Add fun and excitement to your friendship with this list of spicy questions to ask friends. These funny questions can give you and your friends a laugh and interesting insights.

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Without further ado, let's start spicing things up!


Ultimate List of Spicy Questions to Ask Friends

Do you have spicy questions you want to ask your friends on your next get-together? This ultimate list of funny questions to ask friends will add life to your usual gathering.

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6 Juicy Truth or Dare Things To Ask

Spending time with friends is not only about having barbecues in the backyard or a game night. It would be best if you also dug deeper to get to know your friends beyond social media levels. For example, you can check out the truth or dare questions for adults at, which will pique everyone's interest and spark meaningful conversations.

1. If you were marooned on a deserted island with one person, who would you like it to be?

Aside from food and drinks, you would want to be with someone you get along with if you get stranded on an island. Sure, getting stranded like Tom Hanks in Castaway can be the worst thing that could happen to you. But at least the experience can be less traumatic if you're with a favorite family member or a good friend.

2. Who is the sexiest person in this room?

Sexy is not only about looks and being "well-endowed" in the right places. It is also about being flirty but also knowing boundaries and treating others with respect.

3. What is the naughtiest thing you have gotten away with?

We all have naughty secrets, including the dirtiest thing you ever did. We dare you to reveal it in these kinds of naughty questions.

4. Did you love someone who didn't love you back?

Love is a two-way street. But sometimes, love sucks. It's hard to move on from heartbreak, but everything happens for a reason. You will find that person who will love you back at the least expected time.

5. What is the stupidest thing you have done for a boy?

Love can make us do stupid things for the opposite sex. Yes, we know. We've been there. Don't go too far and endanger your life to get a boy to notice you, though.

6. What was the most embarrassing thing your parents have caught you doing?

We all kept secrets from our parents at some point out of fear of being scolded or spanked. It could be a funny incident or an embarrassing thing that happened years ago or much deeper than that. Now is the time to reveal that secret.

6 Interesting Topics Answerable With Yes or No To Ask Your Buddies

There are two common answers that we know of: Yes or No. Easy as it may seem to answer with such, it could be otherwise. Juicy questions may not simply be answered by a Yes or No, but they also need elaboration to prove a point.

7. Do you usually follow your brain more than the heart?

What's one thing people hate? Choosing between mind or heart. Making decisions can alter your life, either for the better or worst. Some are emotional beings, while some are the more logical ones. But whatever your decision may be, you have to deal with the outcome, whether good or bad.

8. Do you think confessions are a way to strengthen relationships?

Confessing to someone can be nerve-racking due to the uncertainty. Still, it could help you get things off your chest and even strengthen your relationships.

9. Have you ever got your parents in trouble?

Have you been the goody-goody kid until now? Or a naughty one who loves to take the fun to the next level? Be the perfect balance of the two -- don't do the meanest thing to anyone.

10. Have you ever fallen asleep at school or work?

That is why we should take vitamins and have enough sleep at night. It would help if you had that energy for work or school to perform your best.

11. If a stranger suddenly arrives and kisses you, will you let him?

Depends on what he looks like. Just kidding. Consent is still king, no matter the gender. No one touches any part of your body, kisses you without your permission or even asks about your sex life.

12. Would you get involved in an open relationship with someone?

Not everyone is "stick to one." Some are adventurous when it comes to romantic relationships. You do you, stay protected and guard your feelings if you must.

5 Hot "Most Likely" Topics To Ask To Test Your Friendship

Asking these questions as seen on our site here is a perfect way to test the waters. Have fun but don't ask a dirty question or weird questions, especially if you are talking to someone for the first time or just a few times.

13. Who's most likely to go skinny dipping?

Have you even skinny-dipped in your life? It could be the craziest thing you ever did, but it can be fun, too! Just do it when no one's around or when you're already comfortable enough to do it.

14. Who's most likely to kiss on a first date?

First dates can be both exciting and nerve-racking. You might even find yourself Googling "how to kiss a guy." Regardless, enjoy the experience and hope it turns out for the best.

15. Who's most likely to fall for a friend?

Someone falling for a good friend is not impossible, and it happens. Some have happy endings, while others end up awkwardly. Falling in love is a risk.

16. Who's most likely to ghost someone?

First of all, it's not nice to ghost someone. If you don't want to do anything with them, be honest and tell them straight to their faces. Less drama, more peace of mind.

17. Who's most likely to admit their darkest secret when drunk?

Make sure to drink only according to your tolerance level, or you'll end up all over the place. It should be a fun social activity, after all.

4 Sharp "Never Have I Ever" Topics To Ask

There's always a first time for everything... things you haven't even done or experienced in your entire existence. This game that you can check out in this article lets you answer one fun question to another. It can be a wholesome game that contains at least one random question, or inject some dirty talk in between.

18. Never have I ever been turned down.

Who wants to be turned down by someone you like? But it happens, and you should not feel too bad about it. Things happen for a reason, after all.

19. Never have I ever spied on an ex online.

Breaking up with someone is not a good memory. However, some can't help but wonder how their exes are doing. Not because they still have feelings towards their exes, but wishing you are doing better than them. *insert evil grin here*

20. Never have I ever cheated on someone.

This is one of the hardest things to admit, especially if you have cheated on your partner with your closest friend. Whoops.

21. Never have I ever worn someone else's underwear.

For hygienic purposes, one must not wear someone else's underwear because it's considered a personal item. Other items you should not let others use or borrow include towels and toothbrushes.

5 Deep Topics to Ask Your Buddies to Spice Your Friendship

Friendship is not only about going to night outs on weekends or discussing each other's love lives and fashion. Deeper companies are also about knowing their deepest thoughts and their plans.

Knowing deep questions to ask friends is a way to strengthen and spice up your friendship.

22. Who do you most want to switch lives with of the people in this room?

We all feel jealous of someone's life at some point. But little do you not know that another person might be longing to be in your shoes. It's about contentment at the end of the day.

23. What TV show do you turn on when you want to zone out and feel better?

With so many TV shows and series to choose from, it can be overwhelming which one to watch and focus on. Better yet, watch it with loved ones and friends so you can enjoy it and have a mini-discussion about it later.

24. If you could ask me one question, and I had to answer truthfully, what would you ask me?

Be ready to answer the question as truthfully as you can. Everyone deserves the truth, no matter how it hurts or sounds ugly.

25. If you are to count your blessings right now, what is the best thing about your life?

Contentment is key to a happier life. You may not have all the things you want for now, but you'll get them eventually.

26. How would you want to relax when you return home after a long day at work?

Adulting is such a hard thing to do. But as responsible adults, we have to so we can earn money and buy our needs and wants. But we all need rest too, at the end of a very busy day.

Downloadable and Printable List of Spicy Questions To Ask Your Friends

Here is a downloadable and printable list of  spicy questions to ask your friends (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

When Should You Ask Your Closest Acquaintance Controversial Topics

When everyone is in a good mood, asking your friends about spicy topics is best. Say you happily bond over coffee or a sumptuous meal in a nice restaurant.

If you are not a conversation starter, try listening to your friends' conversations first. Then, jump in at the right time when things start to become a little chattier among your friends.

How To Choose Spicy Questions To Ask Friends

Asking spicy questions can be tricky, and the answers can be shocking. It depends on how close you and your friends are before asking such questions.

1. Choose a topic that interests you.

The more controversial, the spicier responses you can get. You can gain insights from asking such kinds of questions.

2. Never judge someone based on their responses.

Expect to get unconventional answers to your questions. Their responses may not coincide with your own, so don't judge their character based on those. It's all about having fun and getting to know your friends more.

3. Choose questions that are beyond "yes" or "no."

The best answers come from hypothetical or open-ended questions. Not everyone may be comfortable answering spicy or controversial questions. Whatever their responses are, you can still get insights from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you like breaking the ice and starting to engage in conversations? Are you ready to ask spicy questions on your next get-together with friends? Now is your chance to ask spicy questions to your friends!

How can you ask your new friend personal questions without being too nosy?

Talking to a new friend is one thing. Asking them personal questions when you got to talk to them just hours ago can be as awkward. Some useful tips on asking your new friend questions without being too nosy are the following:

Get to know the person sincerely.

Ask because you are genuinely curious and want to know someone better, not only to generate small talk. Make sure to sound welcoming and listen to what they say.

Ask open-ended questions.

Questions like "do you have pets?" or "where do you live?" sounds stalker-ish. You can take a mental note of the person's bag, compliment how nice it is, then let the person open up more information about the bag -- and themselves -- over time.

It's okay to be awkward at first.

Don't rush things. It would take some time to be comfortable with each other and ask deeper questions. You can ask simple questions like the brand of hair color she used because it's nice.

Should I ask spicy questions over text?

The short answer is, why not? Make sure to text during off-peak hours or on the weekend. Or better if you text a close friend who is always game for anything, even answering controversial questions.

Do friends like being asked personal questions?

If you are close friends and super comfortable with each other, asking personal questions can be a breeze. There are almost no secrets and awkwardness when asked controversial questions. Then again, respect and boundaries are of utmost importance if they don't want to answer a personal question.

Does friendship last if there are lesser secrets kept in between relationships?

Maintaining close friendships could be hard, especially for adults who are too busy with work and other personal matters. Keeping each other's secrets is another thing. If you are entrusted with a secret, be that trustworthy friend.

Trust is important in every relationship, and that includes being a trustworthy person when it comes to secrets.

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Maintaining close friendships could be hard, especially for adults who are too busy with work and other things in their lives. You can add fun and excitement to your friendship with spicy questions to ask friends. Have some laughs and gain interesting insights about what's on their minds.