If you want to gift the bride with something extra special, the first thing you should do is look for unique bridal shower gifts. These are unexpected but amazing presents which the wife-to-be will be delighted with. Going off-registry to look for bridal shower gifts might seem a little off-tradition, but it's often the best way to ensure that you can present a special friend or family member with something unusual and individual.

It's not unusual to get stuck for gift ideas, but there's some brilliant inspiration on offer to help your gift-buying along. If you're looking for the most unique bridal shower gifts, you've certainly come to the right place. Whether your budget is modest or large, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in the gift guide below.


11 Best Unique Bridal Shower Gifts

If you want to skip long lists and jump right into the very best gifts, you've come to the right place. These awesome unique bridal shower gifts are practically guaranteed to please. They're items that the bride can adore and cherish - they'll show that you're hoping her and her husband-to-be have the happiest wedding day and marriage. Just take a look at the list below and pick your favorite.

1. Countdown Table Block

The bride will love counting down the days to her wedding with this fun table block.

2. Our Bucket List: A Creative and Inspirational Journal for Ideas and Adventures for Couples

The recipient of this gift will be excited to start creating a bucket list with her fiance.

3. 3D Star Wars Wedding Gift

Are the bride and groom Star Wars fans? They're sure to enjoy this themed 3D print.

4. Met Engaged Married Heart Map

This is a beautiful and romantic gift for a couple who are devoted to each other.

5. Wooden Spoon with Sentiment

This inexpensive present can be displayed on the wall or used in the kitchen.

6. Wedding song lyric

Choose a romantic song for this personalized wall art and the happy couple will think of you everytime they see it.

7. Wedding Time Capsule

This fantastic present is one that the bride is unlikely to have already received.

8. The Art of Marriage Poem + Personalized Frame

A lovely gift - perfect for a sentimental bride to display in her home.

9. Mr and Mrs Wedding Beer Bottle Coolies

If you're looking for a small present, these bottle coolies could be exactly what you've been searching for.

10. Wedding Date Sign

A modern piece of wall decor which would look stunning in any home.

11. Gold Hanger With Pearls

This lovely hanger can be used for the bride's wedding dress and then kept as a keepsake.

9 Unique But Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

If you're looking for something a little more unusual, you can't beat personalized bridal shower gifts. These are gifts which are customized especially for the bride and groom, making them extra special and super memorable. The happy couple are sure to love personalized gifts because you've taken the time to create something super unique. For the very best personalized gifts for the bride, just browse through the list below.

12. Couple Portrait

This personalized portrait of the happy couple will be displayed on their wall for years to come.

13. Folding Wine Table

Have you ever seen a customized gift like this before? Perfect for wine lovers.

14. Leather Wedding Vow Book

These beautiful leather vow books are just what the couple needs to help them say "I do".

15. Wedding Embroidered Throws and Blankets

A personalized throw is a very unique gift that the bride is sure to appreciate.

16. Wood Cutting Boards

Couples who like to get hands-on in the kitchen will enjoy using this chopping board.

17. Bride Lingerie

This small, fun gift is ideal for an informal bridal shower.

18. Astrology Map Art

Are the happy couple interested in astrology? If so, this personalized chart could be jus the thing for them.

19. Hammered Metal Ice Bucket with Ice Scoop

An ice bucket is always useful to have in the kitchen so a personalized bucket will certainly get some use.

20. iPhone Case

What could be cuter than an iPhone case featuring the faces of the bride and groom?

8 Unique But Cheap Bridal Shower Gifts

Just because you're on a budget, it doesn't mean you need to miss out on buying an awesome bridal shower present. In fact, some of the most fun gifts won't break the bank, meaning you can delight the bride and show her how much you care without needing to pay over the odds. The cheap bridal shower gifts can compete with even the most expensive gifts when it comes to their individuality.

21. Ceramic Sugar Bowl, Spice and Everything Nice

This lovely sugar bowl makes a sweet favor for a bride.

22. Couples Aprons

If the happy couple enjoy cooking or getting involved in DIY together, this set of two aprons will definitely be appreciated.

23. Married Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

As bridal shower gifts go, this fun sarcastic coloring book is very amusing. Perfect for the modern wife to sit and complete in the evenings.

24. Bridal Miss to Mrs Thermal Travel Tumbler

A small but useful present, a travel tumbler is just what's needed to remind friends and work buddies that the bride is soon to be a happy wife.

25. Tipsy Toasts: The Original First Year of Marriage Milestones Wine Bottle Covers

If you're looking for a fun and inexpensive gift, these wine bottle covers should be top of your list. With these, the bride and groom can celebrate the milestones of their first year together.

26. Ganz The Key to a Happy Marriage

If you're hoping to find a sweet and sentimental gift, you won't do better than this silver key with accompanying poem.

27. Tea Forte Organic Classic Tea Sampler

Brides who aren't a fan of emotional presents will definitely enjoy a tea sampler set, which contains a range of exciting new flavors to try.

28. Mr and Mrs Coffee Mugs

A beautiful and unique coffee mug set like this will be well-used by the bride and groom as they enjoy married life together.

8 Unique Bridal Shower Favors

Many brides like to thank their guests by handing out favors at their bridal showers. These don't need to be large items, in fact, they can just be a small keepsake for the guests to remember their day. The fantastic bridal shower favors below should offer lots of ideas for little trinkets that friends and family will love.

29. Metallic Champagne Bottle Container

Filly these little bottles with candy, jellybeans or almonds for an inexpensive and fun little favor.

30. Succulent Wraps, Let Love Grow

These succulent wraps make a lovely bridal shower gift for guests - wrap them around small plants and guests will have a fun memento of the day.

31. Phyther Cactus Tealight Candles

Trendy cacti are always a hit and these fantastic little candles are no exception. You could use them to decorate the bridal shower tables and then gift them as favors when guests leave.

32. Lavender Mini soaps

These gorgeous mini soaps are just the right size for guests to take home with them. They'll easily fit in a pocket, meaning everyone can have a fun little memento of the day.

33. Personalized Candles

Bridal shower guests will love these personalized flower-covered candles which come in an exciting variety of different scents.

34. Ceramic colorful bowl

A ceramic bowl certainly makes an unusual and unique favor - one which guests can display or use.

35. Mini Sugar Scrubs

Send bridal shower guests home with these mini sugar scrubs and they'll never have smelled so sweet.

36. Beer Bottle Opener

Perfect for both male and female guests - bottle openers are always very useful.

How To Pick The Best Unique Bridal Shower Gifts

It's all very well to be inundated with great bridal shower gift ideas, but how do you choose the gifts that the bride will truly love? All you need to do is ask yourself a few simple questions - after that, all will become clear.

1. Is the bride practical or sentimental?

This is the first question to ask yourself because it will make all the difference when it comes to choosing the right gift. If the bride is sentimental then you can pick gifts which will act like keepsakes - things like personalised wall art and poems. If the bride is a more practical person, she might be more likely to enjoy items she can use such as kitchen chopping boards and mugs.

2. How well do you know the happy couple?

If you don't know the couple well, it can be a good idea to choose a neutral gift that is neither too sentimental nor funny. This is because you don't want your bridal shower present to seem forced or cheesy. Practical, useful gifts are best for brides that you don't know well but you can make them meaningful with personalization.

3. How much do you want to spend?

Your budget can make a big difference to the type of gift you choose. Thankfully there are some brilliant examples of cheap gifts which look and seem like they were much more expensive. As you are buying a bridal shower gift rather than a wedding present, you shouldn't worry if you have a small budget.

4. To customize or not to customize?

Some people think customized gifts are cheesy, while others think customization makes the present look tailor-made. If you aren't sure it's best to err on the side of caution and choose a fantastic unusual gift without personalization options.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

The gift ideas don't stop there, they just keep coming. If you need a little more inspiration for a friend or family member, we have brilliant ideas for showstopping gifts. Simply take a look below:

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In Conclusion

With lots of different options available for unique bridal shower gifts, you should be brimming with ideas for awesome presents. All you need to do is select one that you think the bride will truly enjoy.