If there's a negative shift in your relationship and you think you see signs he doesn't love you anymore, you should read this.

With my relationship expertise and personal experience of love lost, I'll share why men pull away and point out the clear signs he's not into you anymore.

Even if it's just an inkling, get your coffee, take a seat, and let's get right into it.


Why Is Knowing The Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore, Important?

When you don't see a breakup coming, it can be pretty devasting. A woman should know the signs of whether her partner still loves her to avoid being left utterly shocked, helpless, and emotionally torn when the relationship ends. It could help you heal faster knowing there was a clear sign, but also, if you notice early, you might have a chance to fix the relationship before it's too late.

6 Biggest Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore

Unless he's lost all respect for you, a man rarely ever tells you outright he wants out of your romantic relationship because he no longer loves you. A fuzzy feeling prevents them from ending things right away, but as they fight this inner battle with themselves, there's always a sure sign. They show through their body language and the change in their everyday behavior that love is lost.

1. Your Guy Shows Lack Of Interest

If your husband or partner no longer involves himself in your life, that's a sign you have relationship problems. He doesn't ask about how your day was, and there's no curiosity left with what you're doing. When you talk to him, he zones out quickly and isn't paying any real attention. All the things you enjoyed together are gone, and he isn't investing time with you.

2. The Man Is No Longer Communicating

Whether it's good news, bad news, or a simple joke, he's not sharing them with you. His friends also know more than you do. He no longer tells you what he's feeling or what he's thinking. Naturally, some people don't open up, but if the level of communication has decreased and you've noticed, either he's going through something, or he just no longer feels the desire to communicate with you.

3. Your Partner No Longer Includes You

In a healthy relationship, you include your partner, even in the small things. If your partner shows no effort to include you, the reason may be he no longer loves you. It's like he's started a new life of his own, where you aren't part of it. Mutual decisions, asking permission, or quality time together all seem to have disappeared. He spends all his time with his male friends rather than working on the relationship.

4. He's Lying Or Acting Secretive

If your partner is not sharing with you where he's going or what he's doing so you don't worry; the love and respect he had for you has, or is, fading. It could be he's hiding his phone, answering calls in another room away from you, secretly reconnecting with an ex-girlfriend, or gives you non-answers when you ask questions; these are all part of it. He might even argue the need for privacy.

5. The Man Is Hot n Cold

It's a little thing, like catching him roll his eyes at you, or he's more criticizing. Your partner is fine one minute giving you a good sign, then suddenly he's in a bad mood. What you say or do bothers him, and you're back to questioning whether this is true love. Seek out a female friend for some relationship advice. And girl, they'll tell you he no longer loves you.

6. Your Relationship Has Lost Physical Intimacy

It's a real bad sign for your long-term relationship if your partner has withdrawn from your sex life. A relationship psychology study conducted by Sanjay Kalra and Navneet Magon showed that physical intimacy in a relationship and in romantic love benefited by improving emotional intimacy. Expressing this kind of physical attraction is a sign of a happy marriage and a love life.

Can Love Really Fade Away?

They say love is a verb and doesn't exist without action. Sustaining a successful relationship and connection with someone requires a lot of work and commitment to keep affection and love alive. If you become stagnant in your efforts to maintain a healthy relationship, love can, and will, fade away.

How to Know He's Slowly Drifting Away From You: Common Lines Of Excuses He Uses Every Time

So, you're noticing the signs, and when you try talking to him about it, he answers with, "You're just overthinking." Denial can be typical but don't fall for the excuses.

1. "I'm just stressed."

Translation: I don't want to hurt your feelings about the way I've been feeling.

The Physiology and Behavior journal published a study showing that male testosterone makes men feel protective over their partner's well-being. This is called a hero instinct. It's possible he just doesn't want to burden you, but it's also possible he no longer feels that same connection to you to open up about what's really going on. A man will open up if your relationship was healthy.

2. "I've been busy."

Translation: I prefer to invest my time in other things.

Personal space is essential. It's fundamental for a healthy relationship that you allow each other some personal freedom. However, suppose your partner is consistently unavailable and isn't spending any time with you anymore. In that case, he's drifting away and has started to detach from your relationship. "I've been busy" is an excuse that shows you are no longer a priority to him.

3. "Just because... It doesn't mean I don't love you anymore."

Translation: I need you to believe I still love you, so you don't leave me... until I'm ready.

If you've been feeling the signs and you're pretty sure he no longer loves you, you're probably right despite all his excuses. Unfortunately, a man will sometimes try to keep you convinced he still loves you even if he is no longer sure of his feelings because he's holding onto you for security. If you've been together for a long time, it could be that he's settling for what you have together.

When Do You Know It's Time To Move On

Unless there are real signs of you being in a toxic relationship or you discover he's cheating, there is no real magic moment that tells you it's time to move on. How to get over a guy can be a challenging process too, and some people can endure crumbling relationships more than others. But when a relationship starts to bring more misery than happiness, consider it's time to leave.

Knowing how to move on will be vital because you should never settle for a one-sided relationship.

What To Do After A Breakup: Love Advice From An Expert

What to do after a breakup may sound difficult to answer, but it's all about taking care of yourself and taking steps to move forward. Allow yourself time to grieve as that's a natural part of any loss.

No two breakups or the steps in how to find yourself again are the same. But make things easier for you by practicing physical and emotional distancing. Make this time all about you.

Rediscover things you used to love and do them for yourself. Find new hobbies like they have here at Mantelligence.com and exercise lots of self-love to keep your mind off the ended relationship.

Quotes About Heartbreaks

Heartbreak is an experience we all have, yet, when we go through it, we experience it alone. It can be comforting to know no one is immune to heartbreak, and lessons can be learned.

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option. ― Mark Twain

A favorite cliche is to love yourself before loving someone else because this can avoid you settling for just being someone's option. If you love and respect yourself when you sense a connection with someone, it tends to be honest and natural, not driven by a desperate need for acceptance or affection.

Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care about someone anymore. It's just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself. ― Deborah Reber

Letting go means that you need to be firm in the decision you made. Whether it had been initially your choice or one forced on you to accept, you control only your reaction to the situation, just as with everything else in life.

I had discovered that there was something more painful than falling in love with someone who hasn’t fallen for you; hurting that person-hurting him and not being able to do anything about it. ― Elizabeth Chandler

Not every love story has a happy ending, and it happens a lot where one person feels more than the other person. But the person in love isn't necessarily the only one hurt. Fear of losing that person you're unable to love back is often present, and this can be painful.

The saddest thing is to be a minute to someone when you’ve made them your eternity. ― Sanober Khan

You might have been so wrapped in the idea of loving a person, you've given them your all, only too late you realize they haven't given you any love back. Grieve the realization but accept that love can never be forced.

My heart no longer felt as if it belonged to me. It now felt as if it had been stolen, torn from my chest by someone who wanted no part of it. ― Meredith Taylor

People feel in control when things are going well and good for them. On the opposite end, if you feel broken because someone doesn't love you back, you'll be left feeling helpless and unwanted and it can be utterly hard to endure.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's understandable if you still have more questions. Here we've answered a few:

What should I do when he says he doesn’t love me anymore?

You might have ignored the warning signs that he's going to leave you, but when he outright says he no longer loves you, it's time to accept it and decide what next steps you'll take to move on. Be kind to yourself because how he feels about you is not your fault.

How do you tell if he is cheating?

A relationship cannot survive without trust. When you start asking yourself, "Is he cheating?" there is a breakdown in that trust and possibly communication. Confront him and follow your gut. If you confirm it's true, then learning how to break up with someone is your next step! Be strong. There is a better relationship and partner out there for you.

Why is it hard to forget about him?

Not just for a wife or husband because it doesn’t matter how long the relationship was, people have the power to affect us in ways that can't be explained. He was part of your life, and there is no magic spell that will simply erase those memories. The best thing to do is keep yourself occupied; be proactive in building yourself up, so you can move forward. Just take it one step at a time.

Why do heartbreaks hurt so bad?

Heartbreaks hurt because it's not just about the end of your relationship; it's also the ending of a life you had planned and dreams and hopes you had for your future. Together. You're not just ending a relationship, but you've lost a friend and possibly all the connections that came along with him, such as his family.

More Steps On How To Know If A Guy Doesn't Like You

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In Conclusion

If you've realized he's showing signs he doesn't love you anymore, then it's up to you to decide on your next steps. Remember, even if there are signs he's not into you, this doesn't necessarily signify the end of your relationship.

There’s always hope. Find the courage and the strength to face the challenge head-on. Now that you know why men pull away, do what you can to pull him back.