If you're looking to heat things up in your relationship, these sexy questions to ask your boyfriend have all the spice you need to keep the love alive.

When you think of any kind of questions to ask your boyfriend, I've written it. Deep questions? Yes! Awkward? Of course. Flirty? Why wouldn't I? So trust me when I say these sexy questions come from an expert in questions.

Let's get things heated up!


5 Best sexy questions to ask your boyfriend

There are just some burning questions that are begging to be answered. The best questions you can ask your boyfriend are those that will get him thinking long and hard.

1. What movie scene turns you on?

Maybe you can even watch the movie together. Watching a movie together is fun, and most will think it's not the sexiest thing to do, but it can be!

2. Is there something you would like me to change or switch up?

Nothing's better than a woman who's willing to go out of her comfort zone. This is one of the intimate questions that run a little deep, but this becomes a naughty question with the right amount of flirtation.

3. What is the sexiest dress you want to see me in?

Now you'll know what to wear on your next date. He'll definitely pick the sexiest outfit you have!

4. When do you find me the sexiest?

You'll find that the information you get will be very useful. This is the right question when you want to start heating things up.

5. What is your favorite type of kiss?

Give him that kiss! Or better yet, instead of answering, tell him to show you his favorite type of kiss. I can't think of a better flirty question than this.

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Sexy questions don't have to be just sexy questions. You can also use these questions to get to know more about your boyfriend. These questions to ask your boyfriend to get to know him will help you deepen your knowledge about your boyfriend's personality.

If you're hoping that bringing more romance into your relationship will also help you know more about him, then this is the list for you.

6. If we were going to role play, who would you want me to dress up as?

You might get into a naughty dream of him with this. Dive into the kind of person that your partner likes.

7. What’s a random unique thing you find sexy in people?

You have that random unique thing because he can't get enough of you. The answer to this can be your key to more emotional and sexual intimacy with him.

8. What do you wear when you want to feel sexy?

Or do they rather not wear anything? We all have different ideas about this sexy question.

9. What gets you in the mood the most?

Hopefully, the answer is you. I'd also like to warn you that this question will definitely, definitely turn into dirty talk.

10. Do you like spooning in bed?

Who doesn't? Anyone who says they don't is lying.

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Sexy and fun? That's a great combination. Lighten up the mood with these fun questions to ask your boyfriend to help get you in the mood.

11. Do you like being called sexy?

Or maybe they'd like to be called the sexiest? Perhaps that's his favorite way of feeling confident and sexy?

12. How do you like to express my love for you?

Love languages will come with this topic. Prepare to learn how to give the best love to your partner. As a girlfriend, it's important to know what they appreciate the most so that you understand each other when it comes to showing love.

13. Hickeys? Yey or nay?

Hickeys can appear in the weirdest place, but some are just proud of it, and some don't want it. Where does he stand?

14. What is the sexiest song you've ever heard?

Make it your jam! Maybe it's what will get your sex life to a whole new level!

5 Alluring Things To Talk About With Your Man

Interesting questions are the best kinds of questions. This is because your partner will take his time thinking about his answers to these questions. These interesting questions to ask your man will also allow you to see more of him as a person. Maybe there's a side to him that you've never seen before that you'll see after you ask these questions.

15. What are some of the things you want to do the next time we are together?

Ideas are great things to talk about. Why not brainstorm with your partner on what activities you should do? It's a fun question to think about, especially when you have so many ideas brewing.

16. Do you love to hug me?

People need at least 8 hugs a day. Your partner should love giving his favorite girl as many hugs as he can.

17. What is the sexiest thing in our relationship?

Give more effort into developing that if he loves it so much.

18. How much do you think we have changed since our first date?

Reminiscing good moments is always a good idea. See how far you've come by talking about how you were during your first date and now.

19. What is one embarrassing moment about your life that I am not aware of?

It may be something from years before he met you. Or just something he kept from you because of how embarrassed he is. Is he even ready to say it? It might be the weirdest thing you hear.

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Don't let your boyfriend get bored. Random questions to ask your boyfriend should be what's on your mind when trying to take the silence away. It's important to have these sexy random questions handy for the days when there seems to be nothing to do at all.

20. What's the funniest thing that someone has drunkenly confessed to you?

Funny questions can be vital to strengthening your relationship, and this one can work wonders. Drunk confessions are something else. Sometimes they're just the funniest thing you've ever heard.

21. What’s the worst first date you’ve ever had?

Sadly, we've all been there. It's no one's favorite thing enduring an hour of the worst date ever.

22. What is the number 1 thing you look for in a partner?

The thing stood out from you; that's why he chose you. This is one of the romantic questions that make you look back on your relationship. You'll see how much has changed.

23. When do you think is the right time to say love you"?

Is there really even a "right time," or did people create the concept because they can't get enough courage to admit their feelings? Either way, I'm sure everyone has something to say about this!

24. How can you tell you're really comfortable with someone?

Hopefully, he's been comfortable with you for a long time already. If he can answer a personal question like this, it's a signal that he trusts you.

25. Has anyone accidentally seen you naked?

It happens to the best of us. You'd think this question is the dirtiest thing, but sometimes, stories about this are so silly!

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Sexy questions can also be the kind of questions that start a deep conversation. These deep questions to ask your boyfriend will spark romance and an interesting conversation that will be full of insight.

26. How important do you think sex is in a relationship?

Sex questions like this are important. Some people think it's to fulfill desires, but others believe it's vital in a relationship. Whatever your partner's answer is, it's important that you understand each other's stand about it. It's critical that you and your sexual partner arrive at the same place regarding your beliefs about sex.

27. Do you think you know what women want?

Give him the thumbs up if he got it right. Let's see if he's confident enough to admit that he knows.

28. What was your very first time like?

It's time to know the dirty truth. However, there's no need to go full details if it wasn't such a nice experience. You should ask sexual questions like this with utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions never end! But we always have the answers ready for you.

How can I deal with my partner when he doesn't share that much?

Don't force him. Maybe he's not comfortable with sharing much personal information. He will share with you on his own time when he's comfortable. You can ease him into it, but don't push it if you notice he's uncomfortable.

How can I ask my partner intimate questions without making him think that I am initiating something?

Communication is always the key. Before you ask something, clarify with him that you are only genuinely curious. If he tries something, don't say yes unless you want it, too.

Is it appropriate to ask my partner sexy questions even we are just new in the relationship?

Of course! It still completely depends on how comfortable you both are with these kinds of questions, but it's best to know more about him as early as you can.

Is it okay to ask my man sexy questions over text?

If you're thinking of using these questions as questions to ask a guy over text: yes, they're completely okay. Everyone enjoys flirty texts here and there. Sexy questions add that spice factor.

How to Pick the best sexy questions to ask your boyfriend

You now know many sexy questions to ask your boyfriend, but are these the right questions? How do you choose which questions to pick out of the many choices? Don't fret. You have to think of the following, and from there, you can pick out the right questions to ask your man.

1. Gauge The Comfortability

How comfortable is your boyfriend to talk about these questions? Maybe some questions are too personal for his taste. Consider which questions he'll be comfortable talking about. Some people are okay with talking about a sexual fantasy or a freaky question. Others may not be so open about them.

2. Consider The Tone

Don't give him questions that are more on the serious side if you know he's not the kind of guy to dig deep into serious topics. Choose the questions that fit his personality.

3. Don't Just Blurt Out Questions

Consider where you are as well. You wouldn't want to turn your favorite place into a place you don't want to remember because of an awkward situation. Don't just blurt out any dirty questions. You can't talk too much about the more sizzling questions if you're in a place that's too public. There's a right place for the right questions. Choose carefully.

Downloadable List of Sexy Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of sexy questions to ask your boyfriend (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

More Great Ways To Talk to Guys

Asking your boyfriend these sexy questions will have him interacting with you. However, did you know that these sexy questions aren't the only way to get to know and talk to a guy? If you want to know how to talk to a guy, whether in person or through text, then we've got you covered.

  1. This guide on how to ask a guy out is all you need to get the confidence to do just that. Be prepared to be able to ask anyone you like after you've read it.
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In Conclusion

You can always keep the romance in your relationship alive with these sexy questions to ask your boyfriend. Make sure to make him feel the heat the next time you're together with these questions.

Keep him on his toes by taking note of his answers to these questions to ask your boyfriend and making sure to apply your knowledge whenever you're together. It will guarantee to make your boyfriend want more of you every time.