Nothing shows that you care quite like a personalized or custom gift, this is why DIY gifts for boyfriend really are the best type of present that guys can receive from their girlfriend.

Showing that you have taken the time to create something unique just for them proves that you really think they're special.

When looking for a present for a guy who has everything, DIY gifts for boyfriend can offer the key to a whole new world of inspiration. If you're looking for something that your partner can treasure, you'll want to pick from these awesome gifts for boyfriend that you can make and customize yourself.


8 Best DIY Gifts for Boyfriend

Gifts that you can make yourself and personalize to be meaningful for your boyfriend truly are the best presents for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. If your boyfriend knows that you have taken the time to create a special DIY present, it will mean more to him than anything you can buy off the shelf.

1. Wood Burning Kit

Burn an amazing design into wood for your boyfriend. Try burning a design into a photo frame or keepsake box.

2. Project Smart Robot Car Kit

Create an awesome robot car for your boyfriend to play with.

3. Build Your Own Drone Kit

Drones are fun toys but building a drone for someone you love is a fantastic activity.

4. FM Radio DIY Soldering Kit with Tools

If your boyfriend loves listening to music, why not build him a custom radio?

5. Digit Digital Clock Kits

Cool and useful, this talking clock is a great DIY gift for boyfriend.

6. A Modern Guide to Knifemaking

Make your boyfriend his own knife that he can use in the kitchen or while camping.

7. Maze Planter DIY Kit

Guys who love gardening and plants will be amazed by this planter gift.

8. Bonsai Starter Kit

Grow your boyfriend an amazingly cool bonsai tree of his own.

6 Cute DIY Gifts for Boyfriend

If you have an adorable boyfriend and you want to want to prove how important he is to you, cute gifts for boyfriend are the answer. Take a look at these cute DIY gifts for lovable presents that you can make yourself.

9. Romantic Picture Frame

Add a sweet photo of the two of you to easily complete this cute gift.

10. Explosion Gift Box

Draw doodles and add photos to make this cool gift box unique.

11. Amazonite Bracelet Kit

Your boyfriend will love this cute beaded DIY bracelet that you made just for him.

12. Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book

Insert photos of you as a couple to make this memory book unqiue.

13. Espadrilles DIY kit

This espadrille kit makes a gorgeous and unique DIY gift for boyfriend.

14. Message in a Bottle Capsules

Write cute messages to your boyfriend and place one in every capsule for a meaningful and uplifting gift.

5 DIY Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

If your boyfriend's birthday is on the horizon, you'll be looking for something that can symbolise your unique relationship. Birthday gifts for boyfriend don't have to be run-of-the-mill - you can make something amazing that your partner will cherish.

15. Birthday Reminder Calendar Plaque

Use this hanging calendar to help your boyfriend remember special dates.

16. Personalized Leather Keychain

Just add keys to complete this cute birthday gift for your boyfriend.

17. Custom Engraved Box

Fill this box with your boyfriend's favourite things that remind him of times you spent together.

18. Car Interior Lights

Use this lighting kit to suprise your boyfriend by lighting up the inside of his car.

19. DIY Bath Bombs

Guys love baths too - make these cool DIY bath bombs to help your boyfriend relax and de-stress.

8 DIY Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriend

If you're not sure what to get your boyfriend for Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with a DIY gift. Nothing says "I love you" like Valentine's Day gifts for boyfriend that you have taken the time to make yourself.

20. Sauce Lab Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

Make an amazing special hot sauce for a boyfriend that loves spicy food.


Custom infused vodka makes for a very cool DIY gift for boyfriend that you can enjoy together.

22. Cocktail Shaker Set

Does your boyfriend love cocktails? Make Valentine's Day special by mixing up some unique drinks.

23. Leather Moccasin Kit

Your boyfriend will never have recieved a Valentine's Day gift as special as shoes made just for him.

24. Making Poor Man's Guitars

Use this book to help you create a totally unqiue guitar for your boyfriend.

25. DIY Comic Book

If you're great at drawing, you could make your boyfriend his own comic where he's the superhero.

26. 5D Diamond Painting Kit

Your man will be impressed that you took the time to create an awesome picture for him.

27. Credit Card Wallet Kit Leather Craft Kit

Make a lovely gift that your boyfriend can keep in his pocket.

7 DIY Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

Thinking of new and unusual anniversary gifts for boyfriend each year can prove a challenge. However, when you decide to make a DIY gift, you'll find all sort of new ways to create a token of your love.

28. I Wrote a Book About You: Fill in the Blank Love Book

Fill in this beautiful book for your first anniversary together and your boyfriend will keep it forever.

29. Make Your Own Backyard Barbecue Sauce

Guys that love barbecueing will be thrilled to recieve their very own barbecue sauce.

30. Hands Casting Kit

This is a lovely DIY anniversary gift for your boyfriend, especially if you have children together.

31. Our Adventure Scrapbook

If you travel often, filling this book with photos and tickets from your trip will mean the world to your boyfriend.

32. Wooden Whittled Gift

If your boyfriend likes woodwork, why not use this book to create an awesome whittled gift?

33. Tie Dye Kit

Spend a bit of time creating a shirt or T shirt in your boyfriend's favorite colours.

34. Macrame Plant Hanger

If your boyfriend likes plants, he'll be excited to exercise his green fingers with his very own macrame plant hanger.

6 DIY Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend

Christmas is such a special time for couples, it makes sense to give a gift that your boyfriend knows has been made especially for him. If you're looking for Christmas gifts for boyfriend that you can create, use this list for some brilliant inspiration.

35. Wooden Travel Push Pin Map

Mark all of the places you've visited together for a simple and easy Christmas gift.

36. Crossbow DIY Kit

Would your boyfriend love to try target practise? Make him his very own crossbow.

37. What I Love About You Book

For a simple DIY present, fill in this cute gift journal for your boyfriend.

38. Whiskey Decanter Set

For a quick Christmas gift that shows you care, fill this decanter with his favorite whiskey.

39. Wooden Brain Teaser

Make this awesome brain teaser as a Christmas gift and watch your boyfriend enjoy hours of fun.

40. Diy Brewed Mead

Brew your boyfriend his very own honey wine to see his face light up at Christmas.

How To Pick DIY Gifts for Boyfriend

There are loads of different D.I.Y kits and gifts to choose from so you might need a little help deciding. Thankfully it's easy to pick the best gift once you have asked yourself a few simple questions. Use the steps below to make it simple to pick a gift that your boyfriend will love.

1. Think About Your Own Skills

Choose a DIY gift based on what you're good at. You want the gift to be homemade but you also want to show your boyfriend that you have paid attention to the details. This means it helps to think of your strengths - if you're great at cooking then choose a kitchen-based DIY or if you're good at woodworking you could make a whittled gift.

2. Consider How Much Time You Have

If you need the gift to be ready in a few days, it makes sense to choose a DIY gift that you can complete quickly. However, if you have a few weeks or even months, you can make something more complicated that takes longer, such as growing a plant.

3. Decide What Your Boyfriend Would Love Most

Guys are all unique, which means they deserve a gift as special as they are. Would your boyfriend prefer a gift that he can wear or one he can eat? A gift he can admire in his living room or one he can play with? When you answer these questions, it will be so much easier to choose the perfect DIY present.

More Great Tricks To Get Your Boyfriend to Smile

Everyone wants the person they love to be happy and it's a great feeling to know that you are the reason behind your boyfriend's smile. If you want to show your boyfriend how much you care, use the list below as inspiration for little things that you can say to help brighten his day.

  1. If you want to warm your boyfriend's heart, you need some adorable phrases to remember. Here is a great list of cute things to say to your boyfriend that you can use daily.
  2. Whether you're hoping to write the best good morning text for your boyfriend or you just want to let him know you've been thinking about him, these sweet things to say to your boyfriend are sure to put a smile on his face.
  3. Want to find out more about your boyfriend and let him know that you're interested in his thoughts and opinions? These questions to ask your boyfriend offer an amazing opportunity for you two to bond.

In Conclusion

DIY gifts that you can make or design yourself are the ones that your boyfriend will believe are the most special. He'll really appreciate you taking the time to create something for him and he'll value the fact that you didn't just pick something from a store.

Now that you have some ideas for awesome DIY gifts for boyfriend, you can go ahead and choose something that you think he will cherish as much as you cherish him.