Thinking about what to do after a breakup can be tough. After all, you've probably become used to being with this person through hard times, and here you are trying to figure out how to get over a breakup without them.

Getting over a breakup can be extremely difficult for some people. They may feel like they're grieving for a lost loved one. The reality of the matter is that it doesn't need to be this way. Once you've gotten through the first month or two, you'll be ready to accept the breakup.

So, whether you're looking for advice on what to do after a breakup or, even, how to break up with someone, we've got you covered with some helpful tips that will get you over that breakup quick as can be!

Why is it important to know what to do after a breakup?

It doesn't matter if you've been broken up with, you've broken up with someone, or the breakup is mutual — breakups are never easy. The same goes with if you've got yourself wondering, "should I break up with my boyfriend?" — knowing what to do after a breakup can possibly save you a heartache.

When you've just broken up with someone, it's hard to get yourself in a good mood and you may not want to be around anyone. This is common, but sometimes it can put you in a vulnerable position where you're likely to contact your ex or even get back with them.

Depending on why you broke up, it may not be a good idea to get back together, especially not right away, that is.

That's why it's super important to know what to do after a breakup. You need to heal the right way and know that you're strong enough to get over this person.

What to do after a breakup?

There are so many things you can do after a breakup to make yourself feel better and, hopefully, get yourself back to normal. It may take some time to get over a breakup but know that it's important to keep yourself in a good mood, especially right after.

If you don't keep yourself busy, you're bound to keep thinking of the person you just broke up with. Thinking about this person is not what you want to do straight after a break up. It'll only make you feel worse and may lead to other actions you'll probably regret later.

The best thing to do is go about your life the way you usually do — just without your ex. If you have no idea where to start, let us help you out with these tips on what to do after a breakup.

Here is what to do after a breakup:

1. Hang With Friends and Family

It's always better to stay around people rather than be alone after a breakup. Hang out with positive people that will get your mind off your ex and people who know how to have a good time.

Make sure to stay away from people who remind you of your breakup, or those people who keep bringing it up. You may be feeling like you want to talk about your breakup, though there's another time for that conversation.

2. Send a Message to a Crush

Everyone has crushes, even if they're while you're in a relationship. You may find someone attractive or have a friend that you have a small crush on.

A good way to get over a breakup quick is to meet someone new that you enjoy being around. This can help you completely forget about your ex, especially if you're really enjoying spending time with this new person.

3. Do Things That You Enjoy Doing That Your Ex Never Did With You

Being compatible with your ex doesn't mean that you both enjoyed doing all of the same things. You might like going shopping, while they enjoy playing video games much more.

Go out there and do all those things that you may have put to the side while you were with that person. It'll make you feel so much better about not being with them anymore.

4. Let Your Emotions Out and Grieve

This may not be the best thing to do immediately after a breakup, though if you feel extremely emotional, this can help you get all those sad feelings out before you begin to get over your ex.

There's nothing wrong with feeling like you want to be alone after a breakup. You might not feel like doing anything at all. This is normal, just be careful not to fall into a deep depression. If it helps, talk to someone close about the breakup, or seek professional advice.

5. Don't Contact Your Ex

Unless there's an important reason to contact your ex, try not to speak to them right after a breakup. Even if you feel like you really want to talk to them, it's best to cut all connections you have with that person.

Talking to your ex right after a breakup shows that you still want to be with them and can even bring you both back together, which may not be the best idea. Remember that you're vulnerable right after a breakup, so getting back together might make you feel better at that moment.

6. Take a Road Trip

Leaving the area where your ex lives can keep you from seeing them, and might even help you get your mind off them too — out of sight, out of mind.

If you're able to, stay out of town for a while to let things heal. It will definitely be easier when you're away from everything that reminds you of your ex.

7. Get Rid of Everything That Reminds You of Your Ex

Don't hold onto anything they gave you or things you kept to remember the times you had with that person. The best thing to do is get rid of it all, and to do so as quickly as you can. These things will only make you miss your ex and might even make you forget about why you broke up with them.

8. Don't Make Any Major Life Changes

People always believe that changing their hair or getting a new tattoo will help them start a new beginning — these things won't do any of that. The fact is that you'll probably be feeling emotional after a breakup, so any life changing decision you make might not seem like a great idea once your emotions calm down.

Don't do anything drastic until you feel like you have control over the situation and that this change is something you really want to do — not just something to make you feel better in that moment.

9. Start a New Workout

Exercise is known to lift the mood and make a person feel better. Not only that, you'll be keeping yourself fit and healthy while also staying in a good mood.

If it helps, join a dance class or any other exercise you enjoy doing. Even relaxation classes can help stabilize your mood.

10. Pick Up a Good Book to Read

Books are a way to escape reality, and after a breakup, that's probably the best thing to do. Find a book that you can't put down and, when you do put down, can't stop thinking about. It'll get your mind off your breakup and you'll have a great book to talk about and recommend to others.

11. Make a List of Reasons Why You Broke Up

Making a list of all those bad traits about your ex can help you remember why you're no longer with them. Likewise, jot down all the bad moments you had with this person and read it when you find yourself missing your ex. This can also be a good way to stop you from wanting to contact this person or get back together with them.

12. Get Hooked on a Good Show

Find a show that you've been wanting to watch, or a show that everyone can't stop talking about. If it makes things better, binge watch an old sitcom that'll make you laugh and lift your mood. This is especially important if you don't feel like being around anyone, or feel like you're alone in this situation.

13. Organize Your Space

This might not be something you'll be eager to do right after a breakup, though it can really make you feel better once you start. Rearranging furniture, cleaning up the clutter, cleaning out closests and cabinets, and even getting a new wadrobe can make you feel like you have control over your life after a rocky situation like a breakup.

Just a small amount of remodeling or changing the way things used to look can make a huge difference in the way you're feeling.

14. Find a Hobby

Making your own clothes, knitting blankets, or any other DIY hobbies can keep yourself busy and your mind off you-know-who. Hobbies are also a great way to feel accomplished if you're feeling worthless at the moment.

If you've got an old hobby you used to do prior to your relationship, now's the time to get back to it. It can make you feel that your ex was part of the reason you stopped doing it which can make you feel better you're no longer with them.

15. Take Care of Yourself

Lastly, though very important, is to take care of yourself after a breakup. Don't let yourself fall into a sad state. Get out and go to the spa, get your nails and hair done, and feel good about yourself!

More Ways To Deal with a break up

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In Conclusion

Whether you're looking for tips on what to do after a breakup or how to break up with someone, hopefully, this list was able to help you in some way. Everyone has a hard time getting over a breakup so, don't feel like you're alone with the way you're feeling.

Knowing how to get over a breakup is a good step to actually getting over that breakup, so instead of feeling bad about the situation, use some of these tips to cheer yourself up, and get yourself back out there again.