This list of nicknames for your boyfriend is enough to get him feeling like it's the first time. Even if baby talk isn't your strong suit, you'll get something out of this post.

I don't only guide women on how to talk to a guy. I also dive into pet names and boyfriend nicknames in the event that you successfully followed my tips and got yourself a man that deserves your love.

Well, let's not wait any longer. Let's dive in!


Ultimate List of Nicknames For Your Boyfriend

A pet name can be anything! It might be an abbreviated form of your name or something inspired and devised by something you said or did. But when it comes to your boyfriend, you want a nickname that's unique and swoon-worthy. Something you, and only you, can use. Before you know it, you'll forget his actual name and only use that on those occasions your significant other is in trouble.

So, choose a nickname that is charming, cute, and perfect for the love of your life!

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4 Best Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Baby is a sweet name to call your partner, but, let's be honest, there are so many better terms of endearment that aren't a cliche. Some of the best nicknames for your boyfriend are pet names that he doesn't hear often. Try some of these and see how much he loves them.

1. Mine

Who doesn't love to be confidently told that they belong to you? Being called "mine" lets him know that he's all yours and you don't need anything else. He doesn't have to worry at all because he knows he's all yours and you're all his. It's a sweet thing to say.

2. Honeybun

Honeybuns are super sweet and delicious, and it's also a super cute nickname. Honey was so last century, but it fits right in with your relationship right now when you add bun. It's one of those silly pet names that are also sweet. Some people even change this up and say Honey Bunny.

3. Teddy Bear

Is he your teddy bear? Does he cuddle you? Do you cuddle him? Whichever way it is, this pet name tells him how much you love to be in each other's arms.

4. Iron man

A guy loves it when his girl gives compliments on his strength. Calling your lover Iron Man will raise his confidence to the sky. We all know Iron Man does everything for the people he loves.

3 Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend When Joking Around

There's plenty of sweet nicknames to call your boyfriend, but how about when you guys are just joking and kidding around. You'll need different names to call your boyfriend when joking around with one another - some fun names!

5. Wonder Boy

Wonderboy, boy wonder, some guys love being called boy by their girlfriends. It makes them feel like you care for them truly. It's an adorable nickname that can make any guy feel like he's young and at his best.

6. Shorty

Shorty isn't just for girls. You can call your boyfriend this even if he's way taller than you. It's just a fun play name to use when you're joking around. He'll be surprised, but he'll also think it's cute and hilarious that you call him that. You don't have to call your guy a romantic nickname all the time.

7. Monkey

Monkeys are cute and sweet and love jumping all over the place. So, if your partner or husband is the type who likes to act silly, this pet name would be perfect to use when joking around.

3 Nicknames For Your Good Looking Boyfriend

If you want to know how to compliment a guy, you should call him names that compliment his looks. If you've got a good-looking boyfriend, use nicknames that let him know how much you appreciate his looks.

8. Gorgeous

If he's gorgeous to you, let him know it with a single, perfect nickname. Calling him gorgeous might make him blush, and that'll make him look even more stunning than he already is.

9. Hunk

Large, intense, and hot. Can there be a better sexy nickname to call your good-looking partner? This one says it all and makes him feel super macho. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your masculinity and if your guy's like that, he will appreciate this name!

10. Cutie Pie

Simple and cute. If your partner's cute as pie, he's a cutie pie, and he'll adore being called this. It's one of the cute things that men secretly enjoy, no matter how much of a tough guy one may be.

3 Cute Terms of Endearment To Call Your Boyfriend

If you're the type of girl who likes to let your partner know that he's the most adorable thing in the world, these cute names to call your boyfriend are for you because boo isn't the only cute name you can call your romantic partner. When you call him by these terms of endearment, he'll know you're the cutest and sweetest girlfriend ever.

11. Jellybean

Jellybeans aren't just cute, yummy candy; they also have the cutest name. Forget what a jellybean is. Just saying the name is cute enough. When we hear 'jellybean', anything cute comes to mind, so why not try this name out?

12. Papa Bear

And you're his Goldilocks. But, in this scenario, he doesn't chase you out of his house, and his bed is just right for you. What a sweet boyfriend!

13. Baby Boy

Say baby boy to your man and make him feel like your precious baby. This one is entirely different from just calling him baby. There's something about baby boy that makes him feel so special to you. It makes a sweet nickname even sweeter.

3 Names To Call Your Boyfriend When You Have Strict Parents

You'll need a secretive way to call your boyfriend play names when you have strict parents. You can use these names while on the phone with your partner or through text. These are perfect if your parents are around. There's a great nickname to use even when you're trying to lie low.

14. Buddy

Buddy is cute and friendly and won't make you feel uncomfortable around your parents. They might think it's just a guy friend and nothing too serious. It's also a fun way to play around with your partner. He'll think it's funny to be called buddy.

15. Rockstar

He's your rockstar, and he rocks your world. It's a good nickname that he'll love, and so will your parents - because they'll have no clue who you're talking to. There's so many rockstars in the whole world, they won't think much of it.

16. Nuggets

Nuggets is the cutest nickname that you can use for anyone, not just a cute guy. It's cute but doesn't mean anything. It's just a fun one to use when you've got strict parents. Plus, it's a unique nickname.

3 Romantic Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend

Take things further in your relationship with these romantic names to call your boyfriend. Leave these names for those special moments when it's just the two of you, so he knows you only use them occasionally.

17. Romeo

This one works better than Prince Charming. He's the Romeo to your Juliet, but in this case, you two are destined to be together. Romeo is what people say to boys who are head over heels, but when you call him this, it assures him that you know how much he loves you. That makes this one of the best sweet names.

18. Love

Simple and sweet. It's a popular nickname that makes sense. Sometimes simpler terms of endearment are the most precious and make the most profound impressions. Your partner will love this one when used for special moments.

19. Mi Amor

This Spanish nickname translates to "my love" and is such a beautiful phrase to say. Just the sound of it will give your guy goosebumps and make him smile from ear to ear. If you ever tried to look for cute Spanish nicknames, this one takes the cake.

Downloadable and Printable List of Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of nicknames to call your boyfriend (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about pet names, use these frequently asked questions to answer them.

What is the benefit of using nicknames as a couple?

Many studies suggest that couples who use pet names or nicknames to call each other are more satisfied and happy in their relationship. It's a good way to show affection and love, which strengthens the bond a couple has.

A boy started calling me "babe" even though we're not in a relationship. What does it mean?

It's only one of two things: they're trying to annoy you or they're trying to flirt with you. Most of the time, it's hard to tell apart, so it's best to just confront them about it.

Is it better to have a cute nickname for your boyfriend in a different language?

It depends on what your boyfriend will enjoy. If you and your boyfriend both like the nickname in a foreign language, you can use it as a word that brings you to your own world. As long as you're both comfortable with the nickname, then it's good!

How do I convince my boyfriend that having nicknames for each other is cute?

Don't force him. You can try calling him by the nickname every now and then until he gets used to it, but if he's really not comfortable, you can try to choose other nicknames.

Do men like being called daddy?

Some guys enjoy it and some don't. It depends on how they perceive the name. Others like it because they think it's cute or funny, while others enjoy it because it gives them some sort of dominance.

How To Know When To Call Him Cute Nicknames

Sure, you've got all the best nicknames written down and you're ready to use them on your special one, but when do you use these nicknames? We've got the exact guide you need to know when to call your boyfriend a cute nickname of your choice.

Here's how to know when to call him cute nicknames:

1. Is He Comfortable?

Figure out first if he's comfortable with the nickname that you'll be using. You have to make sure that when you do use the nickname, that he loves it and he'll be happy to hear it from you. Don't force any nickname on him if he's not comfortable about it. The goal of using the nickname is to strengthen your relationship and have a good time with each other, so make sure he's ready to hear it from you.

2. Does He Need A Lift-Me-Up?

If you know that he needs something to lift him up, it's time to say that nickname out loud. It's definitely going to put a smile on his face. And when you're at it, why not give him a hug and a kiss, too?

More Awesome Things To Say

There are plenty of other things to say to your boyfriend besides nicknames. Here's a few of them.

  1. Use these sweet things to say to your boyfriend to make him blush.
  2. Looking for some romantic things to say to your boyfriend? These are romantic enough for any scene.
  3. These things to say to your crush will make him want to be your boyfriend right away.

In Conclusion

The best names to call your boyfriend will speak right out to you. You know your boyfriend, so you'll know which pet names mean the most to him.

But, even if you decide to use all of these nicknames for your boyfriend, he'll love every single one of them because they're coming from his girlfriend, who loves him.