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How to stop being jealous - Featured

How to Stop Being Jealous: 3 Simple Steps to Be Confident

If you've wondered about a simple and easy way on how to stop being jealous, this post is for you.

First, we taught you how to get over a breakup. Now it's time to stop the often unintentional pettiness.

This post will help you put those jealous feelings aside. We all know how it feels to be jealous, and it's not good! So let's put an end to your jealous tendencies and start.


Why Is Knowing How To Stop Being Jealous Important?

Jealousy is the green-eyed monster. Being jealous is never a good thing. It's a sign of being insecure and not being fully confident in yourself. Of course, sometimes, there are legitimate reasons to be jealous, but other times, it's all in your head.

Jealousy can break up a couple and cause unnecessary arguments. It's essential to know how to stop being jealous to feel at peace in your relationship and others.

Not only this, feeling envy puts you in a bad mood and makes you resent the people you love (usually) for no reason. Before you come to conclusions about another person, try working on your problem of relationship jealousy over everything.

How To Stop Being Jealous

Jealousy is hard to overcome. We all know this. Everyone feels jealous to some extent, but when it gets out of hand, you've got to put a stop to it. It can harm your self-esteem and people's lives. You've got to learn how to stop being jealous, so you can feel better about yourself and others.

Here's how to stop being jealous:

1. Talk Things Out

Sometimes, intense jealousy can come, ultimately, from your thoughts. When we see our partner talking with another woman, we sometimes feel an instant sense of envy. This jealousy can play in our minds to be bigger than it is. Occasionally, our partner's behavior doesn't even mean anything!

When this happens, you feel angry towards your spouse for something you don't even know they did. Maybe they're just talking to a friend like you do with your male friends. It's best to speak with your partner and let them know how you feel so they can reassure you that it's nothing that you think it is. You would reassure a jealous boyfriend, too, right?

Pro Tip #1 Calm Yourself

Make sure that you talk to your significant other maturely and calmly. You may be a negative emotion, but yelling and accusing your partner of things you thought they did will only cause more problems. That's not how a healthy relationship goes.

Pro Tip #2 Timing is Important

Pick the right time to talk about a subject like this. It's never fun to have to defend yourself when all you did was make your partner unintentionally jealous. Try to avoid opening up the subject before bed or when your partner is tired. As a girlfriend in a romantic relationship, you should consider these things and be understanding as much as you can.

2. Find the Source

People can feel jealous because of insecurityfearand self-esteem issues. You may also feel jealous because of something that happened in a past relationship.

When a former spouse cheats or is incredibly flirty, a person will think that this can happen in the relationship they're in now. This can be a source of where the jealousy stems from. The anxiety can worsen the feelings and trust issues.

Figuring out where the jealousy comes from can help you find ways to deal, or confront, the problem. It's the first healthy way to remove the negative feeling.

3. Think Positively

Thinking positively of the good things in your life can help you get rid of some of the jealousy you feel towards other people's success. It can also help you reduce the stress you're feeling, which accompanies jealousy. Happiness and gratitude can go a long way.

When you're having strong feelings of excessive jealousy of someone else's accomplishment, think of all the things you've accomplished. When you see your partner talking to other girls, think about all the great things about them.

Remember that everyone's life has its ups and downs no matter how you see it. And, you never know, that person may be feeling jealous of you, the same way you are, of them. Be a friend and remove the anger and jealous thought.

Pro Tip #1 Stay Off Social Media

Sometimes, you only feel occasional jealousy when you look at social media. Social media will mostly always show you the best part of someone's life. That doesn't mean that their life is perfect, so don't feel jealousy towards them. Think about it; why would anyone want to post nasty things about their life?

Odds are, their life is probably just as great (or not great) as yours.

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In Conclusion

So, if you're like the rest of us that deal with jealousy and similar bad feelings, hopefully, this guide can help you find out how to stop being jealous in no time. Overcoming jealousy is possible. You shouldn't be a jealous person forever.

Jealousy is plain ugly, and you'll look (and feel) way better without it. Jealous behavior shows low self-esteem. Hopefully, you'll be able to get over your jealousy before it ruins any of your relationships.

But, if it already has, get advice on how to get over a breakup, or better yet, how to fix a relationship if you know you're the one who messed up.

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