Shopping for Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend can be hard – no, make that almost impossible.

If you’re not sure what to get boo boo for Valentine’s Day, we feel you. You want to make him feel special. You have a date idea, you’ve made reservations, and you have the perfect V-Day quote queued up for your valentine’s day IG post. The only thing missing is the gift.

We have assembled a list of cool, cute gifts for boyfriend that are bound to knock his socks off. And best of all, you don’t need to spend much to say a whole lot. Wink!


13 Best Valentine's gifts for boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. There’s simply no reason to not make it memorable for your boyfriend. And nothing beats getting him the perfect gift. Whether he prefers something practical or swoons over sentimental gifts, we have something for him here. Feel free to steal these for the perfect Valentine’s Day.

1. Marvel Deadpool Chibi Taco Love Valentine's Graphic T-Shirt

He'll LOL at this one. Does he love you more than tacos? Ask him before you give him this Valentine's gift - see if he'll say yes! This is a fun and simple gift that any guy can appreciate.

2. Stainless Steel Collar Stays Gift for Him 2.5 Inch Custom Gift

Something practical and sentimental. If your boyfriend wears a lot of collared shirts, I highly recommend that you get these collar stays. Every time he puts one on, he'll be thinking of you.

3. Italian style ties for men

He'll think of you whenever he wears it. An important element of a sharply-dressed man's ensemble, this is essential for making your man stand out in a crowd. Perfect for fashionable evenings!

4. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

This gift will be music to his ears. Music sounds so much better with a pair of high-quality headphones. Wonderful for listening to some love songs on Valentine's Day.

5. Thule Crossover 2 Toiletry Bag

Perfect for the boyfriend on the go. A highly practical gift for long trips - perfect for business trips or for a romantic getaway. If he loves travel, then this is a wonderfully thoughtful gift.

6. Folding Foldable Sunglasses Classic Square Frame

These will be his new favorite sunglasses. Portable, stylish, and useful for everyday life... Plus, he'll look cool with these cushy shades. For the cool, collected boyfriend who loves going out in the sun.

7. ATECH Multifunction Pen 7 in 1 Tech Tool Pen with Ruler

A nifty pen is perfect for a no-fuss guy. He'll bring it with him to the workplace, on nights out... practically everywhere, to be honest! It's a useful tool for the utilitarian boyfriend.

8. Button Free Underwater Real Touchscreen

You can be sure this is something he'd not thought of. If he loves the pool or the beach, he'll be happy to snap underwater selfies and post them on his Instagram. Why not join him?

9. IZOD Men's Rayon Poly Knit Jersey Sleep Short

Every guy needs comfortable sleep shorts. You can kiss him good night with this silky sleepwear - and he'll be dreaming of you for nights to come. Comfy, cozy, and wonderful for his home life.

10. Goodthreads Men's Soft Cotton Military Sweater

Something comfortable and cozy... Perfect for staving off the cold weather. Not just a Valentine's gift, this sweater is useful year-round and will make a serious statement about his fashion.

11. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Your boo will love it! You'll be taking plenty of selfies and groupies with this useful gadget. Take a picture - the memories will last longer!

12. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular, 38MM)

He won't know he needs one until he gets it. A highly convenient item even better than an ordinary watch - plus it looks sleek and goes with almost any fashion. Every time he checks the time, he'll be thinking about how to thank you.

13. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Rambler Pocket Knife

He'll find this Swiss Army knife useful. If your boyfriend is productive or works a utility job, he'll appreciate this. Every time he whips this out, he'll wonder how he ever went without it.

17 Cute Presents For Your Guy On V-day

You’ve been dating forevs, so and you’ve practically run out of unique gift ideas for him. It’s such a struggle, huh?

To get the gift-giving ideas flowing, we have come up with a list of cute gifts for boyfriend.  It doesn’t matter what kind of guy he is. You’re bound to find gift ideas that will tickle his fancy. They’re so good they’ll even work if you’ve been together for only a hot second.

14. Bearington Lawless Lover Valentines Plush Stuffed Animal Teddy Bear with Heart

Super cute and thoughtful. A fun present with an amusing line on top... Plus, it's perfect if he's into cute things as much as you are. This present is perfect for the sensitive guy in him.

15. 25 Full Color Coupons for your Sweetheart

You've got a sweet deal for him - you'll receive his love and affection, and he'll receive plenty in turn from you. It's almost highway robbery with how great this deal is!

16. Kissing Mugs Set

These mugs will make him smile. If you both love coffee, these raise a glass with these matching mugs. We recommend sending him this along with cookies and chocolates for a sweet, sweet gift.

17. Funny Boyfriend Shirt Men

Is your boyfriend a gamer? Does he show off his gamer skills by livestreaming? Have him wear this to show chat a quirky but lovely statement.

18. This Guy Has an Awesome Girlfriend Funny Mug

If he didn't have one before, he now has a favorite mug. His friends might tease him about his awesome girlfriend, but he'll still take a sip from this cute and silly mug.

19. And I Will Always Love You Coffee Mug

Whitney Houston sang it best: I will always love you. It's funny and romantic all at the same time... So my darling, I will always love you. Sing it with him!

20. BoldLoft You've Captured My Heart Couples Shirts

It takes two to tango. Have your dreamboat wear this matching shirt with you, and tell the world one important message: He's captured your heart.

21. BoldLoft from My Heart to Yours Couples Pillowcases-Couples Gifts for Him and Her

Even if you don't share a bed just yet, this gift is sure to bring your dreams together. As he's drifting off to sleep one night, he'll think to blow you a kiss.

22. You’re Irresistible His and Hers Drinking Glasses

These beautiful and well made drinking glasses will draw you both in. But which is more irresistible: these glasses, or you and him? Have him answer this question for the ages!

23. Couples Necklace for Him and Her

This is perfect for a necklace or right on your finger. For this, it is you giving him the ring rather than the other way around. Show much you appreciate him with this lovely accessory!

24. Wooden Puzzle Box with Secret Compartment

He'll have fun solving this. Does your boyfriend love tricks, puzzles, and secrets? He'll be hooked for hours trying to find the secrets in this box. If you want your boyfriend to have fun, then this is the gift to give.

25. Personalized Stainless Steel Wallet Love Note Insert

This is a perfect little keepsake for him to have. Every time he brings out his wallet, he'll look at this and feel some fuzzy feelings inside. This is a perfect item for him to remember you by.

26. Hallmark Pokémon Valentines Day Card (Pikachu, I Choose You)

This cute little card will bring a smile to his face. Even if neither of you know Pokemon, you may have heard this iconic saying. Out of the original 151 pokemon, he'll always be your number 1.

27. I Love You to The Moon and Back Both Sides Engraved Keychain

He'll carry it with him everywhere - even to the moon and back. Perfect for holding keys, but also perfect as a simple reminder for both of you to remember each other by. No matter how much distance is between you, you'll always be together.

28. Drive Safe, I Need You Here With Me Keychain

This is as cute a gift as they come. It shows you care about him and are worried for his safety. Every time he drives, he'll always remember to be careful, thanks to this simple but thoughtful keychain.

29. Jerky Heart – The Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift For Men

He'll eat his heart out with these delightful snacks. If your boyfriend doesn't have a sweet tooth, then instead of chocolates, this might be the perfect gift for him. These are treats both of you can enjoy during Valentine's.

13 Cupid's Day Gifts For Him That Can Also Be Birthday Gifts

So, your boyfriend was born in February, perfect! Buying him a Valentine’s and birthday gift can be a bit too much for you. After all, you may not have much left in your budget to buy a meaningful gift after you’ve bought the first.

So, what to do?

Buy one gift for both his birthday and Valentine’s day. Love the idea? Not only will it make it easier to choose a gift, but it will also give you leeway to spend more on a single gift. This can come in handy if when you’re on a tight budget. Check out our easy-peasy birthday gifts for boyfriend. You’ll fall in love with them.

30. Carhartt Men's Rain Defender Paxton Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt

Another hoodie for you to steal... wink! Simple but fashionable clothes work wonders both as a Valentine's day present but also as a birthday present. It's soft and comfortable, and he'll really appreciate being given this.

31. God Know My Heart Needed You Handmade Sign Crafts

This is a beautiful keepsake for him. Whether on a door, on the wall, or by a window... This is a sign that shows how much you appreciate him - and how much he appreciates you for giving it to him.

32. All in One Tools Mini Hammer Multitool

A man needs his tools. Whether for work or for personal projects, this is a highly practical gift for the enterprising boyfriend. It's not the most romantic gift around, but it shows that you want your boyfriend to succeed in his work.

33. Thank You for Being My Boyfriend Tumbler

Get him something he can use. This one is cute and funny, perfect for a funny and cute boyfriend! Whenever he takes a sip, he'll say, "you're welcome."

34. I Love That You're My Boyfriend Because: Prompted Fill In The Blank Book

A sweet book for someone you love. This is a highly personalized gift for you to give your boyfriend. No two blanks are filled the with the same thing, so you can really add that personal touch.

35. Travel Laptop Backpack

The perfect backpack for a guy on the move. If he can't leave home without his favorite laptop, then this can help set him straight. He might even message you about it while on his trip.

36. Engraved Wooden Watch

He'll thank you for this. It has a different sort of charm than a metal watch - it gives it that sort of timeless feel. It fits more snugly on the wrist than a metal watch too, showing that you care for his comfort.

37. Tactical Pen (8-in-1), Emergency Tool Survival Gear Kit

This is a very unique and handy gift. Does he love the outdoors? Does he love camping, or even glamping? This tool will keep him safe in the outdoors or show its use in unexpected situations.

38. Torch atmosphere Bluetooth speakers

This is an amazing gift for an amazing man. This gift is for the party lover in him. If you both love music and dancing, then you can both enjoy some sweet tunes with these fancy speakers.

39. EDC Emergency Tools and Everyday Carry Gear, Official Survival Kit

An extremely practical gift for the outdoorsman and survivalist in him. Perfect for camping in the outdoors or making use of nature, these tools will keep your boyfriend safe wherever he may go.

40. Engraved Rock.

He'll cherish this gift like it's his own pet rock. Best given to a boyfriend whose name is Simon or Peter, but it still works as a gift no matter what their name is. It signifies that you can trust and depend on them.

41. LED Flashlights Gloves

If your boyfriend does a lot of work with his hands, then these gloves + LED flashlights can help. These are perfect for the handyman boyfriend who can do a little bit of everything.

42. I Love You More Couples Keychains Set

Something sentimental to mark a special day, like Valentine's. These matching keychains will help you fondly remember each other no matter where you are. It comes with a special message: you love me, but I love you more.

7 DIY Presents For Him That He Will Truly Appreciate

It may not be obvious, but your boyfriend appreciates the little things you do for him. Sure, they love to be wined and dined in plush restaurants, romantic nights in, designer shirts, stylish watches, and so on. But you don’t have to try too hard. Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most. And they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of DIY gifts for boyfriend that will get the sparks flying on Valentine’s Day. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. He’ll appreciate you took the time.

43. TOP SHELF Everyday Wish Jar Kit with 100 Tickets

A thoughtful gift for your loved one. Write your favorite everyday wishes on these tickets, and hopefully they'll come true before the day passes. It's a fun little activity that's good for sentimental folk.

44. Sushi Making Kit - All In One Sushi Bazooka Maker

He can finally make his own sushi. These tools make it easy for anyone to make their own maki rolls, turning it into a gift that's both practical and delicious!

45. Gifts for Husband Mixology Cocktail Shaker Set

The most amazing bartender kit on the market. If your guy loves his drinks, then he'll love experimenting with this set. Have him show you his favorite mixes and tricks to do while making them. It even has its own book to help him get started!

46. DIY Custom and Create any Personalized Photo Picture Coffee Mugs

His morning cup of coffee will never be the same again. There are endless possibilities here - any photo, any logo, any combination of words... It's a gift where both of you can add a personal touch.

47. Maad Home Branding Kit Prank Gift Box

An absolutely amazing gag box. For the funny guy in your boyfriend who loves a few jokes. Just be careful about what he gets up to with this box of fun!

48. DIY Handmade Photo Album Scrapbooking, Explosion Gift Box

This entertaining gift box is worth every penny. If you love taking physical photos, you can start a collection of them and decorate them to your heart's content. I highly recommend taking a few romantic ones for the front page!

49. Luna Bean LARGE Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

This casting kit rocks. You can immortalize you and your boyfriend holding hands with this nifty casting kit. Perfect as a tiny decoration to put in your home, and will always evoke a fond memory.

14 Heart's Day Anniversary Gifts For Your Man

Does your anniversary fall around the same time as Valentine’s Day? Girl... you def have something special going. Celebrate your love with these anniversary gifts for boyfriend that can double up as a Valentine’s Day gift.

You want a gift so good that he’ll want to get on your level with an equally spectacular gift in return. He'll dig these gifts. Scout's honor.

50. Shiny Foil Star Wars Anniversary Gift For Him

A gift for Star Wars fans out there! Is the Force with you and your boyfriend? Does he love you to the Death Star and back? Only he can answer these questions!

51. Personalized Bobblehead

Turn photos of you and your boyfriend into 3D figurines! These fun-sized caricatures of yourselves can be a perfect way to celebrate a long-term relationship. These bobbleheads should always stay together, just like you two!

52. One Day Closer Keychain

A keychain is always a safe bet. Take a lovely photo and display it out front for everyone to see... On the back, it will say that you're both one day closer. A thoughtful and romantic gift for your man.

53. 60 Date Night Cards

Make date nights more interesting. Write your favorite date ideas and plans on these cards, and mail them to your boyfriend. If you love going on dates with your significant other, then these can be a fun way to spice things up.

54. Wooden block with picture

This can be a lovely decoration for your boyfriend's home! Add your favorite picture, write a memorable caption, and your boyfriend will cherish the moment immortalized in it.

55. Personalized Illustration Print

Something sweet to put on walls. Whenever you or he pass by, take a good look and smile. These moments will live longer in pictures.

56. Matching Secret Message Anniversary Gifts

A secret message for soulmates. Help him remember that special day with these dog tags. He'll never forget it again, and celebrate it with you each time. Perfect not only for Valentine's, but on your anniversary, too.

57. Wooden Heart Keychains - Couples Initial Keyring set

Wonderful, beautiful matching keychains. Is there no better gift than these? Keep the keys to your heart safe and connected with these keyrings. He'll always remember you whenever he sees them.

58. Custom Travel Map Art Valentines Day Gift for Him

Cherish your journey together with this beautiful map. He'll never lose his way to you ever again - and he'll always find his way home. Map out the journey of your romance together and see where you've been and where you're going.

59. PERSONALIZED 6th anniversary custom wrought iron gift for men

A personalized keychain to mark your anniversary. Have you been together for six years now? Or are you planning to stay together for six years? This gift is for the relationship that lasts.

60. Song Sound Wave Art 10th Anniversary Gift

If he loves music, he'll love this. Music can be a wonderful way to bring people together. If both of you have a favorite song, then this gift will bring you two closer to that fond tune.

61. Custom Lyric Art, 1 Year Anniversary gift for him

Your anniversary song in print. Fancy yourself a songwriter? Whether it's a little ditty or a story in music, write him a sweet and sentimental message that he won't soon forget.

62. keychain picture, third-anniversary gift for him

He'll carry your treasured moments together wherever he goes. Keychains are common gifts but couldn't be more useful or appreciated. Anyone can appreciate the simple but practical beauty of a lovely keychain.

63. Custom Star Map Poster

A unique and timeless keepsake. If you both love the stars, then take a picture of your favorite constellation or astrological sign, and frame that memory on this poster. When he looks at it, he'll remember that night fondly.

10 Perfect V-day and Christmas Gift For Your Special Guy christmas gift boxes

Unsplash / freestocksWe have to admit... shopping for a guy is a pain in the ‘donkey.’ It’s almost as if you need superhuman skills to pick a gift he’ll like. It’s even harder to find something that he’s not already bought for himself. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for boyfriend that can double up as a Valentine’s Day gift, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been hard at work, and we’ve gathered some Christmas gift ideas that are worth a second glance. Steal these drool-worthy gift ideas to make a lasting impression.

64. Tennis Raquet Sports Socks

Nothing beats a good quality pair of socks. It's not only comfortable, but quite stylish too. Spruce up your boyfriend's wardrobe with some sleek socks, and he won't ever go barefoot again.

65. Personalized Bluetooth Speaker

If he loves music, he'll love this. Not only is it a neat way to play his favorite tracks out loud, it also has a bit of personal touch to it as well. By one or buy a pair to match, and play some of your favorite songs on the go.

66. Personalized Multi tool Knife

Handy with a small footprint. If your boyfriend needs tools often, then you can't go wrong with a multi-tool. Versatile, portable, and very collectible, these small items are perfect for his needs.

67. Personalized Engraved Custom Brass Wood ink pen

A pen that makes a statement. If he signs things often, then he'll appreciate these lovely pens. A pen can be such a lovely collectible item, too... Some, like this one, are quite beautiful as gifts.

68. Personalized Genuine Leather Passport Holder

He'll have you in mind as he travels. Keep his passport safe in these lovely leather holders, and he'll make a statement every time he goes to travel. It's also perfect if you can get a matching one yourself!

69. Monogram Zippo Personalized Gift

Have his name engraved on the world famous Zippo Lighter. Even if he doesn't smoke, he'll find this lighter cool and manly. A gift for the alpha male in your boyfriend.

70. Golf Ball Marker Hat Clip

Is he a golfer? He'll love this. These hat clips will help him keep his sporty side going, but also add a gentle touch to his game. By giving him this, you're encouraging him to enjoy himself while he's playing and are keeping his comfort in mind.

71. Personalized Compass

This vintage compass is just what the doctor ordered. Give him this, and he'll never fail to find his way to you. If he travels a lot and needs specific directions, this can help him find his way.

72. Personalized 3D I Love You 3000 Shadowbox

Does he love The Avengers? He'll enjoy this themed shadowbox. Ask him about his favorite heroes and/or villains, and then ask him if you'd look good with a Black Widow cosplay.


How To Pick Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend

You spend countless hours looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend. With bated breath, you present it to him waiting to see his face light up with excitement. He only looks mildly pleased. If this has happened to you, then you might want to polish up on your gift-giving etiquette with the following tips.

1. Listen to Your Boyfriend

If you’re keen, your boyfriend will tell you what he'd want as a gift. For example, he may casually talk about how he wants to get a FitBit to track his workouts. That’s your cue. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that gift recipients appreciate gifts they’ve asked for more than those they don’t. Stop focusing so much on what you think your boyfriend wants and listen to what he’s saying he wants.

2. Don’t Make it About Yourself

This might sound somewhat obvious, but many people forget this simple rule. Gift-giving is not an opportunity to show off or impress by flaunting your generosity and wealth. Try to avoid the temptation to play to your vanities.

For example, if your boyfriend is reserved and private, he probably won’t appreciate grand gestures in public. A chilled out and private affair would probably work best.

Remember, it’s not about how much you can afford to give. It’s about making him feel special. Don’t forget this golden rule.

3. Create an Experience

The gift doesn’t have to be an item. The thing is, you might find it hard to get a good gift for him if he's the kind of guy who has everything. But all hope is not lost.

You could always create an experience. Try out new activities with him. For example, you could go on a hike to a new destination, sign up for a surf lesson, or go watch a play. Make sure to do something that tickles his fancy. You can be sure this will create a lasting memory.

4. Stay Away from the Cliché

Urgghh… not another year of chocolates, perfume, and flowers. Guys receive the same gifts year in, year out. Avoid being so predictable and get him something he didn’t expect. Not only will it excite him, but he’ll also feel that you put some thought into it.

5. Get Something Romantic

Valentine’s Day is all about romance. For Pete’s sake, it’s not the time to get that futuristic toothbrush you’ve been eyeing. Yeah, I know… it’s practical and it looks hella cool. He could do with that supersonic smile it promises anyway. But it’s not romantic. Put in a little effort into it. You could get him collar stays with his pet name engraved. You can never go wrong with something sentimental. You get the drift…

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions about Valentine's Day gifts? If you're unsure about whether he'll like the gift you gave him, the answers to these frequently asked questions may shed some light on the subject.

If my boyfriend didn't like Valentine's day gift I gave him, does it mean he doesn't care about my feelings?

That isn't necessarily the case! People have their preferences, including you and him. If he hasn't rejected the present entirely then he still appreciates that you got one for him, and even if it's not exactly what he wanted, he's still willing to accept it. That shows that he really cares about your feelings and doesn't want to hurt them.

Is it weird for a girl to give a Valentine's Day gift to her boyfriend?

Not at all! Exchanging gifts doesn't always have to be on Christmas Day - it can be on any other day of the year as well. Valentine's Day is all about couples, so couples exchanging gifts is hardly uncommon. Like every holiday, it's an important and significant date for both him and you.

Are guys harder to find gifts than women?

Buying gifts for the opposite sex can be difficult. There's no thing that suggests that guys are any harder or easier to buy gifts for than women. Add in the factor that people have differing tastes, and gift-giving can be an ordeal. Still, even if they don't especially adore the gifts you give them, men will still gratefully accept what you're giving on that most special of days.

Do guys like flowers on Valentines' Day?

It depends on the guy, but flowers aren't especially high up on the list of things guys love to receive. The transient fragility of flowers, and the associated language of flowers, is something historically more significant with women. That doesn't mean he hates flowers, though - guys all across the globe can understand the meaning of being given a rose or kissing under mistletoe.

More Great Articles To Make Your Boyfriend Feel Special

As a woman, you like to be swept off your feet with all that romantic jazz – chocolates, flowers, and weekend getaways. The thing is, guys also love being made to feel special. Pro tip: he’ll never admit it. If you wanna shower your boo with some tender loving care and attention, we’ve got you.

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In Conclusion

Shopping for a Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend can be a nightmare. We’ve made things easier for you with this amazing collection of gift ideas. What are you waiting for? Get shopping.