Sending your man flirty texts to make him laugh is the ultimate way to get closer as a couple and keep things light-hearted and fun when real life gets heavy. There are tons of flirty questions to ask a guy and these will make him smile for sure.

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Ultimate Lists of Flirty Texts To Make Him Laugh

There are tons of flirty texts to make him laugh that will send him into a wonderful mood to take on the day. He will love that you took the time to message while also finding a way to set a smile on his face. While a small thing, a simple, flirty text can make his day brighter and more enjoyable.

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4 Morning Flirtateous Messages That Will Start His Day With a Smile

There are so many great good morning messages to send your guy, which you can read about on Mantelligence. Sending your man a flirty text in the morning is the perfect way to jumpstart a great morning for him. Especially if you know, he's had a rough night at work or school dealing with responsibilities and real-life necessities.

1. Good morning to the foxiest man in the world.

Greeting your man with a good morning text and a compliment is a special way to make him feel confident and ready to face the day, no matter what. Just like women, men also love a confidence boost from the person they care about, and hearing from you will make the day ahead more enjoyable.

It doesn't necessarily have to be word for word, but you can also opt to add your flair or personal touch to make the text unique. Adding in a pet name or an inside joke goes a long way in making the text message feel authentic and genuine.

2. Thinking about your handsome face is my second favorite way to spend the morning.

Just like "foxy," calling him "handsome" is another great way to boost his confidence and make him feel special when he picks up his phone to check his messages. Adding in the extra bit about how you think about him is your second favorite makes the text intriguing, and he may ask what your first favorite thing is.

You can say, "spending the mornings with you!". From there, it's easy to have a flirtatious conversation that keeps the blues away for both of you. With that, these flirty texts to make him laugh will make his jumpstart his day off to a good start.

3. Good morning handsome! The thought of being in your arms is the only thing keeping me warm this morning.

A good morning message that tells him how much you miss him shows your guy just how special he is in your life and that you notice his absence. Guys like to feel like they have an impression in their life that others can't replace them so easily, and this flirty text message is the ideal way of showing that.

By telling him that his presence is missed and that you wish he were with you, you are also letting him know that you're looking forward to the next time you two can spend valuable time together. With that, you also make him feel like he has something to look forward to at the end of the day or trip that he can appreciate.

4. Good morning to the man who inhabits my dreams and rocks my world.

Aside from being very poetic and sweet, this flirty text message variation also adds a genuine tone that others can't match. Just like women, guys love feeling like they are special in someone's subconscious dreams and their conscious waking life. It's a sweet way to put a smirk on his face and keep him close to you even if he is not in your proximity.

Who knows, you may be surprised when he sees you again as he showers you with a romantic dinner date idea or an out-of-this-world date. It's all about reciprocation, and when you show your commitment to him, he'll also like to show you his dedication.

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4 Innocent Flirting Messages That Will Caught His Attention

A subtle approach is sometimes the best choice when sending flirty text messages to make him laugh. Steamy messages offer great ways to connect, but taking the innocent road makes things light-hearted and fun to suit a more casual situation. The sheer funny feel and innocent air will make any man smile or chuckle sweetly at what you've sent.

5. I'd love you even more on the days that end with "y" if it were possible… but it's not. I already love you the most.

As far as innocent flirty text messages go, this one is great. It insinuates that you are constantly in love with or thinking of him, but it's also a small riddle that might make him feel for a minute or two before finally getting the meaning behind it. As far as being flirty texts to make him laugh, it will definitely make him stop and think about how clever you are for thinking of such a message when the usual clichés are what he is used to.

6. You're gorgeous, but that smile is the most radiant by far.

Complimenting his looks through a flirty text message is another great innocent option that will put a smile on his face. Even guys fall prey to cliché compliments on their physical attributes because it doesn't make it any less sweet or true.

Taking the time to notice his looks also makes him feel better about himself and gives him a great confidence boost. After all, everyone loves being noticed for their looks. No matter how much they say, they focus more on personality and character.

7. I know that if you were a new song, you'd be the hottest single out right now.

Sending this flirty text message is ideal for guys who are musicians, singers, or who love music. Melding together a personal touch while still being flirty is a surefire way to hook him to your text conversation and get a response and warrant a smile from him.

Guys who have their band will love that you took the time to think of something that sparks his interest while also having the confidence to flirt with him. In truth, you get the best of both worlds with this option.

8. I bet if you were a triangle, you'd be an acute one.

Even if your boyfriend is not a big trigonometry geek, likely, he will still find the novelty in this flirty text message. Regardless, it's funny that it will make him smile and have him chuckling randomly throughout the day just thinking of the message.

3 Clever But Seductive Messages You Can Send Him That Will Turn Him On

Aside from being sweet, innocent, or spicy, sending clever flirty texts to make him laugh shows you the brains to match your gorgeous looks. Sending a cleverly crafted flirty text message showcases your ability to turn a phrase and make it match your level. Many guys will love clever flirty messages as it shows you've taken the time to craft them, especially for him, instead of using common options he has heard.

9. I wish I were a cat to spend all nine of my life with you.

There are tons of cat lover guys out there, and thinking of a clever flirty text message that has a cat involved is sure to win you cuteness overload points. You can even try phrasing this message as a flirty question by asking, "do you know why I want to be a cat?". You will catch his attention and make the conversation more stimulating and interesting.

10. When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while (including me).

This choice is gold if you're looking for cute flirty text messages that still have an air of cleverness. The Bruno Mars lyrics with the additional me bit make the whole thing draft a sweet text that can double as a way to quote a well-known song many people love.

An ode to a beautifully written song is sure to make his heart melt by also showing how clever you are in thinking of using song lyrics as a way to flirt with him over a text message.

11. I found this tune that makes me think of you somehow, and I play it on repeat.

Letting your boyfriend know that there is a particular song that makes you think of him is another ultimately flirty and cute text message that will make him smile. It's also clever to let him know he is on your mind. Songs are a great way to communicate with people; telling a particular one reminds you of him might make him listen o that song and uncover its hidden meaning.

4 Sweet But Teasing Messages That Will Knock Him Off His Feet

Sweet, flirty messages are the best type of text messages that girls send to guys. Many guys can't resist those messages, especially when they are super sexy. They are meant to be cheeky, playful, and flirty. These types of pickup lines are used to show that you are interested in him and that you are into him, read more on this site.

12. Can you send me a selfie? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas this year.

Asking a guy to send you a selfie is a super flirty and cute text message that you can send. It's also great to show that you care about him and want to know what he likes. Men love when women care about them. They can get jealous and insecure. It shows guys that you care about them. So, don't hesitate to send a selfie to a guy.

13. I'm thinking it's a burgers and beer kind of night… You in?

Guys love it when girls go for low-key date ideas with a simple premise. On that list is a casual burger and beer night. Sharing tasty food and drinks s a low-key date idea, and you'll have a lot of fun. Also, it's a sweet, flirty message that will take him by surprise as it's a great way to escape the crowds for some one-on-one time together.

14. Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk by again?

Even if this one is a classic for flirty love messages, it's a great way to express your affection. You can share your feelings with him. This is especially great if you two just met and are looking for more ways to communicate and get to know each other.

15. The only time I stupidly smile at my phone is when I get text messages from you.

I'm sure there are texts you've received that make you smile stupidly with happiness, and letting your boyfriend know his texts make you do that will warm his heart. Also, you make him feel like you care about him and want to be close to him.

3 Night Messages That Will End His Day Happy

Have you ever had a goodnight text from someone? A goodnight text is when a friend or girlfriend sends you a good night text. This message lets you know how the day was and what is going on in their lives now. This sweet and romantic gesture makes you smile and let you know that someone cares about you.

16. Would give anything to wake up next to you tomorrow.

Should your guy be away, or if you two have a long-distance relationship, texting this sweet goodnight message is the perfect way to show your emotions and feelings. It means that you are thinking about him and still want him around. If your guy is busy, this text lets him know you are thinking about him even though he is busy. This is a great way to get his attention back.

17. As my last thought, I'm going to bed with you, and I can't wait to wake up to you as my first.

Letting him know he is the last thought before sleeping is an awesome way to say that you miss him and that he is your favorite person. You can also add "I love you" if you think he might feel the same way about you.

The reason why this text is romantic is that it shows that you care about him and that you want to spend time with him. You want to remind him that he is your last thought before you fall asleep and that you can't wait to wake up next to him as your first thought in the morning.

18. Let's hope my dreams are as sweet as you are.

As a more direct good night message, you can tell him he is sweet by sending this flirty text message to him. This will let him know that you like him and appreciate what he does for you.

Downloadable and Printable List of Flirty Texts To Make Him Laugh

Here is a downloadable and printable jpg/pdf list of flirty texts to make him laugh (right-clicked the image and select Save Image As...):

Do All Guys Appreciate Women Flirting?

Yes! Flirting is a surefire way to catch his full attention and build a meaningful relationship. Also, flirty is a form of complimenting someone while adding sweet anecdotes that make him think or straight up laugh and how sweet it all is.

Flirting, even over a text message, also shows your man that you are taking the time to put in the effort in the relationship and not leaving it all to him to make the first moves. When they feel like they are pulling all the weight, it goes towards why men pull away and can likely make them feel like they are in a one-sided relationship.

How To Send Playful Messages To A Guy You Like Without Being Desperate

Sending a flirty and playful message to a guy is not as hard as it seems. The secret is to show your genuine self and manifest that into a message you know will set s smile on his face. But, if you are still asking yourself, "should I text him?" read this quick step-by-step guide on sending a flirty message without seeming desperate.

Step 1: Discover what his interests or hobbies are

When thinking of the perfect flirty text to send a guy, it's ideal if you find out what his interests and hobbies are and use that cleverly to create a personalized flirty text message. With that, you'll sound more authentic and genuine, showing that you pay attention to who he is rather than using cliche options every time.

Step 2: Craft a flirty text message he'll find amusing.

Next on the list, use your know-how on flirting and his hobbies to make an amusing flirty anecdote he can't resist. Whether it is a sweet, spicy, or cute message, he'll love that you took the time to come up with a message that puts a smile on his face.

Step 3: Keep it authentic and genuine

Last, make sure to keep everything authentic and genuine. The last thing you want is to sound sarcastic over text. While it can be tricky to word flirty messages right to make sure they are not sarcastic, just keep it as kind as possible with as little undercutting in tone, and you'll be good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding whether or not to send a guy a flirty text to make him laugh may not be easy for everyone, but it's important to remember that your confidence will go a long way in getting the result you're after. Portray an air of confidence in your words, and you'll lock him in without a problem. Here are 4 frequently asked questions about sending a guy a flirty text message:

How do you keep a guy interested over text?

There are many ways to keep a guy interested over text, but the most important thing is to be present and engage in the conversation you are having. When it comes to a flirty text message, it's a great way to spice up the conversation and switch it up to a more romantic tone. Make sure your transition from casual conversation to flirty romance is well managed and flows with the conversation instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Is flirting over text effective?

Believe it or not, flirty text messages can be as effective as real-life flirting, especially if you already have a defined relationship. In instances where the relationship is relatively new, flirty text messages can still be effective so long as they are done tastefully and at the right time.

Make sure to gauge his comfort level and tune the tone and status of the flirty message. Otherwise, you risk seeming too forward too soon, which can ultimately push him away rather than reel him close.

How do I know if a guy is interested in me over text?

You can tell if a guy is interested in you through texting if he takes the time to reply promptly and answers and converses with you based on what you asked or said. Finding out how to tell if a guy likes you is the same through text as an in-person conversation. Pay attention to his eagerness and how he responds, which will tell you all you'll need to know to put your mind at ease.

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Sending your boyfriend flirty text messages to make him laugh is on the list of super sweet things that will make you more comfortable around each other. Whether it's a romantic text or a funny flirty text, it's a wonderful way to show affection and spark conversations.