Are the signs he likes you unclear? Struggling to read body language signs and understand his true feelings? Well, let's address how to tell if a guy likes you!

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Ultimate List of Signs He Likes You

Figuring out how to tell if a guy likes you can be challenging, and it's widely acknowledged that reading a man can be difficult. His body language signs can say a lot when navigating the dating game and looking for true love. But, you also tend to second guess whether you're deciphering the signs he likes you correctly. What you need is a helpful guide to understand a guy better!

Who Likes You

Cues Your Friend Has Feelings For You, But He's Hiding It - 5 Signs

Mantelligence asked the question: do girls like shy guys? While admittedly we like a shy guy, he does leave us guessing his feelings. A person may wear their hearts on their sleeves, sure, but others hide them behind a safely guarded wall. And because we believe we know a close friend well, it's easy to miss all the cues he's leaving he likes you and wants you to be his girlfriend. That's why it's helpful to recognize the signs!

Sign #1. They take quite a lot of interest in your love life.

Ever notice a friend constantly asking for details about your love life? This person might ask about the cute guy you mentioned or whether you've got a date. He may even get mad if you talk to an ex and offer relationship advice. If he's taking an interest in your love life, it's a good sign he wants to be part of it. He likes asking for details because he's sizing up the possible competition and wondering whether he has a chance with you.

Sign #2. He might talk to you and flirt with you but then go away.

It can be difficult to tell whether a person genuinely likes you or if the man is just kind. Especially when they flirt then suddenly stop or go away. Most of the time, it's his way of testing the waters. The man is checking to see what kind of reaction he'll get from you before he really shows he's interested. Think of it as self-preservation. A guy is not going to put in all the effort if he doesn't get the feedback from you he's hoping for.

Sign#3. They are a friend, but suddenly act as if they are hiding something.

Women aren't the only ones that get confused with their feelings. A man does too! When he seems like he's hiding something, he doesn't want you to find out he likes you. He's probably still unsure of your feelings towards him, and he doesn't want to be left embarrassed if you find out too soon. Until he's confident he has a good chance with you, he'll act like he's hiding something.

Sign #4. He stares at you a lot.

Looking at something we want is a subconscious thing we do. Guys will stare and pay close attention to the girl he likes, then when caught, might look away. But eventually, they'll stare some more. His staring is his way of letting you know he's attracted to you. He might tell a joke and watch for your reaction too, which means he's watching for your approval.

Sign #5. They make you feel like whatever you say matters to them.

The man puts extra effort into a conversation and remembers small details. He might be shy and not have many words to express he likes you, but he'll definitely show you with his listening skills. What you say will be important to him because he's finding ways to have a deeper and meaningful connection with you.

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5 Signs This Guy is Interested With You Through Text

A conversation can sometimes be easier when it isn't face-to-face. A shy man might have a boost of confidence behind a screen and reveal more than he would if you were in front of him. Using technology to convey our thoughts and innermost feelings is a new-age thing. And sometimes makes flirting and confessing easier.

Sign #1. They reply quickly.

It's not just the ladies that sit staring at their phones, waiting for their crush to send them a message or call. Guys do it too! When he replies quickly, it shows he's prioritizing you because he's likely stopped what he's doing to give you some of his time to reply.

Sign #2. They start using heart and flirty emojis.

It's in the little things. Emojis are cute and add an extra touch to a text message. Words are sometimes not enough to really get the flirty point across. He'll use hearts and big yellow grins to show you how he's feeling.

Sign #3. He is always the first one to text you.

Evidently, you are at the forefront of his mind. The man is totally smitten and thinks about you. And when he hasn't seen or heard from you in a while, he misses you and reaches out. He's looking for ways to get your attention. He might forward you a meme or ask you a random question, anything to get a little bit of your time.

Sign #4. You spend the day texting each other.

The man loves spending time with you, even if via an electronic conversation. You have each other's undivided attention, and he's enjoying your company and your exchanges. This is when he'll ask personal questions too, a subtle way of building trust and intimacy. He wants to be a good friend, but he'll be avoiding the friend zone.

6 Signs A Male Coworker Likes You

A person can spend one-third of their life working, so it's not surprising that we can find a romantic connection at our workplace. If you watch out for certain things, there'll be undeniable signs a male friend has romantic feelings for you. How to tell if a guy likes you at work plays a little differently to a guyfriend outside of work because of the environment in which you interact.

Sign #1. He wants to be your problem-solver at work.

The man wants to be needed, and he wants to feel like he's done good for the girl he wants. A person will make an effort to help someone they love.

Sign #2. He switches shifts to match yours.

If this clear sign doesn't make things obvious, I don't know what will. A guy changing his shifts to match yours is him fulfilling his want to be with you. He wants to be in your line of sight and get as much time with you as possible.

Sign #3. He sits beside you in meetings.

A man will find a way to sit or stand next to a woman he likes, even if he isn't aware of it. It's his need to be close to someone on his mind, and since he likes you, you're going to be the thing he thinks about the most. In meetings, he'll want to be close to you so he can whisper those witty remarks to see you smile or ask for your opinion because he values what you have to say. He'll subtly invade your personal space as well to get closer.

Sign #4. He pampers you, and this is not what he does to anyone.

There will be a difference between how he treats and interacts with you compared with other people because he likes you. As a form of flirtation, a guy will go out of his way to crack a joke or assist you in any way he can. The stronger the rapport he builds with you, the better for him.

Sign #5. He often compliments you.

A man who likes you will be generous with his compliments and will watch your facial expressions for approval. You won't be able to deny that he's going all out to tell you how amazing you are. He'll compliment your ideas, skills, and talents, not just your looks. You'll accomplish something at work and he'll be the first to congratulate you.

Sign #6. He defends you from other colleagues.

If something happens at work and you need someone to back you up, his hero instinct will kick in. Because it activates his protective instincts and it's an opportunity for him to display his masculinity, the man will defend you from other coworkers. Above all, it's an obvious sign he likes you. A person wouldn't put himself out there if he didn't.

Guy Is Attracted To You vs. Just Being Nice - What's The Difference

On, they addressed the issue of men being too much of the Mr. Nice Guy because, often, their helpful ways leave a woman confused. There are subtle differences to watch out for when trying to work out if your guy is just nice or if he actually has romantic feelings for you.

1. Constant Eye Contact vs. Drifting Attention

If a guy makes continuous eye contact with you while you're having a conversation, it's a great sign he's interested in you. He might listen to you if he's just nice, but you'll find his eyes drift off more frequently. You just don't hold his attention as much compared to if he was attracted to you.

2. Easy Favors vs. Will Help, But Reluctant

You'll be able to ask for favors with less effort if the guy has a romantic interest. A nice guy will still help you, but it will take a little more work than simply asking. He might hint at being reluctant or might even find you an alternative solution so he doesn't have to get involved. The man that likes you will take any opportunity to be helpful and in your good graces.

3. Romantic Topics vs. Clean Topics

Pay attention to what he says. If he's interested in you, he'll tell you he's single and inquire about your romantic relationships. In conversations, he'll point out things you have in common and might even joke about how you guys are a good match.

4. Priority vs. Option

If he's in love and wants more than just friendship with you, he'll treat you differently than he treats other people. You'll be his top priority. He'll drop plans with a mutual friend to hang out with you, and when he says he'll call you, he'll definitely call you! He'll always ask you how you are and if you're anything but great, he'll make an effort to comfort you.

How Do You Know If A Guy Is Just Playing You

Let's face it; some people just like to flirt and have fun. Some like the idea of a physical relationship but not an intimate or exclusive one. It's hard to tell true intentions, but knowing the signs he doesn't want a relationship with you can help. There are steps you can take to know if he's just playing the game or if he's looking for something real.

1. Find out how many other girls he's flirting with.

Early on, you want to know if he's active on dating sites, and when you start to think things may be developing, try and bring it up in conversation whether he's still actively searching for matches. Also, pay attention to what he says in a conversation, text messages, and his behavior when he's with you.

2. Pay attention to how he deals with texts and calls.

He'll seem secretive. He'll hide his messages and not answer phone calls when he's with you. Either he's got good manners, or he's hiding who's texting and calling him. If you're having a conversation via text, and he tells you he's not busy, then disappears, and this happens a lot, chances are he's talking to other people. And if ever he does happen to answer a call around you and is really vague about mentioning who he's with, that's a red flag. He should mention you by name.

3. See if he'll introduce you to his close friends or family.

A guy playing you and not interested in a relationship will never introduce you to his close circle of friends or his loved ones. He'll try to keep you apart as much as possible. If by chance he does introduce you to his friends though, pay attention to how he introduces you because this will tell you a lot.

4. Pay attention to how he talks about the two of you.

This one is important. If he's got real romantic intentions with you, he'll make it clear. When he talks about future plans or things he mentions he wants to try out, he'll include you. He'll say something like, "We should do this together." He will use "we" rather than "I".

Frequently Asked Questions

The dating world can be totally fun and scary at the same time. And more often than not, it leaves you confused with many questions. Here, we've answered a few:

Why would a guy show signs that he likes you but never express his feelings?

It could be the fear of rejection. A person isn't going to blurt out their feelings unless he's convinced something positive will come out of it. He'll stick to showing signs and hinting that he likes you until you've given him enough encouragement to take the next step.

Why are girls hesitant to make the first move to a guy that they like back?

Some girls are just unsure of how to ask a guy out. And it also comes back to the fear of rejection. Because a woman tends to overthink things, even when they know a guy is interested in them, she'll still hesitate.

If a guy is trying to kiss you, but he doesn't show any signs of liking you any other time, does it mean he likes you?

For him to make a move like that, there has to be something driving it. Perhaps a giant step like trying to kiss you is his big show of the feeling he has for you that you've simply missed. How to get out of the friend zone can be challenging, and sometimes a big move is needed to make it totally clear.

Is the frequency a guy contacts you (calls, messages) while in a long-distance relationship a sign of how much he likes you?

When in an LDR (long-distance relationship), there isn't much you can do to keep your relationship alive and romantic. It's crucial the contact is constant. If he's calling and messaging every day, this means you are important to him, and he's trying to spend as much time as you as possible.

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Being able to read his body language signs is crucial to identifying the signs he likes you. It's a key factor in understanding his true feelings and how to tell if a guy likes you [but is hiding it]! It's helpful for your romantic relationship, and you can save yourself a lot of headaches and heartbreak.