Ah, if only you had practiced how to compliment a guy before you accidentally ran into that dude you have a thing for.

But you didn’t practice — and now find yourself tongue-tied and flustered. Well, maybe you will get a chance to tell him how funny he is the next time you bump into him.

However, as you get on with your day, you can’t help but wonder: wouldn’t it be handy if men came with user manuals such as “How to Talk to a Guy” or “How to Get a Boyfriend”?

They do now! Our little tips and tricks on how to compliment a guy should give you that tiny confidence boost you need to chat up any man.

Why Is Knowing How To Compliment A Guy Important?

Complimenting a man can be tricky. Many guys out there don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, and even more, struggle accepting compliments with grace — especially when they come from women. At the same time, though, guys secretly love it when they are being praised.

It seems like you just can’t win here, doesn’t it?

Well, you can, actually — you just need to hone your communication and conversation skills using the tips below. With a little practice, you will soon find out that you now know how to make a guy fall in love with you!

How To Compliment A Guy

“I wish I knew how to flirt with a guy without making a fool of myself.”

“How do I tell him he has a great smile without it being awkward? Ugh, why am I so antisocial?!”

“Some girls just know how to attract men. They are naturals. I could never compete with them.”

Do any of these questions sound familiar? If you have found yourself in similar situations one too many times, the guide below is for you!

1. Know-How To Start A Conversation With A Guy

Don’t put the cart before the horse. Before you master the art of making compliments, you need to learn how to start a conversation with a guy in the first place.


Because if you start complimenting him right away, you will probably only make him uncomfortable — especially if you don’t know each other that well.

So, take it slow and easy, gently easing your way into a compliment. Start by discussing neutral topics such as sports, hobbies, or the latest TV shows you’ve been watching — nothing controversial or too personal.

Keep the conversation fun and lighthearted, make sure to enjoy it and go with the flow. If an opportunity presents itself, use it to your advantage and compliment him. But if it doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. If he had at least as much fun as you did, the chances are that you will be hearing from him again anyway.

2. Get To Know Him

Want to know what the best-kept secret about the art of making compliments is?

For best results, you should not be praising the traits that you like about that person. Instead, you should praise the things that they like about themselves.

For instance, if he takes his fitness goals seriously and works out religiously, he’d love it if you commented on the size of his biceps or his six-pack.

If he has an entrepreneurial spirit and is working 14-hour workdays to build a successful business, he’d like it if you appreciated the hustle.

If he loves reading and constantly learning new things, he’d be really flattered if you told him you admired his intelligence and inquisitive mind.

Here’s the thing, though: to find out what he likes about himself the most, you need to get to know him well. So, ask him about his work, hobbies, and interests. The answers should give you valuable insights into his values and the things about himself that he takes the most pride in.

3. Make Eye Contact And Smile

This one is a must. Make sure to maintain appropriate eye contact throughout the conversation, but don’t overdo it. No one likes to be stared at.

And don’t forget to smile (and mean it). A genuine smile goes a long way.

4. Be Specific

Vague compliments simply won’t cut it. “You look nice today” sounds pretty underwhelming and, well, unconvincing. Just compare that to “The color of that sweater really makes your eyes pop!” Ah, now we are talking!

5. Use “I” Instead Of “You”

This simple trick is a great way to pack two compliments into one. Don’t say, “You have a great sense of humor.” Instead, say, “I love how you can always make me laugh even when I’m feeling down.”

See what we did there? In just one phrase, you complimented him on his sense of humor and you subtly told him that you love the way he makes you feel.

If that doesn’t make him feel good about himself (and you), nothing else will!

6. Be Genuine

Don’t compliment him just for the sake of stroking his ego. Make sure you really mean what you say. Men, much like women, can smell a fake compliment from a mile away.

7. Surprise Him

Compliment him in a nonchalant way when he least expects it. An offhand but heartfelt compliment can truly make his day.

8. Know What To Compliment

If talking to him makes you too nervous to just wing it, it’s a good idea to have a list of the general types of compliments you could use. Some things you could compliment him on include his:

  • Physical appearance
  • Sense of style or outfit
  • Intelligence and wit
  • Sense of humor
  • Emotional intelligence, i.e., he is a good listener or a great partner
  • Particular skills, such as his driving or organizational skills

However, don’t forget what we said earlier, and try to keep your compliments as specific as possible. That may require some degree of improvisation, but it will get easier with practice.

Pro Tip 1. Don’t Overdo It

Have you heard the old saying that men fall in love with their eyes, whereas women — with their ears? We don’t like to make sweeping generalizations, but there is some truth to that.

When it comes to complimenting a guy, less is more. Too many or overly enthusiastic compliments can make him uncomfortable and won’t get you anywhere.

So, don’t go overboard. Keep your compliments subtle, to the point, and few and far between.

Pro Tip 2. Don’t Expect A Compliment Back

Whatever you do, don’t be one of those people who compliment others and fish for a compliment back. The disappointment on their faces when they don’t get one always betrays them — and it doesn’t make for a good look.

Don’t be like them. Offer your sincere praise for what it’s worth, and don’t expect anything in return other than a polite “Thank you.”

Pro Tip 3. Compliment Him In Front Of Other People

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger ego boost than praising someone in front of their peers. Guys love it when you compliment them in the presence of their friends or colleagues.

The trick here is to keep your compliments genuine and understated. Fake or overly bombastic compliments might embarrass both him and you.

Pro Tip 4. Send Him A Message

If you can’t muster the courage to compliment him face-to-face yet, you can always send him a sweet text or an email. It will still make him feel good, put you on his radar, and pave the way for more conversations to follow — both on- and offline.

If you choose to go down this route, make sure to keep your messages brief, relevant, lighthearted, and well-written. You will have all the time in the world to write and rewrite them as many times you want from the comfort of your own home, so you really have no excuse for sending sloppily drafted messages.

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In Conclusion

Well, ladies, there you have it — you now know how to compliment a guy! Just remember: if you want to learn how to talk to a guy or how to get a boyfriend, you would have to do a lot more than read a couple of articles online.

You would need to put everything you read into practice. And if it doesn’t work the first time around, dust yourself off and try again. As with anything else in life, the more you practice a certain skill, the better at it you will get.