answer. Your favorite flirty questions might be one of these random questions. These are perfect for helping break the ice and for lulls in the conversation.

10. Would you rather take morning jogs together or night-time strolls?

This one can help you work out what kind of activities the person likes. You can deduce a favorite thing of hers from this. 

11. Would you rather listen to your brain or your heart?

This is a fantastic conversation starter. Want to know what drives someone to make their decisions? This one can help. It says a lot about the life they lead.

12. Would you rather have a movie date or an adventure date?

Planning dates can be tricky, so the answer to this question can be beneficial. Movie dates can be creative, while adventure dates can be a lot of things. 

4 flirty would you rather questions for couples

Asking would you rather questions for couples is a fantastic way to bond with your other half and true love. You might feel like you know everything about them, but would you rather questions force them to think about hypothetical situations they may never have considered before. Know the flirty truth with a questions game!

13. Would you rather dance in the country under the stars or in the city under neon lights?

A lovely question that encourages the person to use their imagination.

14. Would you rather get dressed up for a night on the town or put on sweats?

Some people like going out while others enjoy being cozy at home. We all have a different definition of comfortable clothes. But remember, you're a hot girl no matter what.

15. Would you rather hold my hand for four hours straight every day or never hold it again?

This amusing question will force the two of you to consider what would be the best option. You can't even cuddle if you choose not to hold each other. And no hands when there's a passionate kiss involved.

16. Would you rather have no emotions or be able to feel every little thing deeply?

This might seem random, but it can tell you a lot about how someone experiences the world. 

Downloadable List of Flirty Would You Rather Questions

Here is a downloadable list of would you rather questions (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

How To Pick The Best Flirty Would You Rather Questions

Using the great tips below, you'll pick the ideal questions in no time at all.

Here's how to choose the best flirty would you rather questions:

1. How well do you know the person you're asking?

If you know the person well, then choosing a question is easy - you can ask them practically anything. However, if you don't know them very well, you might want to steer clear of the more serious or more profound questions as you will want to keep the conversation light.

2. Where are you asking them?

Taking note of this is important because you don't want to embarrass your crush or the person you are in a relationship with. When asking questions in a public place with other people around, like at school, at work, or on a day trip, stick to the type of fun question you wouldn't mind others hearing. The sexiest questions should be asked when the two of you are alone or texting.

3. What is your aim?

Are you hoping to get to know someone a bit better? Or are you hoping that the questions will help let your crush know that you like them? Thinking about your aim will help you to choose the best questions for your situation.

More Awesome Questions To Ask

If you want to find out what's going on in the other sex's head, you'll need to ask the right questions. Using the great questions below, you can get a deeper understanding of the person you're talking to, leading to a more meaningful relationship.

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In Conclusion

Asking would you rather questions can help someone to use their imagination to consider hypothetical scenarios. Through this, you can understand them a bit more and have some fun conversations. Write down your favorite of these questions to ask and use them the next time you speak to your crush.