If you want to score some big time social currency this wedding season, then you're going to want to start dispensing personalized bridal shower gifts like they were pez. I mean think about it...

How many have you been invited to this year?

There were 2.18 million marriages in the United States in 2018... That's a lot of bridal showers.

Recently we took a look at a list of the best bridal shower gifts that you could pick up on a budget. But those aren't appropriate for every shower right? Some times you need to step it up with gift ideas for personalized bridal shower gifts.

Gifts that say something more than "I know how to check the registry." These are gift ideas that allow you to say something meaningful about your relationship to the bride. Now, not all of these are going to break the bank, but they all give you the opportunity to stand apart from that backstabbing Karen.

So, let's dive into the best personalized bridal shower gifts for the happy future Mrs. Right.


13 Best Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

Let's take the best personalized bridal shower gifts right here at the top of the list. We've put together a fairly eclectic compilation of our favorites that should resonate with your gift recipient.

From little mementos and keepsakes to useful daily carry items, if you're looking for solid gift ideas, look no further.

1. Personalized Card + Rhinestone Hair Barette

Cheap and fun with a personalized message on the card. No brainer for an acquaintance.

2. Travel Journal

A quality, moleskin like, journal with a personalized message is great for keeping notes and recording memories.

3. Tote Bag

A nice tote that can be used for picnics, beach parties, groceries... you name it.

4. Customized Mate Gourd

Does the soon to be Mrs enjoy tea? Nobody else is going to be gifting this idea.

5. Year Necklace

A personalized necklace to commemorate a month and date in a clever way.

6. Cutting Board

The couple that cooks together stays together. This cutting board should be used daily.

7. Flute Glasses

Perfect for the special day. Also for Sunday brunch. Nightcaps. Day drinking...

8. Marriage Prayer Wood Plaque

An overt reminder of the power of commitment, love, and honor.

9. Save the Date Calendar 

A subtle nod to the date that codified the burning love the special couple shares.

10. Monogram Key Holder 

Never losing your keys after work and a reminder of why you love your special someone. Score.

11. 3D Illusion Lamp Gift

This lamp is perfect for the dresser or nightstand. Elegant and unique.

12. Family Name Sign 

A hanging wall sign to commemorate the new family being established.

11 Cheap Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

Let's face it, not every bride-to-be is worthy of a top-tier gift. Every year we all get invited to social occasions that require a gift, but that we don't really care about. Yeah, it'd be weird to show up to a co-worker's or team member's bridal shower without a gift, so you're going to need cheap bridal shower gifts to cover your bases.

We've cobbled together a list of cheap gift ideas that should still buy you some social brownie points.

13. Wooden Spoon

Cheap. Useful. Well made. You don't have to take out a mortgage to have a hit gift.

14. Future Mrs. Cake Topper

Collaborate with whoever is throwing the shower to make a sweet impression on the bride.

15. Thin Morse Code bracelet

A secret code to remember their love. Just make sure it isn't ... --- ...

16. Boho Wedding Planner Book

Weddings are complicated affairs. Help the bride step up her game from the blah 3 ring binder.

17. Makeup bag

Because she is spending a ton of money on a photographer, make sure the bridal party has their makeup at all times.

18. Bridal Robe

These custom robes are perfect for the bride and the bridal party. And hell... the groom.

19. Sleep Masks

Sensory deprivation improves sleep. Her name on the mask improves social status.

20. Custom Wine Stopper

A wine stopper encourages moderation.

21. Customized towel

A customized tea towel should get regular use and is a nice way to commemorate the wedding date.

22. Wine Cooler

Because every new couple should be throwing soirees.

23. Bride To Be Headband Veil Accessory

This will come in handy for the hen party.

7 Unique Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

On the opposite side of the spectrum from needing a cheap bridal shower gift is the relationship that is so special that something off the unique personalized bridal shower gifts list is all that will do.

She's special and she's about to go from being a unique individual to being firmly ensconced in a partnership. It's important to remind her that even though she's getting hitched, your bond will survive.

24. Sky Stars

A celestial gift that is as unique as they are. It shows you really care about their relationship.

25. Customized 18 inch Transparent Balloon with LED light

This is an excellent gift to help decorate the bridal shower venue.

26. Personalised teapot with infuser

Every couple needs a quality teapot. Tea is calming. Relationships need calming.

27. 3D Star Wars Wedding Gift

The perfect gift for those couples who are strong in the ways of the force.

28. Met Engaged Married Heart Map

This will help the married couple remember all the important dates and locations. No more excuses!

29. Couple Portrait

A customized piece of art to hang on the wall will endear you to the happy couple.

30. Engraved compass

A compass to remind them where they are going together. Symbolism at its finest.

10 Personalized Bridal Shower Favors

Now, if you've found yourself in charge of throwing the bridal shower, you know there's a ton of pressure on you to make it fun and get it right. This means bridal shower favors and goody bags.

There's no better way to show the bride that you put significant thought into her special day than with personalized bridal shower favors.

31. Wedding Dress

Little soaps in the shape of wedding dresses with personalized scents? That screams thoughtful.

32. Chapstick with Personalized Labels

You can never find Chapstick when you need it. Which is always.

33. Personalized Ear Buds

You can never have too many ear buds. Two ears. Infinite ear buds.

34. Engraved Personalized White Pencils

When's the last time you wrote longhand with a pencil? It's oddly satisfying.

35. Sandalwood Fans

Especially nice for outdoor weddings in the summer when everyone is dressed in formal wear.

36. Wildflower Seed Bomb Favors

Who doesn't like flowers at a wedding? These will survive the post-reception hangover.

37. Forever and Always 9 Oz Toasting Glasses

Because the champagne and long-winded toasts will be flowing at the wedding.

38. Candy Boxes with Ribbon and Flower 

Because chocolate is always appropriate.

39. Lotion Bar Favors

Lotion bars in customized tins are not only useful but reusable.

40. Mini crochet easter basket

A lovely little basket for displaying or holding little trinkets.

How to Pick the Best Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

When you give someone a gift, whatever the reason, it's a physical manifestation of your love and affection for the giftee. That means there are some serious considerations that must go into picking the right gift for the right occasion. You have to make sure you're on the right wavelength to make sure your gift will resonate with the recipient.

Since it's personalized, you want to make sure it's something that isn't going to find its way to the trash bin or the donate pile.

There are so many gift ideas that could be perfect that the whole process can be a bit overwhelming. So we've put together a short primer to make sure you get it right.

Here's how to pick the best personalized bridal shower gifts.

1. Evaluate the Relationship

The first step in picking the right personalized bridal shower gift is to take a good hard look at the relationship you're celebrating. This isn't as simple as how you know the bride to be, or how often you see her.

You've got to dig a bit deeper. Maybe you've been friends since grade school but aren't as close as you used to be. Is this someone you work with who may eventually report to you? Or the other way around? Are there hierarchy concerns that need to be considered?

The bottom line when looking at your relationship is this... You don't want her to open the gift and for it to immediately be awkward. This is her day, so while your gift is going to say quite a bit about you and about your relationship, ultimately, the whole day is about her. Remember that.

This brings us to point 2...

2. Set Your Expectations

One of the central tenants of Buddhism is that all human suffering comes from attachments. We set ourselves up for disappointment when we attach too strongly to any given emotion or expectation. This is really important when choosing a bridal shower gift.

Remember from point 1 that this is her day. She might not react the way you expect when she opens your gift. So try not to say too much or be too clever with your gift ideas.

Ultimately you'll feel better if you just go with the flow.

3. Read the Room

In much the same way you don't want to cause any awkwardness with the bride, you'll need to think about the other guests attending the shower. Are they all really close with the bride on a daily basis? Are there going to be a lot of people from work? Or other social circles overlapping?

When picking a gift, especially a personalized bridal shower gift, you want to try and choose something universally acceptable, that is unlikely to be chosen by someone else at the shower, and gives off enough personality to make you look good in the eyes of the bride.

4. Budget

Lastly, when you've considered points 1 - 3 and have come up with the type of gift you want to give, it's time to think about a budget. Remember, this is just the shower. If you're invited to the bridal shower there is a solid chance you're invited to the wedding as well.

That means more gifts at a minimum and possibly travel. The average person spent roughly $700 to attend a wedding.

So, if this isn't your lifelong best friend, you may want to really sharpen your pencil on just how much you want to shell out.

More Awesome Gift Ideas

Now that we've hopefully saved the day on the bridal shower gift ideas front, why not get ahead of the curve with more awesome gift ideas for other situations. Here are some lists we've put together to get those gift giving mental juices flowing.

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In Conclusion

Personalized bridal shower gifts are an excellent way to show the bride that you really care. And with the list of gift ideas we've put together, we're sure your perfect gift is lurking above.

So remember, when you're in need of some excellent bridal shower gift ideas to make a powerful statement, keep this list in mind. After all, you're definitely going to want to show up that backstabbing Karen. You know she's plotting against you. Dammit, Karen.