Whether your wedding is coming up soon or you're planning well in advance, you'll want to seek out unique bridesmaid gifts that the most important members of your wedding party can cherish forever. Your bridesmaids don't only play a part in your big day, they're friends and family members that you have chosen because you're close to them and have a great relationship. Because of this, it makes sense to choose awesome bridesmaid gifts to help them remember the amazing part they played in your wedding.

The best gifts are the ones your bridesmaids will look at or use often, so they should be pretty, useful and incredibly special. The most unique bridesmaid gifts are the ones they'll treasure forever, so these gifts shouldn't be bought in a hurry. Take a little while to browse through a list of the best gifts and you'll be able to pick ones which are absolutely perfect for your bridesmaids.

No matter whether your budget is large or small, you'll find the most unusual gifts for your bridesmaids in the useful guide below.

15 Best Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Finding the best bridesmaid gifts doesn't need to be difficult - you just need to know where to look. The list below contains all of the top gifts that a bridesmaid will love to receive, whether they're a friend you've known for years or a family member like a sister or cousin. The recipient is sure to appreciate any one of the brilliant unique bridesmaid gifts below.

1. Blue and Copper Resin Ring Platter

This is a lovely gift that your bridesmaids can use each day to store jewelry and trinkets.

2. Hand Embroidered Hat

This embroidered hat is not only beautiful, it's useful too.

3. Green succulent earrings

These unusual earrings are both delightful and trendy.

4. Pure Himalayan Salt Lamp

Give a gift that your bridesmaids will love for the soft glow that it creates in their house or apartment with this Himalayan salt lamp.

5. Cactus Candles

If you're looking for a small token of your appreciation, these cool cactus candles are just perfect.

6. Bridesmaid Poem

A framed poem can make a very sentimental gift. It's one that a maid of honor would definitely appreciate.

7. Bridesmaid rockabilly bandana

If your wedding has a vintage theme, these personalized bandanas couldn't be more ideal.

8. Diamond Pens

These pens are the perfect useful addition to care packages for your bridesmaids. Why not pair with a pamper set or personalized gift?

9. Wedding Survival Kit

Looking for a wedding survival kit that contains everything a bridesmaid could need for any wedding emergency? The search is over.

10. Floral Satin with Tassel

These gorgeous robes can be personalized, making them an awesome gift for your group of bridesmaids. You could choose to buy everyone the same color, or choose a different color for each person.

11. Bath Salt Tube

Cool tubes of bath salts are a great present to help a bridesmaid relax after she's completed all of her duties. Gift them alone or as part of a care package.

12. Mirror Embroidery Kit

This is one of the most unique bridesmaid gifts because the DIY kits can be personalized by whoever is completing the embroidery. You could gift the kit as it is or make it your mission to complete the embroidery for a very personal touch.

13. Bride Tribe Metallic Tattoos

These tattoos are super fun - your bridesmaids will love showing off that they're part of your "bride tribe".

14. Domino pendants with botanical floral prints

If you're looking for a vintage-style gift that your bridesmaids can treasure, look no further than these floral pendants.

15. Gold Bridal Ribbon Hair Band

A beautiful hair band on a ribbon is a keepsake that your bridesmaids can wear for the big day and then save for special occasions.

15 Unique Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

One of the ways to make sure that your bridesmaid gifts stand out and feel truly unique is by making them personalized. This is because personalized bridesmaid gifts feel that little bit more special than regular gifts. They show that you've taken the time to create something dedicated to the recipient because you really appreciate them and the support that they've given to you. If you're looking for something truly individual, just browse through the customized gifts below.

16. Starbucks Reusable Cold Cup Venti

Ensure your bridesmaids always have a cold drink to hand with these cool personalized Starbucks cups.

17. Personalized Beach Towel

This one of the best unique bridesmaid gifts because it can be personalized down to the hair color and style of each of your bridesmaids. They'll remember your special day every time they hit the beach or pool.

18. Pale Blue Stained Glass Engraved Keepsake

Members of your bridal party will be thrilled to receive this beautiful keepsake box, which can be customized with a name and the date of your wedding.

19. Personalized Bridesmaid Hangers

These lovely hangers can be used again and again, making them a small but special gift.

20. Personalized Bridesmaid Handkerchief

A handkerchief is a sweet present for bridesmaids who are known to get tearful at special occasions.

21. Custom Bridesmaid Magnet

An awesome customized magnet is a brilliant keepsake - who wouldn't love to see their face on the refrigerator?

22. Wood Hand Bag

These bags are great for bridesmaids if you're planning an eco-conscious wedding day. They make an amazingly unusual gift and one that the recipients are unlikely to have received before.

23. Bridal Robe Picture Frames

Your bridesmaid and maid of honor will love receiving these personalized photo frames to help them remember your bachelorette party or wedding.

24. Women's Duffel Bag

This is one of the most useful personalized unique bridesmaid gifts because the recipient can use it on every trip they take.

25. Personalized spa set

A cute spa set is all that's needed if you're looking for a small but thoughtful present. This set includes sugar scrub, lotion and soap which will help your bridesmaids to have the perfect pamper session before or after the big day.

26. Personalized Flask

Hipflasks are usually reserved for groomsmen, but who says they don't make great bridesmaid gifts too?

27. Custom bridesmaid Bobblehead

You can't get more personalized than a bobblehead created to look exactly like your bridesmaids or maid of honor.

28. Friendship Necklace

If you have three bridesmaids, this is the gift you need - add their initials to this necklace and they'll treasure it forever.

29. Personalized Wire Bookmark

Little gifts can be just as special as big ones, as this cute bookmark proves. Whether your bridesmaids are bookworms or keep a weekly diary, they'll find this bookmark really useful.

30. Personalised Bridal Flower Arrangement

If your bridesmaids love flowers, they'll definitely love this personalized arrangement of roses which will last forever.

How to Pick the Best Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

If you've seen some amazing bridesmaid gifts on this list, you might be struggling to choose the best ones to purchase for your wedding entourage or bride tribe. But there's no need to worry - ask yourself the questions below and it'll take you no time at all to pick the most perfect gifts.

1. Will you buy the same gift for each bridesmaid?

The first question to consider is whether you'll buy exactly the same gift for each bridesmaid, or whether you'll choose different gifts for different people. If you choose to buy different gifts, you can tailor each one to their personality. However, you don't want one person to feel like they got a better present than everyone else.

2. Will you buy just one gift or several?

It's usual to just buy one gift per bridesmaid, but some people like to give a few smaller gifts rather one than one large one. There are no set rules for this and it's up to you, after all it's your big day. If you plan to give each bridesmaid more than one gift, you could choose a theme. For example, you could gift a collection of pampering treats, or you could choose a few fashion items like a robe, a bag and jewelry.

3. Are your bridesmaids sentimental?

If your bridesmaids are sentimental people, they will probably enjoy receiving presents that they can hold onto as keepsakes. This means that they might appreciate things like personalized photo frames, necklaces and fridge magnets, rather than spa sets or candles.

4. What is your budget?

The final and most important thing to consider is your budget. You've probably spent a lot of money on your wedding day, so bridesmaid gifts don't need to break the bank. But if you want to make sure that you choose the most thoughtful and unique bridesmaid gifts, it can help to set a bit extra aside to ensure that the gifts you choose are really special.

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In Conclusion

Choosing unique bridesmaid gifts doesn't need to be hard. With the help of these suggestions, you can pick the best and most unusual gifts to show your bridesmaids and maid of honor how much they mean to you. You have probably known each of them for years so the gifts you choose will let them know that you appreciate them and hope that they'll be a part of your life as a newlywed.