Out of stuff to ask your crush while texting?

Should I text him? Possessing a list of ideas to ask a guy over text will help you not seem boring. As a girl dating expert featured on sites like Women's Health and UpJourney, I know how to make even ordinary texting more exciting and attractive to guys.

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Ultimate List Of Things To Ask The Person You Like While Texting

This is the ultimate list of queries to ask him through text. So, you've got your crush's number or added him as a friend on whatever messaging app. But you're struggling to find interesting things to talk about and don't want him to think you're just lurking. This list will help you make great conversations and keep your relationship alive.


6 Best Queries To Ask Your Crush Thru Text

Need to find some queries to ask your crush? We've got you covered! Here are the best things to ask through text, perfect in case you can't meet up with him right now. You'll learn plenty about him and give him a chance to talk to you in return!

1. What is your most favorite movie?

Everyone's gotta have one! This is a good question because there are many possible answers to it. And if you like the movie he answered with, you can gush with him about it.

2. What's your worst habit?

If your crush is willing to talk about himself, this is a good question. When he answers, don't be boring and say, "There's nothing wrong with that." Share your own worst habit with him; it'll make him feel much better.

3. How do you usually spend your weekends?

Or basically, how does he spend his free time? This one allows him to tell you about his hobbies and interests, which can spark a conversation on its own. You might even learn he likes the same things you do.

4. What is the most important thing you've learned in life?

The most important thing. Everyone has a life lesson that speaks to and relates to them in many ways. It can even be a motto to live by. What is his?

5. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever said or done in front of someone you liked?

Everyone has done some form of embarrassing thing in front of their crush or someone they like. If he's willing to tell you this, then it's a sign he trusts you with his not-so-greatest moment.

6. What are your three biggest goals in life?

Ambitions, goals, challenges... Basically, the top three things he wants to accomplish in life. The answer to this will reveal much about what he considers important in his life.

6 Random Topics To Ask The Guy You're Seeing

Sometimes, you just want to ask him a random question because you've nothing else to ask. Random conversation ideas for a guy will spark equally random conversations - but hey, it gives you more chances to talk to him. Who said random was bad?

7. What's a typical Saturday look like for you?

Pretty standard question, but everyone spends their Saturdays differently. Asking him about his routine will make him more interested in yours - and how you can both make it more interesting.

8. Are you a morning or night person?

Is he a morning or a night person? This is important because you'll want to spend your hangouts and dates when he's active. Don't make the mistake of having a date when he's out of energy.

9. Who's your favorite person to stalk on Instagram?

Who's his celebrity crush or the person he likes to follow on social media? It doesn't have to be Instagram - just ask him about the person whose timeline has the things he likes the most.

10. What's your favorite time of the year?

Is it a month or day, or a season or holiday? Once he answers, start planning to spend time with him during his favorite time of the year. It'll make spending each year much more memorable.

11. How did you meet your best friend?

If that friend isn't you, that is. Even if you are his best friend, ask him anyways. He might have a fun story to tell that you haven't heard of before.

12. What TV shows (or podcasts or artists) have you been into recently?

Who's his newest TV celebrity crush? After asking him this question, follow up by asking him what he likes about them or why. Who knows? You two might share a crush.

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5 Flirty Text Messages to Ask Your Crush

If you need good juicy messages for your crush, this section will cover you. Sending him sexy texts to make him laugh will ensure your relationship is fun, playful, and filled with laughter and romance.

13. Last night, I had this dream you were in. Want to hear it?

Now, this is a great conversation starter. First, he'll be interested to learn you were dreaming of him last night. Second, he'll want to know what dream he starred in. You'll really make him want to know what happened!

14. What's the hottest thing someone did for you?

This one's a dirty question that still makes him unable to resist answering. What's the sexiest or most romantic thing someone's ever done for him? If he's willing to tell you that, he might be flirting back at you.

15. How would you define sex appeal?

These sorts of sexy questions reveal plenty about his interests. When he reveals his answer, try adjusting yourself to match what he considers sexy. It's a not-so-subtle way of flirting with him that might interest him.

16. Do you consider yourself a good kisser?

Extremely important information to know if you plan on kissing him anytime soon. Nothing like a man confident in how he kisses!

17. When we first met, what was your first impression of me?

A bit of a personal information to ask over text, but a good flirty one nonetheless. What's the nicest thing he can say about you? Be ready to share yours too.

6 Interesting Issues To Ask A Guy About Over Text

Have an interesting question to ask? Do it over text! This section is full of interesting issues to ask a guy that will keep your conversations engaging and full of things to learn.

18. How do you handle people who annoy you for no apparent reason?

You've probably been in his shoes, where you've met someone who annoys you, but you just can't figure out why. How does he deal with such people? Gracefully or forcefully, it reveals a lot about how he handles others.

19. What kinds of stuff make you laugh the hardest?

There's gotta be something that makes him laugh out loud. Have him share the things that make him lmao, and you'll have plenty of ways to make him chuckle as well.

20. Something's bound to happen that takes you out of your comfort zone. But what? If he's willing to share the event with you, he trusts you enough to share his discomfort.

21. Do you think we're similar, and in what ways are we?

There's bound to be something in common between you two, or else why are you even talking? Learning in what ways you two are alike forms a commonality that can strengthen your relationship.

22. What are you proud of right now?

Is it something he did or something someone else did? Learning about what makes him feel good and what he's proud of can give you plenty of ideas on how to make him feel even better.

23. What's something you've done that you think everyone could benefit from trying?

Has he done something recently that he thinks everyone else should do? Give it a try yourself and tell him about it. It can become a shared interest for both of you.

6 Personal SMS Ice Breakers To Get To Know Him Better

If you want a list of personal things to ask to get to know someone, this section will help you. While this can be asked of everyone, try asking your crush these through text. The privacy afforded by text will give him plenty of time and interest to answer.

24. Do you like pets?

Does he like pets, and what's his favorite kind of pet? Apart from the usual cats and dogs, he may be interested in more exotic pets. Just be careful if he says he likes spiders...

25. When is your birthday?

A birthday is a special day for most people; some don't like sharing. So if he decides to share his birth date with you, be prepared to give him a gift on that day.

26. When was your last relationship?

Not everyone likes to talk about a past relationship, so this is a question best asked when you're close to him. If he's willing to talk about it, then he likely trusts you enough to share a secret.

27. What food do you usually enjoy eating?

Either a kind of food or a certain dish. This is a useful question to ask if you've got some culinary skills. Make him his favorite next time you invite him home.

28. If you could describe yourself with one word, what would it be?

This one's a fascinating question to ask... How would he describe himself if he had only one word? One word is all it takes to learn a lot about him.

29. What was your most memorable experience to date?

His fondest memory, for good or bad reasons. Either he liked it because it was fun and memorable, or it taught him a lesson he won't soon forget.

Downloadable and Printable List of Fun Text Messages To Ask Your Special Someone

Here is a downloadable and printable list of fun messages to ask your crush on text (right-click the image and select Save Image As...):

5 Romantic Quotes To Send Your Crush Over Text

You can ask him many things over text, but asking about things don't give a romantic vibe. Romantic quotes, however, may inflame his passion and get him to send something flirty in return. Try some of these romantic quotes over text - if he texts favorably in return, you'll have a good time flirting over the phone.

1. "I can't stop thinking about you."

When he gets this quote, he'll know you really mean it. If he fills your mind every second of the day, and you can't stop thinking about texting him, then you know you should send him this. It's even better if he says that he feels the same way.

2. "I love it when you send texts that make me smile no matter how many times I read them."

Ever been sent a text that you can't stop looking at and smiling about? Make sure to pin that message and text him about him. He'll know you mean it.

3. "Your voice is my favorite sound."

Compliment him, and he'll feel flattered and intrigued. This one can lead to plenty of flirtatious replies, especially if he likes you too.

4. "I like how you make me feel even when I'm nowhere near."

This one's immensely flattering and wholesome to send. Great to send to someone who's far away from you - he'll feel closer despite the distance.

5. "When someone means so much, distance means so little."

If he's far away from you, this one is a great quote to send. He'll be happy to know you appreciate him so much - and he might try to close the distance too.

How To Make The Best SMS Queries For Your Crush

After reading this article, you should know what and how to text a guy. While this article has some of the best sms ideas to text your crush, maybe you'd like to make your own text message to ask. In this section, I'll list some helpful tips for making the best ones that will keep your conversations fun and interesting.

Tip #1: Know what you want to find out.

Before you ask him your question, ask yourself what you want to learn about him. Don't ask him a question where you already know the answer. Ask him things about himself you want to know - and the more specific, the better.

Tip #2: Keep it short but open-ended.

Few people want to answer a long-winded question. Those are best saved for when you're next to him and have the time to talk about it. So, when texting him, ask the question straight and to the point while allowing him to answer in any way he wants.

Tip #3: Think out of the ordinary.

Basic ice breakers will bore him quickly. If you want to ask him a question he'll really enjoy, think of a question that's rarely asked. Even better is to present a hypothetical situation to him through a question - it'll really get his gears turning.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this list, you have plenty of stuff to ask your crush the next time you next him. Do you have more things you're curious about texting your crush? If so, here are some answers that may help you.

How can I impress my crush thru text messages?

If you want to impress your crush thru text, the best way is to send them things! Send them cool pictures you have and add captions to them, text cool quotes, and link interesting articles you find online to them. It'll spark a conversation and impress them with what you've found.

Is it OK to ask him things over text?

Everyone asks themselves, "Should I text him?" And the answer is yes! Texting someone a question gives them time to answer, and it's all in the privacy of your own chat bubble. Just remember not to ask anything too personal, which is better asked in person once you're close to him.

How can I text my crush without being boring?

Mixing things up is the key to texting anyone, including your crush, without being boring. Don't ask the same things constantly, don't talk about the same things all the time, and try to make your messages have something different to them each time. The more things you have to talk about, the more interesting you'll seem.

Do guys prefer being asked thru text?

It depends on the question and the guy you're asking, but some guys definitely prefer being asked thru text. It's private and personal, and he doesn't have to respond immediately. If you want to know how to start a conversation with a guy, try doing it through text - as I said, it's private and personal and gives you time to think.

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In Conclusion

It's good to have a list of queries to ask your crush while texting because it'll help you know him better and give him a chance to talk to you more. This list is full of ideas to ask him that will help you get closer to your crush.