Knowing how to get over a breakup doesn't come naturally. If anything, getting over a breakup is something most people struggle with. That's why you see so many people getting back together after a breakup — because it's not easy.

Getting broken up with can come with a lot of mixed feelings, like, feeling rejected, as well as feeling sad about losing someone you love and care for. Breaking up with someone is similar, and can have you feeling guilty of hurting someone you care about, and also that you've lost someone close.

There's no way of knowing how to break up with someone without hurting them. Breakups hurt either way, even if it's mutual.

Why is it important to know how to get over a breakup?

Knowing how to get over a breakup can really prove that you're a strong and independent person. You can be the person who dwells in bad circumstances or you can be the person who excels from them.

It's important to know how to get over a breakup and keep yourself sane while going through it. So many people get back into bad relationships because they don't know how to deal with a breakup.

Similarly, there are people who break up several times throughout their relationship. This shows that they probably aren't good with breakups. Although, it can also mean that they try to reason with each other to be able to stay with one another.

Knowing the difference between can I or should I break up with my boyfriend is a good start to understanding how you really feel about dealing with a breakup. You might feel guilty about hurting them, though if you know what's best, stick to what you should do and take the time to understand how to get over a breakup the right way.

How To Get Over A Breakup?

Getting over a breakup takes time, and this might be a difficult time for you. That's why knowing how to get over a breakup can help make you feel better during this healing period.

You may feel like you need to grieve or move on quickly. Whichever way helps you get over a breakup quicker depends on you as a person, as well as how difficult the breakup was to you.

Read through these tips to help you figure out which ways are best for you to heal after a breakup. You may find that one way is better than the other, or that all the tips listed here are helpful to you.

1. Move Away From the Relationship

Move on and leave everything behind that's associated with your ex. The first thing you need to let go of is your ex. Delete his number and remove him from any social media accounts you might have him on. This is the first step to getting him out of your life.

If you have anything that reminds you of him; gifts, pictures, clothes, make sure to get rid of them. Anything that reminds of the time spent with him will hurt you and will make you think of all the good times you've spent together. This, in turn, can make you forget about all the bad times and why you guys have broken up.

The next way to move on is by moving forward with your life without your ex. Don't stay inside and mope around. Get outside and go places. Pamper yourself with spa treatments and salon appointments. Keep yourself feeling good and don't let this breakup bring you down.

Join a dance class or start a new exercise program. This can help you feel better quicker and can motivate you to move on with your life. You'll have something to look forward to and you'll enjoy meeting new people if you decide to take a class.

2. Give Yourself Time to Grieve

If you're really not feeling like yourself, and you'd rather be alone and not out with others, know that this is normal and it's okay to feel this way. You don't need to be back to bounce back right after a breakup. Allow yourself time to heal and grieve in a healthy way.

Take a road trip or leave town for a short while. This will help you get away from all the things that remind you of your ex. The new environment should also bring you some comfort and space to heal in a healthy way.

It's also a good idea to stay around positive people who care about you and will help you get through this breakup. Even if you feel like being alone at this time, it's best to be around the people who care for you. Let them know you're hurting, yet, you're doing okay.

A good way to cheer yourself up during this grieving process is to catch up on an old hobby, or learn a new one. Learning a new hobby can build up your self esteem and make you feel accomplished. This is a great way to feel after feeling down through this breakup.

If you've done everything there is to grieve naturally and healthy and you're still feeling miserable, the next thing to do is to seek professional help. If you feel that you're sinking into depression, a therapist may be able to help you cope with these feelings and help you understand why you're feeling this way.

3. Reflect on Your Relationship

You might be feeling like you're better off without this person, though it helps to know the reasons why. One way to know you made the right decision about staying away from your ex is to highlight their bad traits.

If it makes things easier, write them all down and read them to yourself often. This will remind you why you're better off without them, especially when you feel like you have the urge to speak to them or even get back together with them.

Write about the way you're feeling. You can write a song, or even a poem, about how you're feeling as the days go by. You can even try writing a letter to your ex about how you feel and how you felt during your relationship, just make sure not to actually send them this letter. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel after doing this.

Another thing you can do is to look at the reasons why you're better off without your ex. Maybe he was controlling in some ways, or he always put the fault on you for his own actions. Whatever the case, you should remind yourself why life without him is better for you.

And, lastly, the most important thing to do is accept your breakup and stand by your decision to remain broken up. If the break up was your choice, there's no need to regret it if you have accepted that it's for the best. And, if the breakup wasn't something you wanted, don't dwell on it.

You need to be able to accept the fact that this person isn't right for you and move forward with life. You never know what's in store for you; keep a positive attitude and look forward to better things coming your way.

4. Know what to do after a breakup

Knowing exactly what to do after a breakup to make yourself feel better isn't as simple as some may think. You might find yourself feeling very upset about the whole situation that you don't feel like doing anything.

Get rid of all the memories by having a unique memorial for all the things that remind you of your ex. You can bury them or, better yet, burn them!

There are many ways to heal after a breakup, just make sure to take care of yourself and heal in a healthy and safe way.

Though, the best thing to do is to at least try to make yourself feel better by following these tips below:

Pro Tip 1. Remember to allow yourself time to grieve

If you don't feel like going out or being around others, know that it's perfectly okay to want to be alone at this time. Just make sure to be aware of the signs of depression so you're able to seek help if you notice them.

Pro Tip 2. Think about how your ex may be feeling

If this was a mutual breakup and you both decided not to see each other anymore, respect that agreement, and give your ex time to heal as well. If you feel the urge to speak with him, wait a while until you feel like it's been a good amount of time to get over the breakup.

Pro Tip 3. Get yourself engaged in a new book or TV show

There's no better way to forget about everything that's going on in your life. A good book will be able to keep your mind focused on a different world, and a TV show will help you feel less lonely and may even brighten your mood (depending on the genre).

Pro Tip 4. Talk to people about your breakup

Talk to people you're close with, or even random strangers. This will help you get everything off your chest that you weren't able to get off while in that relationship. You can probably find chat groups online or elsewhere with people going through the same thing. That way you'll be able to help them while also getting help.

More Ways To Deal with a break up

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In Conclusion

Knowing how to get over a breakup doesn't come with a manual. That's why we set up this guide to help you with getting over a breakup. Hopefully, you've learned some helpful ways on getting over a breakup successfully.

And if you came here for advice on how to break up with someone, keep in mind that it's just as hard for the other person as it is for you. Nobody likes going through a breakup, though it's definitely not easier to stay in a relationship you're unhappy with.

So, ask yourself if you're happier broken up or together — this will help you get through that hard breakup quicker and easier.