If you want to learn about the ways your brain falls in love, look no further because this post will sum it all up for you.

Brain science and brain systemhave a lot to do with falling in love. As an expert about love, from knowing the signs someone likes you to knowing how to make them like you, I want to dig deeper and make you understand how these feelings happen in the first place. Knowing how your brain falls in love involves a lot of science!

Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get started.


5 Ways Your Brain Falls In Love

We want you to learn how to get a guy to like you. So, we’ll also be telling you the one thing that you shouldn’t do if you want a guy to fall in love with you. I’m excited for all of us to learn. Let’s start!

5. Neurotransmitters Go Crazy!

When we fall in love, we know that there’s a lot of things going on inside of us. We feel a variety of emotions and changes in ourselves that we might not completely understand. Most of us will think that when we fall in love, magic is happening.

I mean, that’s what it feels like, right? It feels like magic! But really, what we feel when we fall in love is all because of the neurotransmitters. To put it simply, they’re our body’s chemical messengers.

So falling in love is something biological that’s happening in our brain. It means you can use some proven psychological tricks to get a guy to chase you because it all happens in our brain!

When we fall in love, you know what happens to the neurotransmitters? They go crazy!

Some hormone levels go up, and others go down, causing us to feel various emotions and feelings. We feel nervous, aggressive, more amorous, and we even become a little obsessed. We know that chemicals inside our bodies go crazy, which is also why we can’t explain what we feel.

We now know that one way your brain falls in love is that the neurotransmitters go wild and crazy. Take advantage of that and learn psychological tricks to make any guy want you.

4. So Different

You ladies already know that hormones and chemicals in our bodies go crazy when we fall in love. You might know the hormones oxytocin, testosterone, and dopamine. These are just some of the hormones that increase or decrease when we fall in love. Their sudden peak or decrease makes us different.

When we fall in love, our cortisol level, that’s our stress hormone, increases. This change causes us to feel nervous. You feel tense when you’re in love, right? For a woman, our testosterone level rises, which means we become more aggressive. However, that’s not the same for men. Men’s testosterone level drops when they’re in love. So they become more passive.

So you can tell from that that falling in love has different effects on women and men. This is a good way on how to tell if a guy likes you! Observe how he has changed. Did he become more passive and more nervous? Maybe he’s in love. But, we can’t use the same standards for women. Men and women don’t get the same effects.

It actually sounds complicated how scientists figured this out. They first thought that it was dopamine, but it couldn’t be because our dopamine increases with many things. Like when we eat chocolate or go shopping!

So that can’t be it. Scientists thought maybe it was oxytocin. It’s something involved in bonding. But that couldn’t be it for men because testosterone blocks oxytocin. So it’s really confusing, right? So what scientists did was they looked for something in men that was similar to oxytocin, and they found vasopressin.

So, really, all this meant was that when we fall in love, the main hormones involved are oxytocin and dopamine for women, and vasopressin and dopamine for men, and even some testosterone. This means that the way on how your brain falls in love differs for men and women. And so, we experience them differently.

3. Dopamine Is Key

It’s important to note that when falling in love, one common thing between men and women is that our dopamine increases. But, like what we said earlier, dopamine increases with a lot of things. What we want to say is, use this to your advantage. This is a way on how to get your crush to like you. You need to associate the increase of dopamine with you.

So, make sure you do activities with him that will make his dopamine levels increase. Anything that they would feel rewarded for. Eating their favorite food and buying what they’ve always been eyeing are some things that help increase dopamine.

The way on how to attract men and how to make them want you are associating yourself with anything that gives them good feelings and an increase in dopamine. Great trick, huh?

2. Women And Oxytocin And Dopamine

Like what we’ve mentioned, for females, when we fall in love, our brain works in a way that our dopamine and oxytocin increase. Dopamine increases when we’re dating. We feel excited. We feel like we’re winning in love. As long as we women are happy in our dating lives, our dopamine will continue to increase.

The next hormone, oxytocin, also called the cuddle hormone or the trust hormone also goes up. So that means that when we’re kissing, cuddling, and bonding, our oxytocin goes up. And when we learn to trust a man, it continues to increase. Oxytocin builds up slowly, like how we fall in love slowly. However, when we make love, oxytocin skyrockets.

It increases fast and aggressively. From that, we can say that we fall in love when we make love with the guy we’re dating. We can’t stop trying to find out how to be more attractive, how to get his attention. We go crazy because our oxytocin shot up, and we’re in love. But like we said, the same can’t be said for men. So how do men fall in love?

1. It’s The Commitment

We mentioned that for us men, the hormones are dopamine and vasopressin. So, when he’s having a good time, dopamine increases. But when does vasopressin go up? Well, it goes up when he’s stimulated sexually. If he’s physically attracted to a woman, then his vasopressin will go up. But there’s a catch! Vasopressin is not oxytocin, so instead of increasing, it drops when a man makes love.

So what’s happening? Testosterone comes into play. Testosterone blocks the effects of oxytocin, and men usually have high testosterone, but studies have been made, and it seems like their testosterone levels go down when men get married.

From this, we can say that when men get married, that’s when they fall in love, but that’s not it. Studies also found that men in committed relationships, whether married or not, have lower testosterone levels. Their hormone level dropped even before marriage. It drops when they commit. So we can say that men fall in love when they start to commit.

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One Thing You Should Never Do If You Want A Man To Fall In Love With You

We're now telling you the one thing you should never do if you want a man to fall in love with you. We really want you to know how to impress a guy. That’s why we’re telling you not to play hard to get.

Remember that the hormone oxytocin increases when we bond. It’s a big factor in how your brain falls in love. A guy will never feel attracted to you if you always play hard to get and never actually bond with him and give him a reason to trust you.

So if you want to make him chase you and fall in love with you, create fond memories with him where you can build trust. Don’t play hard to get.

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In Conclusion

You’ve learned how your brain falls in love, and it’s very scientific. It’s really fun to know. Well, then, take that a step further and dive into psychology. Take the dive and be the girl men chase.